Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

Quinn rolled over and flung her arm in the general direction of her alarm clock. After missing a few times she finally made contact with a thud.

UGH... how can it be morning already?

There was a knock at the door, "Quinnie, time to get up dear. You don't want to be late!"

Quinn groaned in response. "I know, mom. I'm getting there."

"Well hurry up then! We can't have our two-time National Championship Cheerio making a bad impression on her first day back after competition."

Quinn rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, "you mean 'we can't let everyone think Judy Fabray would allow her daughter to have anything less than a perfect attendance record.'"

Judy's wiggled the handle of the locked door, "What was that dear? I can't really hear you through the door. I can't possibly imagine why you lock your door all the time, completely unnecessary. I should get your father to remove these locks."

Quinn jumped out of bed and raced to open her door before her mother could make any hasty decisions. "No! I just like to have it locked so you or dad don't accidentally walk in on me while I'm changing. They really are necessary, mom, I promise. You know how important modesty is to me."

Judy hummed in response, "well I can't argue with modesty. Respect is a very valuable thing to have and of course that starts with respecting yourself!"

A fake smile graced Quinn's features. "I know mom, but I really need to start getting ready now."

"Oh of course! I'll just go back downstairs and start on your breakfast." An overtly cheerful Judy turned and retreated back down the hallway.

After she closed the door, Quinn breathed a sigh of relief. Never let it be said that her mother doesn't care about appearances. She rolled her eyes and started getting ready.

Quinn arrived in the McKinley parking lot and started towards the entrance. Just as she was about to open the door she heard someone call out from behind her. "Hey, Chastity Queen, slow your roll!" Quinn turned to see Santana and Brittany headed her way. She quirked her eyebrow, "What do you want Satan?" Santana leveled her with a steely glare. "Well excuse me for wanting to walk into this hell-hole as the unbreakable and unholy trinity we are. I'm sorry for wanting to bask in the glory of having everyone look at us in awe and bow at our feet."

Quinn started laughing, of course Santana would want to make a grand entrance. "Santana, I know you are proud and all, but I think I might need to look for my needle so we can get your head through the door."

"Whatever, Q, you know you are just as excited as I am about this," Santana said as she reached back and linked pinkies with Brittany. "Just because you are too busy playing little miss perfect to let your ego show doesn't mean that Britts and I can't enjoy us a little power trip."

"Ha! Little? More like humongous, immeasurable power trip!" Quinn shot Brittany a knowing smirk and continued with faux exasperation, "Well, if we must," she sighed as she gestured to the door, "let's get this over with."

Quinn opened the door and lead the way into the hallways of McKinley High. The crowd immediately parted to make room for the trio. People stared and began whispering with awed looks on their faces. They made their way to their lockers and Quinn suddenly remembered the strange interaction she had with Rachel the previous night. "So, the most random thing happened to me last night," she said as she turned to face Brittany and Santana. "Rachel Berry added me as a friend on Facebook and then messaged me for like half an hour." Santana's brow furrowed as she tried to place the familiar name, but Brittany's eyes lit up as she exclaimed, "Oh the little fairy that sings for Vocal Adrenaline?" Quinn looked at Brittany and laughed, "Yes, Britt, that's the one."

Santana raised an eyebrow at Quinn as she asked, "wait a minute, you mean the hobbit that prances around with that Danny Zuko wanna-be and sings showtunes?" Quinn only nodded at the surprisingly accurate description, well minus the hobbit part. "What the hell is she doing messaging you? Have you ever even met her?"

"Actually, yes a couple of times," Quinn answered as she pulled her books for first period out of her locker. "Well, I mean, not officially or anything, but we have acknowledged each other at competitions. She's actually a lot nicer than I expected her to be. She wanted to congratulate me on our Cheerios win."

"Yeah and probably also point out that it's the only national championship we will be getting this year. Lord knows an ego like that would never let us live down our consecutive losses to the automatons of Vocal Adrenaline." Santana scoffed as they moved down the hallway towards their first period class.

