Quinn relaxed into the chair at her desk and logged on to Facebook. Her eyes were immediately drawn to her newest friend request "Rachel Berry."

I know that name... how do I know that name?

She clicked on her icon to see her picture better. Her profile picture was of a seemingly short brunette on a stage and singing into a microphone. Her eyes were shut tight in concentration and it seemed as though she was putting her all into the note she was belting.

God, she even looks familiar.

Quinn continued browsing Rachel's page. Goes to Carmel High School. Lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Quinn finally realized this was the girl that kicked New Directions' asses single-handedly every year at regionals. This tiny brunette had a stellar voice and was the pride and joy of Vocal Adrenaline. Now that she knew who the girl was, Quinn still couldn't figure out why she was trying to add her as a friend. Sure, they had spoken a few times after competitions. Quinn was polite and tried to be a good sport. Of course she didn't like losing, but you can't really take it too hard when they have someone like this girl as their lead. She was clearly destined for stardom.

Cheerios, of course, was a completely different can of worms. There was no way she could accept anything less than perfection there. Which is why she was currently riding high off her second National Championship as captain. Quinn smiled to herself as she thought of her success the previous week. Her sister, Frannie, hadn't managed to become captain until her junior year and she had never snagged that elusive National Championship. As far as perfection points go, Quinn was well on her way to earning the top seat in the family.

Take that Frannie! Stick that in your self-righteous mouth and suck it!

Quinn looked back to Rachel's page. The girl was nice enough. Well, maybe a little self-centered and egotistical, but she wasn't rude. Ahh, what the hell, you can never have to many friends, right? I'm sure I'll never talk to her anyway... Quinn clicked accept and moved back to her home page and began scrolling through statuses. She chuckled after she read Santana's:

Kicked some major ass this past week at Nationals, bow to me bitches!

She was just about to comment on the status when a chat box popped up.

Rachel: Hello, Quinn! How are you this fine day?

Quinn laughed, so much for never talking to the girl.

Quinn: Hey, Rachel. I'm doing great thank you for asking.

Quinn: How are you?

Rachel: Oh, I'm spectacular thank you! I just wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate you on your recent victory at the National Cheerleading Competition. I heard your performance was rather impressive.

Quinn: Thank you! I'm pretty excited about it. A lot of people said that it was a fluke when we won last year, so it was a great feeling to prove that we deserved it.

Quinn: Plus, I realllllyyy like holding that massive trophy :)

After she said that, Quinn decided to change her profile picture to one of herself, Brittany, and Santana. They were holding their newly acquired trophy, all sporting huge grins.

Rachel: Haha, I'm sure you do. I must admit, I too, enjoy holding massive trophies, especially if they are of the National Show Choir persuasion ;)

Quinn shook her head and laughed. There was that ego Rachel Berry was famous for.

Quinn: Ouch, don't rub in the success or anything. Just when I was thinking you were nice too... smh

Rachel: Ha, shows how little you know me! I am never nice when it comes to show choir :)

Quinn: Haha, you're right. I don't really know you very well.

Quinn: i understand completely, though. I am just at cutthroat when it comes to cheerleading competitions. No one stands a chance, I will cut a bitch!

Rachel: Glad to see someone finally gets it. Seriously, you would think people would realize that I'm not as self-centered as I seem. I just really like winning.

Quinn: Haha, noted. I just hope you don't enjoy squashing us like a bug too much. I would hate to have to put you in the sadistic category. I'm not sure our friendship would survive a label like that.

Rachel: Oh goodness! No, I'm definitely not a sadist. I do like squashing the competition though... Let's just say that I at least respect New Directions enough to not laugh evilly when we leap over you on our way to Nationals. I leave that part to Jesse.

Quinn couldn't hold back a scoff at that. No one could ever say that Rachel Berry lacked confidence. She really wanted to put this girl in her place at the Regionals competition. It was time New Directions gave Vocal Adrenaline a run for their money.

Quinn: Cocky, Cocky! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, Rachel. Regionals is still a few weeks away and I would hate for you to be embarrassed by all this trash talk should an upset occur.

Quinn: Also, who is this Jesse person so I can exact my revenge?

Rachel: Fine, I'll let you keep your hope for now :) However, we are both aware that while cheerleading is your domain, show choir is mine, and I do not take competition lightly.

Rachel: Also, Jesse is my leading man, aka boyfriend and male lead of Vocal Adrenaline.

Of course, how could she forget that sleaze-ball? The guy looked like he put enough gel in his hair to tame a lions' mane. Quinn mentally made a note to pay more attention to Sue Sylvester's rants about Mr. Schuester's hair. She usually had some pretty good insults. Quinn laughed, maybe they get their styling tips from the same place?

Quinn: Oh right, St. Jackass. I remember him now. So you like the pompous ones huh?

Rachel: That's not very nice, Quinn. While I must admit that Jesse is slightly more arrogant than most people can handle, he definitely has the talent to justify himself.

Quinn: Haha, I was just teasing. I guess that is kind of hard to convey through the computer though. I apologize.

Rachel: Oh, of course. I should have realized. Apology accepted.

Quinn heard her mom call her down for dinner and sighed. Time to go act like a perfect child to please mommy and daddy.

Quinn: Well Rachel, as fun as this has been, I need to get going. Apparently dinner is on the table. I'll be seeing you soon though. Bring your game face, you know I'll have mine on! :)

Rachel: Ha, you got it. I hope you are as prepared as you think. I would at least like a challenge. It makes the victory much sweeter :P

Rachel: Have a good evening!

Quinn shut her laptop and followed her nose to the dining room downstairs. She smiled as she sat down to dinner with her parents and mused that adding Rachel Berry on Facebook would prove to be a lot more interesting than she ever thought possible.