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Chapter 4

Derek, Odette, Jacob, and Bridget brought Uberta, Chamberlin and the captain to the infirmary. The nurses stepped in to help clean them up as up Derek, Odette, and Jacob stepped outside while Bridget never left Chamberlin's side. Tears fell down her face as she watched the sleeping form of her love.

Outside the infirmary, Derek was pacing around the hallway back and forth trying to keep calm. Jacob was leaning against the wall while Odette tried to comfort her husband.

"Derek," she said. "It's alright. She was just exhausted. She's going to be fine." As much as he wanted to listen to her, he just couldn't calm down. He finally stopped walking and turned to face Odette and Jacob.

"But why was she like that?" he asked. "Mother always travels in a carriage and always looking to make an entrance. She came out like she was running for her life." He looked towards the floor. "What on earth could have happened?" he said softly, more to himself. He felt a hand on his right shoulder and turned to see Jacob.

"I'm sure we'll find out soon," he said softly. "But for now she needs rest. There's nothing we can do now but wait. But don't worry; she's one of the strongest women I know."

Derek turned his head back to the floor. He began to think of all the time is mother would have her beauty pageants and how much she wanted to be the best at everything, not because she was a queen. He thought of the time when Uberta danced the tango with Rogers to win the talent show during the Festival days.

Derek loved his mother, but there were times where she got under his skin. Like at times during the summers when his mother made him watch one of her beauty pageants with Odette. He was bored out of his mind and just wanted to disappear.

But then there were times when Uberta was a good mother and tried to do things that normally a father would do. Like the time when he was ten he went to practice his sword fighting in the castle training grounds. Uberta was watching her son practice his swordplay, but would sometimes miss a step and fall on his butt. Uberta smiled and walked up to her son.

"What are you doing Derek?" she said in a motherly voice. Derek stood up and frowned.

"I want to learn how to sword fight but I keep messing up," he said in a mad tone. Uberta smiled at her son and took the wooden sword from his hand and she takes a pose.

"Try bringing your left leg a little farther back," she instructs. "Then as you turn to thrust behind you, slide you back leg around one hundred and eighty degrees." She demonstrates and gives the wooden sword back to Derek. He follows his mother's instructions and get the move down perfectly.

"Hey," he says happily. "I did it mommy, I did it." He turns around to see his mother when he noticed that she also had a wooden sword in her hand. "Mommy?" he asked. "What are you doing?"

"I'm going to teach you more about sword fighting," she said as she walked towards him.

"You know about sword fighting?" he asked. Uberta only chuckled.

"Of course," she stated with pride. "Your father use to teach me all the time. Now get into position Derek. I'm going to teach you a really interesting move." And with that, Uberta spent all day teacher her son how to swordfight and would do it on many occasions. She would also teach him how to shoot a bow more accurately and how to shoot while riding a horse. Derek smiled at the memories of his mother spending time with him. He wanted now more than anything for his mother to be alright.

Odette was feeling the same way. Uberta was the closest thing she had to a mother. Even during the summer, when she and Derek hated one another, Uberta would sometime come into her room and they would occasionally talk. Uberta knew that Odette wasn't fond of Derek so she stayed clear of talking about him, except when Odette brought him up. When that happened, Uberta would try to make her understand why Derek acted the way he did. But sometime Odette never listened.

And when Odette became a teenager, and she started to feel strange, Uberta would take Odette aside and have 'womanly' chats with her. Uberta had been there for Derek and Odette a lot over the years, and even though they hated one another, they both loved Uberta very much.

Jacob didn't really show his emotions in order to keep everyone calm, but he was very worried as well. Uberta was like a sister to Jacob and he would always protect her. Ever since they were little he was always the protective one when it came to Dmitri and Uberta. He remembered the time when Uberta were eleven years old; she was in the middle of town when a group of three older kids came up to her. They figured that since she was royalty that they would have some money on them. But when she didn't give them any, they took them to the woods to beat her into giving them money.

