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Santana and Marley caught up to Quinn just as she passed through the exit. They matched her pace and walked on either side of her. "Uh, Quinn?" Santana queried. "What was that all about?"

Quinn turned to look at Santana curiously. "What was what all about?"

"Seriously?" Santana's eyebrows rose as she laughed. "Since when are you all huggy with the hobbit?"

Quinn scoffed in annoyance and gave Santana a glare. "So I gave her a hug when we said goodbye. I didn't realize that was a newsworthy interaction."

"Whatever, Ice Quinn, we all know you aren't the most affectionate person in the world. The only people, other than your family, that I have seen you touch voluntarily are on this trip with us. You don't even touch your boyfriends if you can help it." Santana paused as she unlocked the car and they piled in. As soon as she sat down, she turned to face Quinn and continued. "And now all of a sudden you are all touchy-feely with Streisand. Giving her hugs and playing big bad protector. Oh and calling her honey-bunch?! What the hell, Quinn? I thought you guys just talked shit to each other. I didn't know you were actually friends."

Quinn crossed her arms and rolled her eyes in exasperation. "First off, Santana, I don't have to answer to you. I can talk to who I want, when I want. Second, I told you that she was pretty cool. We have been talking a lot lately and I actually like her. Third, it's just some stupid nickname we came up with when we were being dumb. And finally, would you want to touch Finn unless you had to?"

"Yeah, well you got a point there." Santana conceded.

Brittany was glancing back and forth between the two girls as she tried to figure out what was going on. She finally gave up, "Tana, what's going on?" she asked worriedly.

"I'm just trying to figure out why Quinn, here, decided to be all buddy buddy with our competition." She turned her attention to Marley. "Come on, back me up here, Mousy. She was acting weird wasn't she?"

A deer in the headlights look immediately crossed Marley's face as she got thrown in the middle. "Well, um, I mean. Quinn seemed really happy to see her. I don't see why it's a big deal. It's always good to see old friends, right? It seemed like they knew each other pretty well." She gave Quinn a weak smile hoping she had helped her out a little, but Santana took her statement and ran with it.

"No, Marley, it kind of is a big deal. Because they aren't old friends. They are new friends. And a lot better friends than I realized," she replied as she raised an eyebrow.

Quinn cut her with a loud huff. "Will you just leave it alone Santana? Yes, Rachel and I have been getting to know each other. But I don't owe you an explanation. She is just really easy to talk to and I like her. Leave it at that, please" Quinn pleaded. She didn't really understand how it was that she and Rachel had become so close so quickly either. Having Santana pressure her about it wasn't going to help her get answers.

"Whatever." Santana said as she waved her hand dismissively. "I just thought it was weird is all." She turned around to start the car and looked at Brittany. "Have you figured out where we're going to eat yet? I'm really hungry."

"I was thinking Italian food. What do you guys think," Brittany asked as she looked back at Quinn and Marley.

They both nodded. "Sure, sounds good," Quinn told her.

"Hell yeah! I wants to gets my breadsticks on!" Santana yelled as she fist pumped and then headed towards the restaurant.

At the restaurant, Marley and Santana were entertained by Brittany's descriptions of different patrons. She was making up background stories and she and Santana were animatedly creating a dialogue for costumers sitting at various tables. But as the three girls laughed, Quinn was stuck in her own head, barely acknowledging the world around her.

I can't believe Santana made such a big deal about me and Rachel being friends. I mean, it's not weird, right? We have been talking a lot and people get attached when they share important information about themselves. I mean, sure, I don't tend to talk to people about my life, but that is mostly because I don't want anyone to be able to hold it against me at school somehow. There is like 100% guarantee that Rachel won't spread rumors about me around McKinley. And I can totally make new friends. I'm a friendly person, I mean, I brought Marley into the group and things are going great with that. Granted I haven't told her about my family at all, or really talked to her about anything significant. But that just means that I really trust Rachel. I can talk to her. It's easy, comfortable even. That must be why it just feels so natural to "all huggy" with her. Ugh, I'm way over thinking this. Rachel is just really trustworthy. It's the vibe she gives off. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Quinn continued to sit in silence and picked at her pasta as Santana and Brittany continued their favorite restaurant game. Even though her mind was running a mile a minute, she was determined to not let Santana's interrogation ruin the happiness she felt when Rachel was involved. Rachel had just managed to make a fun day even brighter and more exciting. She was just going to focus on that and her friends antics for the rest of the day.

