Rose gulped thickly, turning her head to face the other Doctor. She felt tears sting her eyes at the sight of him, and she quickly blinked them away.

A streak of sadness crossed his features at her tears, and he lifted his free hand to stroke her cheek.

She shied away from him and dropped his hand, which only succeeded in making him feel worse.

He watched as she walked over the spot the TARDIS was. She sat on the sand, and stared up into the sky, hoping the blue box would materialize around her, and they could be together again.

The Doctor ran a hand through his hair and sighed deeply. He stood where he was for a few moments before coming up to her side. He sat next to her and watched the sky just as she did. His heart-heart, that's right; he only had one now-ached when Rose made no notice of him.

"Rose…" He finally broke the dreadful silence.

"It's not fair," she muttered.


"It's not fair!" She yelled again. "I came all that way! I risked my life so many times… and he didn't even want me!" She brought her knees to her chest and sobbed against them.

The Doctor reached out a hand, but withdrew it. In the end, he decided to be her comfort, no matter how much she resented him. He pressed his hand against her shoulder and softly stroked it.

"That's not true," he told her. "He wanted you very much."

"Then, why did he leave me here?!"

"Because… that's what love is, Rose. Giving up someone you love for their happiness."

She lifted her head and glared at him. "He gave me up for my happiness?! Well, I'm not happy!"

The Doctor froze, his heart shattering even more. "This isn't an injustice, Rose. He did this for you. We will have our adventures. Please… let me love you… Let me make you happy..."


"Yes, yes, I am your Doctor. I will always be your Doctor, Rose." He scooted closer to her, his arm going around her. "I love you. I love you just as he loved you, but I can be with you. I can age with you, every step of the way." He kissed her neck. "I love you."

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