But fortunately Jacob was nearby and saw the whole thing and followed. And before the older kids could even lay a finger and them, Jacob immediately stepped in and defended their friends. It was a three on one fight but Jacob won without a break of a sweat. Once the fight was over, the three older kind ran away all beaten and bruised. Jacob on the other hand didn't have a scratch on him. He had trained himself for this kind of situation for years. He turned to Uberta, who was on the ground crying because she was scared, and placed a hand on her back. She looked up at him with teary eye. It was then that he made a promise to always look out for her and to never let anything bad happen to her and to be there whenever she needed him. Since then he has always been like an older brother to her. He even taught her how to defend herself just a little. But it wasn't until later that Dmitri started to teach her sword fighting while Jacob watched over them. And since then Uberta has been a strong women. He really missed those old days.

But this wasn't the reason he was worried. He was more worried about why she came in the condition that she was. He knew that may Chamburg be a peaceful kingdom, but it was a powerful one. And if her kingdom was attacked, word would have gotten around quickly. Her kingdom wasn't that far away from here, maybe a day and a half away. So why was she so tired and her clothes all torn up. Was she really on the run?

They were all soon brought out of their thoughts when the door to the infirmary opened revealing a happy looking Bridget.

"Honey bunches is awake!" she shouted happily. "And so are queen, queen and knight, knight!" As soon as she finished her sentence, Derek, Odette, and Jacob ran right passed her and into the room. Bridget was right; Uberta was indeed awake, but just barely. Chamberlin was also awake too and so was the captain, but they looked as if they were going pass out at any moment. All three of them were in a row across the window with the sun shining on them. Odette, Derek and Jacob ran across the room and went right to Uberta's side.

"Mother," Derek half shouted. "Are you alright?" Uberta, still exhausted, slowly turned her head to face her son.

"Derek," she said softly, "where is Jacob?"

"I'm here, Uberta," Jacob stepped closer to her. Uberta waved her hand for his to come closer. Jacob did ask he was asked and went to the left side of her bed and placed his left ear to her, facing away from Odette and Derek. Uberta so spoke softly in a dry voice that Jacob almost didn't hear.

"He's back," was all she was able to say before she passed out from exhaustion. Jacob's eyes widened to the size of dinner plate after hearing her words, 'he's back.'

He's back? After twenty two years? How could that be possible? After such a long time, how could he have come back? And be powerful enough to destroy Uberta's kingdom. He knew that was the case because that was how he worked. He rarely left anyone alive after conquering an area. And those that did survive wished that they were. And if the was the case, he needed to do something and fast. But he couldn't bring Odette or Derek into this. Not now.

"Mother?" Derek said as he kneeled by his mother's side, bringing Jacob out of his thought. He turned to face Derek.

"She just tired that's all," he said as calmly as he could putting on a smile. "She needs to rest. She'll be fine." As much as it was unconvincing to himself, it seemed to do the trick for the other two. Odette looked over at Uberta.

"What did she say?" she asked. Jacob looked over at Uberta as well, thinking of something to tell them.

"She just said the carriage broke," he answered. "Perhaps that they wanted to be here for the ball that she couldn't wait and asked her captain over there to get her here as fast as possible."

"But why is she so exhausted?" asked Derek. "And why are her clothes all torn up?" Jacob though of an excuse right away.

"Oh, she must have stayed up for the past few days. She does get so excited about coming to these events that she hardly sleeps. And she thought she might be late getting here early and get herself prepared that her clothes must have been caught on some branches. She does have spare clothes here, right?" Both Derek and Odette nodded, just as he thought they would. He knew that Uberta would keep spare clothes in her son's kingdom just in case. She had a habit of doing that.

"Then there's nothing to worry about," Jacob said with a smile. "Once she gets her rest, I'll see to it that she gets ready for the ball as if nothing had happened." Derek and Odette looked at one another.

"Alright," said Odette. "As long as everything is okay."

"Of course," said Jacob. Then they heard trumpets in the distance. Jacob looked out the window and saw many carriages on their way to the castle.

"And it looks like you two need to get ready yourselves," he said as he turned his head to face the two. "Your guests are arriving and you're not properly dressed."

Derek smiled and looked at Odette. "He's right," he said. "We have to get ready to greet your guest, birthday girl." Odette smiled.

"Well," she said. "Maybe you're right." And with that, Derek and Odette headed towards the door. Before Derek left, however, he turned around and looked at Jacob.

"Please make sure that Mother is taken care of," he said with concern in her voice for his mother. Jacob smiled and nodded his head.