She tuned in right as Santana decided to do an impression of Mr. Schue. She clapped three times and waved her hands around as she said "I mean, come on guys. We're a family. That means that the only people we should listen to are Finn and myself, because I totally have a boner for him. We should always sing Journey and other late 80's or early 90's music. Trust me, I have been there. I know how to win a competition!" she exclaimed with wide eyes and a goofy grin. Then she glanced over her shoulder really fast and spoke quickly. "Well guys, that's it for today, I think I just saw Miss Pillsbury walk by and I haven't hit on her all day. See you tomorrow. Come prepared for booty camp!"

The table broke out into peals of laughter. Santana had pretty much covered the highlights of Mr. Schue's pointless rambling.

Once they had recovered and settled their checks they decided to catch a movie before heading back to Lima. They were exhausted by the time they made it back to Santana's house, but the fatigue was well worth it. They had successfully made Marley feel welcome and had a great day achieving it.

Quinn dropped Marley back off at her house and headed home. She walked through the front door and into the living room looking for her mother. She found her lightly dozing in her chair with some lifetime movie playing on the television. Quinn walked over to it and turned the volume down so her mother could sleep more peacefully.

She the walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. After filling a glass with water and began to walk up to her room to work on the large pile of homework she had waiting on her. She had just about exited the kitchen when she changed her mind, turned around, and went back to the island. She picked up a pen and wrote a note to her mother stating that she was home. She wasn't going to be taking any chances on getting in trouble a week before their regionals competition.

She refilled her glass and made her way up the stairs towards her bedroom. As she entered, she found a couple of piles of laundry on her bed waiting to be put up. She set her stuff down and cleared her bed off, thankful her mom did her laundry. She didn't want to handle her sweaty clothes any more than the next person. Once her room was tidied up a bit she collapsed into her desk chair and scrunched her face up in disgust at her bag. Homework was always the worst part of any day.

She was halfway through her physics assignment when she heard her phone go off. Glad for an excuse to take a break, she moved over to her bed where she had left it.

I'm so excited I got to see you today! That was such a wonderful surprise :) -Rachel*

I know right. Lucky Santana decided to make a random trip to Columbus. Totally worth it, even if it was a bit of a drive. -Q

Definitely! Are you home already? -Rachel*

Yeah, I got here about an hour ago. I'm currently "working on" physics. Did you make it back yet? -Q

I actually just made it. Shelby takes a lifetime picking out music. -Rachel*

LOL You can hardly judge her, I'm sure you are no different. -Q

Touché, sweetheart. One of the qualities I undoubtedly received from her -Rachel*

Rach, that doesn't make any sense. Why would you receive qualities from your coach? -Q

Oh, right. I haven't explained that to you yet. This will be a rather extensive conversation. Can I call you? -Rachel*

Uh, sure? I could use a break. -Q

Quinn made herself comfortable on bed and turned her ipod dock on to have something breaking up the silence in her room. A few seconds later, her phone started ringing and she immediately answered it.

"Hey honey bunch, what's up" she asked.

"Oh nothing, really. I am in my kitchen trying to decide what would be good for dinner. My parents are out so I'm on my own for the evening. Unfortunately they have yet to go grocery shopping, so it's slim pickings around here."

Quinn laughed lightly. "Well that sounds extremely intriguing and all, but I must admit, it doesn't have quite the possible entertainment value as one Shelby Corcoran seems to hold."

Rachel hummed in agreement. "Truer words have never been spoken. She would be very pleased to hear that assessment I assure you." She paused for a moment. "Well I don't really know how to start this conversation. I think I might just start with my parents. I must warn you, however, you are about to learn a lot about me. Things you would probably never have guessed."

Quinn immediately perked up at the sound of slight uneasiness in Rachel's voice. "Ok, Rach. I'm listening. And don't worry, you can tell me anything. You know you can trust me, right?"

"Thank you, Quinn. I do know that. And I sincerely appreciate your reassurance." She took a deep breath before she began. "Well I guess the first major point you need to know is that I have two gay fathers. They got married 23 years ago and around 2 years into their marriage they decided, as many married couples do, that they wanted to have children. They tried adopting, but due their homosexual relationship, they were denied and had to explore other avenues. They began to look into using a surrogate, but again, women repeatedly turned them down because they did not want to give a child to a gay couple. Finally, they resorted to putting an ad in the local paper and offer an obscene amount of money in hopes that someone would answer."

Quinn's jaw was slightly dropped and her eyes wide. Partly because she definitely didn't expect Rachel to be telling her all of this and partly out of disbelief that people could be so cruel to a couple who just wanted a child to love.