Brittany hit Santana on the shoulder, "Be nice San, I think she's cute. Quinn, could you ask her if I can carry her around in my pocket? I think she would fit. I wouldn't want to hurt her wings though."

Quinn smiled indulgently at Brittany. "Sure Britt, I'll ask her. I don't know if she could survive there though. She probably wouldn't have quite enough attention." She then focused her gaze on Santana and continued, "And yes, she did bring up the fact that they have the advantage for regionals. Although she wasn't quite as rude about it as I would have expected." Her face scrunched up as she thought back to the feel of the conversation. "She was actually really playful about the whole thing, but still extending a challenge. I think it might be kind of fun to get to know her and give her a hard time about us giving them a run for their money at regionals."

Santana quirked her eyebrow, "Sounds like somebody just gave little miss perfect Quinn Fabray a reason to get her competition face on." She smirked at Quinn and Brittany. "Shit just got interesting," she stated as the bell rang for their first class.

The trio met up at Quinn's locker before glee. As they started down the hallway, Quinn spoke up. "I was serious about wanting to take it up a notch in glee. I think we could have a real shot at this if we took it more seriously."

Santana nodded in response. "Yeah, Q, I'm down for that. Two National Championships in one year definitely sounds enticing. Add in that Nationals are in New York this year," she trailed off and smirked. "Well, let's just say you can definitely count on me having your back on whatever you have planned."

Brittany clapped excitedly. "Does this mean we can go to Central Park and feed the ducks?" she asked as she pulled at Santana's arm. "Sure, Britt Britt, if we make it to New York we can definitely go feed the ducks."

They entered the choir room and sat down towards the back. Quinn was already trying to decide how to get the group more motivated. Many of them had already resigned themselves to losing to Vocal Adrenaline at regionals and didn't have much interest in pushing themselves for the competition. She was drawn out of her thoughts when Mr. Schuester walked up to the front of the room and clapped his hands.

"Alright guys, first off let's have a big round of applause for Quinn, Brittany, and Santana for their big win at Nationals!" The group all turned in their seats as the whooped and hollered for the trio. After all the noise died down, Mr Schuester continued, "Now I know that regionals is coming up in a few weeks, but we have had so many fights over solos, that I think we should spend this weeks building team unity." He walked over to the white board to write his new assignment down. "I know that everyone wants their chance to shine during competition and take Vocal Adrenaline down, but we can't do that if we aren't acting as a strong unit. Come on guys, glee club is supposed to be about family. We need to start acting like it if we want to win!"

Quinn cleared her throat and raised her hand, "I'm terribly sorry for interrupting Mr. Schue, but we only have about 4 weeks until competition and I really think we should get our set list picked and start learning the choreography."

Mr. Schuester looked up from the notepad he was writing with a puzzled look on his face. "I really appreciate your enthusiasm, Quinn, but trust me, I know what I'm doing. We can get this assignment done and still have plenty of time to get all of that arranged."

Quinn traded a skeptical look with Santana and then turned back to Mr. Schuester. "I really don't mean to sound disrespectful, sir, but I really think we should get started. Coach Sylvester always has us preparing our routines for Cheerios months in advance. By the time we get to competition, we know it so well that we couldn't mess it up in our sleep. Also, I remember the judges' notes on our performance last year said that we lacked structure and our performance felt thrown together."

An offended look crossed Mr. Schuester's face as she spoke. The first chance he got he jumped in. "Look Quinn, I know that Coach Sylvester runs a very tight ship, but every coach does things a little differently. I believe that this group is more than capable of pulling a great performance together before the competition. After we get through this lesson, of course."