"I promise," he replied with a genuine smile. Derek returned the smile and left the room. As he was leaving the room, Jacob's General came into the room, bowing his head as Odette and Derek passed. He was a tall man, standing a few inches taller than Derek. He was dressed in full armor, carrying his helmet in his right arm, and wore a red cape with his kingdom's dragon insignia of the back. The General walked towards his king, a concerned look on his face. Jacob just looked out the window.

"I take it that you heard from outside the room, Philip?" Jacob asked, not looking away from the window. The General only nodded.

"Yes my lord," Philip answered. "And I know when you're not telling the truth too." Jacob smiled and faced his captain.

"You always could tell me apart, huh?" he said.

"So what's the real story my lord?" Philip asked. Jacob's face turned serious and he looked out the window again.

"He's back," Jacob answered, his voice telling whether he should be scared or angry. His face showing that this situation was very serious.

"The dark lord, your majesty?" Philip asked, although he knew very well the answer. Jacob only nodded.

"It's been twenty two years since we last saw him," Jacob said. "Twenty two years since he killed Dmitri. But my question is; why now? Why wait all this time to act on his revenge?"

"Dark Lord not act just now," Bridget said. Both Jacob and Philip turned to look at her; they had completely forgotten that she was still in the room. She was sitting in a chair next to a sleeping Chamberlin.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked.

"Rothbart was servant of Dark Lord for many years," Bridget answered. "He found Rothbart after King banished Rothbart."

"But what did he plan to do?" Jacob asked. Bridget shook her head.

"Me don't know," she answered. "All me know it that they plan on killing king for throne. Zelda came and help Rothbart, but he betray her."

"So he was around for much longer than we thought," Jacob said, more to himself. "And if I know him, he'll be coming for Odette." He looked over to Philip. "We can't let that happen."

"So what are we going to do about it?" said another voice in the room. Everyone turned to the source of the voice, it belong to the now awake captain.

"What is your name soldier?" Philip asked. The captain sat up in his bed.

"Joshua, sir," he answered. Jacob studied him. He looked to be in his early twenties, maybe a little older than Derek. He looked quite strong and would prove to be most helpful. Jacob smiled at him.

"Well Joshua," he said. "We're going to make sure that nothing happens to Odette. I have no doubt that he will be coming here soon."

"Then shouldn't we cancel the Ball?" Philip asked. "It would be for their safety that they are not here when he attacks."

"That wouldn't be a good idea," he replied. "The guests that will be coming will most likely be king, queens, and other nobles. They came all this way for a Ball and don't like to be disappointed. And if what I think is true, then we are going to need as many allies as we can. I want you to see to it that any soldier that is accompanying the guests here to stand ready and be prepared. Just like Uberta, he likes to make a grand entrance to a party."

"I'm going too," said Joshua as he tried to stand up. "That bastard destroy my home and killed my people. If he does show up, I want to be there to make him pay with his life."

"Very well," Jacob said. "But don't expect it to be an easy fight though. He is a master of both armed and unarmed combat. I should know," he looked to the ground, "I trained him myself. And he has the forbidden arts, as well. He is indeed the most powerful being the world has ever known."

"What is his name?" Joshua asked, he was standing now and was standing next to Philip. Jacob was hesitant to answer because the very name made his blood boil. It was also a name that would send chills up anyone's spines.

"He goes by another name, but his real name is—"

"Your majesty," Rogers said as he came into the room. "I heard what happened to dear Uberta and hate to disturb you, but the guests have arrived ad wish you to join them for in the ball room. Derek and Odette will be along shortly."

"You go, my lord," Bridget said. "Me take care of queen, queen, and honey buns." Jacob smiled and nodded.

"Alright," he said then looked at Philip and Joshua. "You both know your jobs. I'm counting on the both of you."

"Yes sir," they said and saluted. With that they all left the room, leaving Rogers and Bridget alone. Then Bridget remembered something.

"Oh, me forgot to get water," she said and left the room. Rogers was left in the room. He looked over to Uberta with a sad expression planted on his face. He walked over to Uberta and placed his left hand on her cheek.

"You'll be alright Uberta," he said softly. "You wouldn't be Uberta if you didn't come out of this in one piece." He leaned down and kissed Uberta on her forehead. And with that, he left the infirmary.

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