"Finally, after two long years of rejection, a young girl in her late teens called saying she wanted to act as their surrogate. She had dreams of moving to New York to sing on broadway and this was the quickest way she could find to get there. They quickly went forward with the proceedings and very soon after that, I was born. My fathers were ecstatic and profusely thanked the young lady. She waited a few weeks to recover before making her trek to New York, but after being separated from me, she became depressed and couldn't bear to move so far away. She called my fathers and begged them to allow her to be apart of my life. She said that a girl would always need her mother and that she just wanted to be there for me. To love me and see me grow up."

Quinn was entranced by the story. Although she never would have guessed all of the planning and drama went into the creation of Rachel Berry, she was not surprised at all. That girl was born to be dramatic.

After several long discussions, it was decided that she would be allowed to take part in my life, but not as a parental figure. More as an aunt or family friend. She began attending a community college and studied music along with getting her teaching degree with the money my fathers had given her. When she was finished, she got a job at the local high school teaching music and eventually bought a house across the road from my fathers. As I grew up, she spent hours on end giving me vocal lessons and taking me to acting and dance classes. She claims that she has never had a prouder moment than when she watched me lead her show choir team to a national championship.

Quinn balked as Rachel laid out the final pieces of the puzzle connecting her to Shelby Corcoran. It all made sense when she thought about it. Everyone had always dismissed how alike the two women were. Their strong jaws and high cheekbones. Their matching eyes and pouty lips. Even their demeanor was strikingly similar. How had she missed it before? It was so obvious. "Wow, I never would have guessed that you mom is Shelby Corcoran, but I can totally see it now."

Rachel laughed. "Most people just chalk it up to coincidence, seeing as we have different last names and I don't address her as anything but Coach Corcoran outside my family."

"Yeah, that is understandable. So not even your teammates on Vocal Adrenaline know?" Quinn asked.

"No, we didn't want people to claim that she was only giving me lead because I am her daughter. They just assume we are very close because we work together so much."

"I could definitely see why you would do that. It would make your show choir a lot more like ours: lots of bickering and not much working." Quinn said drolly. "Is it ever weird having your mom coach you all the time?'

"Umm, not really. I mean, honestly, Shelby is more like a really great friend and mentor than a mother. She is someone I go to for advice or comfort when I need it, but she doesn't take an active parenting role in my life. She is just more of a cheerleader and confidant. We have a very unique relationship. In many ways, she is my best friend."

"That is so cool," Quinn gushed. "I must admit, I'm slightly jealous. I can't even imagine my mother being a confidant. It just seems awkward," Quinn told her as she made a face.

"Well I must say, it is one advantage to my unique parentage. I have a much better mother/daughter relationship than just about any other girl I know."

"Yeah definitely," Quinn said as she chuckled.

"But anyway, that is why I was out shopping and on a road trip with my show choir coach, and why she has given me certain traits and characteristics."

"Well it definitely makes a lot more sense now. And it's not nearly as weird as I originally thought it was," Quinn responded. "And, Rach, thanks for telling me. I really appreciate that you felt you could trust me enough to tell me something that not even your teammates and friends know. I'm very honored."

"Of course, sweetheart. How could I not trust you after how much you have opened up to me?" she laughed lightly. "And honestly, I am slightly freaked out by how much I just trust you. But it just feels right to open up to you, so I'm not going to fight it. I'm just going to hope my instincts are correct and be thankful to have a friend like you."

Hearing Rachel express the same sentiments Quinn herself was feeling was a big relief. It was good to know that Rachel was just as shocked by the immediate level of trust in this friendship as well. But if Rachel was going to surrender to it, then Quinn decided she would too.

Quinn smiled as she responded. "I'm really thankful to have a friend like you too, honey bunch. I have only been speaking to you for a couple of weeks, but you are already having an impact. Thank you so much for being here for me," She said sincerely.

"Anytime, Quinn. Thank you for that as well."

A beeping sound went off in the background and Quinn heard a lot of rustling around. "Everything okay over there?" she asked.

There was some grunting and murmuring before Rachel answered. "What? Oh, yeah. I'm fine. But hey, my dinner is ready and I'm going to burn myself or something if I don't start paying better attention, so I think I'm going to let you go. I'll talk to you later though alright?"

Quinn snickered at the image in her head. "Yeah sure, Rach. I'll talk to you later. Have a good evening."

"You too, sweetheart. Goodnight."

With that, Quinn hung up the phone. She glanced over at the clock and saw that it was already 6:30. Her stomach immediately started rumbling and she decided her homework could wait a few more hours. She was in much too good a mood to dampen it with physics.