Unhappy Ending

"Are you seriously doing this?" He snapped at her. They had gotten into another argument about the other Doctor. After the death of an alien that the Doctor had a hand in, Rose just exploded.

"The real Doctor wouldn't have done that! He wouldn't have let it die. He wouldn't have killed it in the first place!"

"How many times must I say it, Rose? I didn't kill it!"

"No, you weren't the only person who did it, but you were still apart of it!"

"It tried to hurt you!"

"That doesn't give you any right! You say you're my Doctor, but you're not! You're nothing but a fake!"

Those words cut him deep, and for a moment, he was rendered speechless. "Rose… I am the Doctor. I am!" He persisted.

She shook her head. "No, you're not. He wouldn't have down anything like that. He's right; you are dangerous. What if someone accidentally hurt me? Would you kill them too?"

"I know I'm… not exactly like him, but that's the reason I'm here! Fix me, make me better. I'm sorry that I did that. I know it was wrong. Give me another chance," he pleaded. He grabbed her hands and tried pressing them to his lips, but she snatched them away. "Rose."

"Go! I'm not gonna bother myself with fixing you."

She strode across the room and opened the door. "Go!" She repeated. He stood where he was, his heart hammering painfully. "I said go. Now!"

The Doctor opened his mouth to say anything, but he found his throat was dry. What could he possibly say to her?

He grabbed his jacket from the coat rack, not caring that the pegs had fallen off because he grabbed it with such force.

He stood outside the door, hoping she would realize her mistake, realize his mistake, and welcome him back.

But, she didn't.

She slammed the door shut with no second glances.

He stood by the door for a few moments before sighing deeply and walking down the street, forced to think about his unhappy ending with Rose.