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Chapter 4: Die Young

Artist: Kesha

Rating: T+

Beast Boy sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. He hated clubs. He hated them with a passion. They really were not his thing, yet here he was on a Friday night in the most happening dance club in the entirety of Jump City. Yay... He wouldn't have even come to this stupid place if Cyborg hadn't bugged him for the past three weeks about going to help him hook up with someone. He hadn't even NEEDED Beast Boy's help. The moment they had walked through the front entrance Cyborg had been approached by a scantily clad blonde whom he was now grinding with on the dance floor, and here Beast Boy was, left all alone... He desperately wanted to go home, and he had contemplated just leaving, but he felt guilty about going through with it without saying anything, and he really didn't want to approach Cyborg right at this moment. Not when he and the blonde were all over each other. That would just be so terribly awkward...

The bartender handed him his cup, giving him a flirtatious wink.

"Drink up, sweetie. And smile. You ain't half bad looking." she said, tossing a lock of her brunette hair over her shoulder before turning to deal with the other customers. The shapeshifter's ears burnedat the compliment. He wasn't exactly a lady's man, even though he would have loved to be, and the compliment had totally caught him off guard. It was a pleasant surprise though- a treat for his ego.

He took a swig of the mixed drink and cringed at the taste. It was very strong, which was a good thing. He didn't want to look girly over here, right? He continued to sip on the contents of the red cup nonchalantly, trying to keep a straight face. He allowed his eyes to scan the other peoples' faces gathered around the bar. No one else was alone. They were mainly people in big groups, talking and joking around with their friends and having a good time. Beast Boy let out a long breath before his gaze turned to the dance floor.

He blinked. Was that who he thought it was, standing in the corner by herself? What was she even doing here? He studied her from across the room for another minute, taking in how incredibly cute she looked in that little blue dress she had on and how adorable her deep red hair was in that messy bun she was sporting. He took note of the way her hip was jutted out as she leaned against the wall and just how full her lips looked when she was wearing that kind of lip gloss. He had never seen her dolled up like this before, and he had to know why. He got up from his seat and made his way through the wild crowd to reach her.

Starfire looked up just in time to see Beast Boy approaching her and offered a small smile.

"Hello, friend. Wonderful evening we are having." she semi-shouted over the loud music.

"Star, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, um, well I..." Beast Boy watched the girl curiously as she wracked her brain for a response. She seemed nervous, and that wasn't like her at all. Finally, she cleared her throat and held up a small folded up piece of paper. "You see, I am meeting someone here."

The shapeshifter reached for the paper and unfolded it. He blinked a few times before looking up at her, eyebrow high in the air.

"What exactly is this? I was expecting it to be like a secret admirer letter or something."

"Friend Raven and I went to the fair last weekend, and I stumbled upon a shop most wonderful! It was owned by a very kind old lady, and she read my fortune. She explained to me that I would meet my special someone on this planet this weekend!"

"You've got to be kidding me."

"I am most serious."

Beast Boy inwardly groaned, resisting the urge to facepalm. He knew Starfire was a little ditzy, but come on. The lady had scribbled down the directions to this club and had told Starfire she would be meeting Mr. Right in a sleezy bar? This lady was obviously senile. He glanced up at the Tamaranian's hopeful face and instantly felt bad for her. He couldn't leave her here all alone waiting on something that just wasn't going to happen.

"Well while you're waiting, um, you wanna dance a little?"

Starfire tilted her head to the side.

"You want we should dance like friend Cyborg and his new girlfriend?"

The shapeshifter's face erupted in flames- figuratively of course, but if it could have really happened it probably would have.

"Um, that's a little too provocative, don't you think?"

"But, friend, if my soulmate sees how sexy I can be maybe he will approach me faster?"

"Starfire, uh, I don't think you want the type of guy that would approach you after they saw you being sexy."

"Is that not what men will be looking for? A sexy lady?"

This conversation was getting out of control.

"That's exactly what they'll be looking for, but-"

"Then come! Let us dance!"


Before he could get another word out, Starfire had dragged him to the middle of the dance floor by his hand, ignoring any protests he dished out along the way. She turned to him and pulled him close by his hips, instantly seeming to get into rhythm with the blaring beat as she danced uncomfortably close. Beast Boy's gaze was drawn to her smooth, long legs as she swayed to the music, her left knee slightly brushing his leg with every move.

Okay, so maybe he couldn't exactly call this completely uncomfortable... Just a little weird considering how long he'd known this girl and the whole living in the same tower deal. He had never seen Starfire in such a position before, looking ever more tantalizing by the second. Wait, tantalizing? Was he really thinking about how much he would love to let his hands trail up those tanned legs and up that too-short dress? Oh, gods, he was... Beast Boy shook his head and attempted to look anywhere but at the temptation before him.

"Is this song not most fun to dance to?" she asked excitedly, leaning in close enough to him to speak into his ear so he could actually hear her; her warm breath tickling him as she spoke.

Easier said than done... His eyes were on her again, but he couldn't seem to form any words. The other Titan pressed herself against him and began to grind exactly how she had seen Cyborg and the blonde grind. The changeling's body was suddenly feeling very hot as a certain part of the girl's anatomy rubbed against the top of his thigh.

"S-Star." he managed to squeak out. She didn't hear him. She was too intune with the beat. His eyes were drawn back down to her legs. Her dress had ridden up and Beast Boy could see the edge of her black panties peaking out, the material giving away enough of an impression for Beast Boy to get the idea that whoever Star was going to meet here tonight she planned on giving herself to him.

Beast Boy didn't mean to reach down and grab onto the girl's hips. He didn't mean to let his left hand wander downward and brush up against the visible edge of her panties. He especially didn't mean to let said wandering hand venture further. So why was he doing it? How had his body acted on its own accord without his brain even registering what was happening? Was that even possible?

Starfire stiffened up, her grip on Beast Boy's own hips tightening, yet she somehow continued to dance. She let out a shaky breath as the shapeshifter trailed his fingers up her inner thigh. Somehow he could hear her, even over the music. Before his fingers could reach their destination, though, she stopped him, her hand clasped lightly around his wrist.

"Let us not do this here." she said.

"I'm sorry! I-I shouldn't have... I don't know what came over me." Beast Boy replied lamely.

"Take me to your room. Let us go home."

The boy's ears perked up. Was this really happening?

"What about your fortune? Don't you want to wait here to see if this guy shows up?"

Starfire gave him an odd look, as if she knew something Beast Boy didn't.

"I am not worried about him. If he is truly my soulmate we will meet elsewhere. Now, let us not stay here. There are so many better ways we could be enjoying each other's company."

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