"Mr. Schuester, I must protest. Everyone knows that Vocal Adrenaline has had their set list and choreography for Nationals down since the beginning of the school year. Shelby Corcoran would accept nothing less. If we want to have a chance at winning we need to get on the ball." Quinn shook her head as she took a deep breath and continued, "I mean really guys, don't you all want to shock the show choir world and knock VA on their asses at regionals? I know I would certainly love to have another nationals trophy to add to the collection," she told them as she quirked and eyebrow and look at Santana.

Santana gave the group her best HBIC glare. "Quinn's right, if we want to put the smack down on the hobbit and her greaser play boy, we need to be perfect. And I for one am tired of getting shown up by a midget." The two girls glanced around the room and studied the group, they looked like they were actually getting fired up for the competition.

Yes! Looks like I may have a future in the motivational speaking world after all.

Finally, Finn stood up and looked at the group with his crooked smile and a competitive gleam in his eyes. "You know what guys, they're right! Let's do this, we have enough talent and we all want it. We can totally make it to Nationals!" Quinn internally cheered as he encouraged them. She knew that is all it would take to get everyone excited about preparing for regionals. She settled into her seat with a triumphant look on her face.

"Alright guys, well it looks like we will be putting this week's assignment on the back-burner until after regionals." Mr. Schue smiled as he spoke, "We have a competition to win. I want anyone who is interested in a solo to come prepared tomorrow for try-outs. Let's get this set list picked out so we can start working on our choreography! I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good day!"

The three girls picked up their stuff and started walking out of the choir room. Brittany and Santana linked their pinkies and turned to Quinn. "So, Q, do you want to go eat with us? I wants to get my Breadstix on."

"Thanks, S, but I really need to get home and work on my Trig homework. I have a lot to do and you know how my parents are about my grades. I really need to stay on top of this new chapter if I'm going to keep my straight A average." Quinn huffed, "Lord forbid, I ever make a B on a test. I would shame the whole family and Frannie would never let me live it down."

"Quinnie, you put too much pressure on yourself. You should come have fun with us!" Brittany told her as they walked up to Santana's car. Santana opened the door for Brittany and helped her get in.

"I know I do, Britt, but you know strict my parents are. I can't really do anything during the week. My only free time is on the weekends." Brittany hummed sympathetically. "Well if you change your mind you know where we'll be."

Santana shut the door and gave Quinn a worried glance. "Look, I know you have a lot of pressure on you, but seriously, don't wear yourself out. Being perfect isn't worth running yourself into the ground," she said as she rounded the car. "Plus, you're a teenager. We are supposed to run wild and have fun every now and then!"

"I know, S. Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine. We'll hang this weekend, okay?"

"Sure thing, Q. See ya tomorrow!" They pulled out of the parking lot and Quinn headed towards her car. As she looked through her bag, she realized that her keys were missing. Dang it, I bet I left them in the locker room after Cheerios practice!

Reluctantly, Quinn started back into the school and headed towards the locker room. As she walked down the halls she heard singing coming from the auditorium. She realized she didn't recognize the voice and snuck into the back to see who it was. A young girl with long brunette hair was standing in the center of the stage and singing her heart out. Wow, she's really good. Why haven't I ever seen this girl before? And why isn't she in glee club?

As the song continued, Quinn decided she probably hadn't seen the girl before because she was a freshman or new to the school. Gosh, her voice is amazing. I haven't heard a voice like that since Rachel... Oh my gosh I'm a genius!

Quinn smirked and pulled out her phone.

Satan, I think I just found our golden ticket to Nationals -Q

She stuck her phone back into her bag and walked up to the stage. "Hello," she called out. "My name is Quinn. I couldn't help overhearing you sing. You're incredible!"

The girl shyly looked at her feet and dug her toe into the stage as she responded. "Thank you. I just moved here and came across the auditorium as I explored the school. I couldn't help trying out the acoustics." She looked up at Quinn and smiled,"I'm Marley by the way."

Quinn stuck out her hand and shook Marley's. "Well, Marley, have you ever heard of the glee club? We are currently looking for a soloist and I think you just might be just the girl for the job."