Hello dear friends and a happy birthday to me! In honor of this day, I will post this birthday piece for you. I received this idea from a 7th grade experience and I believed I used it well. I hope you enjoy!

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The Illness That Changed My Life

Today was Luka's twenty-first birthday, but sadly she was in no mood or condition to celebrate it. She was currently battling a bad case of the stomach flu. While illnesses rarely came to her, they struck her quite hard when they did.

Luka had spent the last ten minutes gagging violently into the toilet as her stomach turned again. After her body had enough, she left the bathroom and returned to the warmth of her comforter. Every time she did get sick, she never told any of her friends as she didn't want to worry them. But somehow, there's one person who seemed to know whenever she was sick…

Her boyfriend of three years…Gakupo Kamui.

It had taken a lot to convince him to leave her alone as he was also prone to illness. Just as she was about to make a second attempt to sleep, she had received a text message from said person.

I'm at the front door, please let me in…

Sure enough, once Luka opened the door, there stood the handsome purple haired samurai.

"Gakupo, I thought I told you to leave me alone."

"Yes, you did, but knowing you're sick just kept lingering on my mind. So, I came to watch over you."

"Fine, you can stay, but if you get sick, don't get upset with me."

~2 hours later~

"Well, Luka, are you feeling better?"

"I am actually, that soup and ginger ale really did the trick."

I was so stupid in keeping Gakupo away from me. His company was always soothing and his simple treatment helped me recover a great deal.

"I'm sorry for pushing you away Gakupo. I just didn't want you to get sick."

"It's alright Luka, nobody likes getting sick and I couldn't stand the thought of you sick on your birthday."

The samurai pulls Luka into a loving embrace which put her at ease. But what she was unaware of was something being slid on her finger.

"Now Luka, since you're feeling better, I have something to ask you."

"What is it?"

"Well, look at your hand and perhaps find out for yourself."

What the pinkette saw just rendered her speechless. On her finger was a silver ring with a butterfly cut diamond in the center.

"Luka Megurine, will you marry me?"

"Yes, of course!"

A few hours after the proposal, Luka had completely recovered and six months later, her and Gakupo had exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

I apologize about the ending, but I had run out of ideas by that point. The 7th grade experience was me having the stomach flu over my birthday and I had the same treatment as the one in the story. I surely hope you enjoyed it!

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