Cold December Night

It was their first Christmas in their new flat together, and the Doctor was beyond himself. He couldn't wait to decorate with trees and tinsel and the works. It was going to be the best Christmas ever! Not that he didn't enjoy spending the holiday at Jackie and Pete's, but he missed when it was just him and Rose.

When she had gotten home from work one day, she found the Doctor putting the Christmas tree up. He looked over at her, the sound of her hanging her keys on the rack telling him she was home, and flashed her a brilliant grin.

"Rose, you're home! While you were out, I bought lots of stuff!"

She laughed at how he bounded around like a five year old.

He opened the box and showed her the contents of it. "Let's decorate." He took out a long string of lights and put it onto the tree.

Rose shut the door and went to join him, grabbing ornaments and placing them on the evergreen tree.

"It's cold out there," she commented.

"And what better way to celebrate a cold December night than decorating a Christmas tree?" The Doctor asked.

"Oh, I can think of a few things," she said softly.

The Doctor's face went red. "Welllll, yeah, that's good too, but Christmas is coming up, Rose!" He straightened the lights, and then looked at her. "It only comes but once a year! And we… Well, we have plenty of time to love each other."

Rose laughed, continuing decorating with ornaments until there was no more room for another bauble. She took out the star, which was large and TARDIS blue. She had no idea where he found one like this, but she didn't feel like questioning him. She thought it was just perfect.

The Doctor came up behind her, his hands on her waist. She let out a small squeak as he raised her up. She giggled, placing the star on top of the tree. When she was back on her feet, he captured her lips with his. Yes, this was certainly going to be the perfect Christmas.