Quinn rushes around her room making final adjustments. She looks at her desk covered with papers and notebooks from various classes. She decides it's too cluttered and hurriedly stacks them up and shoves them into her drawer. She can worry about that mess later.

She turns around and faces the rest of her room, scanning every detail to make sure it is impeccable. Her duvet is slightly bunched up so she grabs at the edges and pulls to smooth it out some. With a final glance around the room, she decides it is finally presentable.

She bounces downstairs to wait in the living room, shaking with nervous energy. After about two minutes she decides she can't sit still any longer and makes her way into the kitchen to get some water. And maybe pace. Yeah, she'll do that too.

Her mother is sitting at the bar reading the newspaper, she looks up when Quinn enters. "Oh, hello dear. All ready? Room cleaned?" she asks.

"Uh, yeah. I just finished it up." Quinn answered as she brings a glass to her mouth. After downing the whole glass, she sets it in the sink and begins to tap her fingers on countertop. When she continues non-stop for 30 seconds, Judy raises an eyebrow at her and sets the paper down.

"Sweetie, how much longer? It should be pretty soon, right?" She asks Quinn.

Quinn glances over to the clock above the sink. It's 4:55 PM. "Only about five more minutes, mom. I was told five o'clock."

Judy hums. "Okay, good. I don't know how much longer I can take your nervous excitement."

Quinn had been pacing like a caged lion for the last six days. It was Spring Break and she had done nothing but talk about and prepare for this weekend. Since the regionals competition a couple of weeks ago, she had been making plans for Rachel to come spend the weekend in Lima. It just so happened that their Spring Breaks lined up, and so after going to spend the beginning of her break with some family in Chicago, Rachel was going to end the week with Quinn.

As soon as the plans were set, Quinn began cleaning like a mad woman. She wanted to make sure everything was perfect for Rachel's visit and she was about to burst at the seams in anticipation.

Just as Quinn began pacing back and forth in the kitchen, the doorbell went off. She immediately sprung into action, running to the front door and yelling, "I got it!"

In her haste, she forgot she was only wearing socks and consequently slammed into the door as she tried to stop. Her head on collision sent her reeling and she landed hard on her butt. "Ow" She whined, "I think I just broke my tailbone."

Remembering that Rachel was standing outside her door, she scrambled up as quickly as she could and finally opened the door. She tried to maintain her composure and act cool, hopefully Rachel hadn't heard her fall and wouldn't notice that she was out of breath.

"Rachel! Hey!" She said between deep breaths.

Rachel had an eyebrow raised and a hand covering her mouth to hide her smirk, trying to keep a straight face she greeted Quinn. "Hello, Quinn. Umm, are you alright there?" She asked trying to hold in a laugh.

Quinn's face immediately flushed and she looked down. "Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just... I... well," she sighed and rolled her eyes at herself. "To be completely honest, I was running to get the door and slipped on the tile, hit the door, and possibly broke my tailbone." She immediately grimaced at herself, Oh my gosh could I be any more lame?

Rachel snorted in amusement before her eyes got and wide face serious. "Oh my gosh, I guess I should probably see if you really are okay. You don't really think you broke it, do you? Should I take you to a doctor? We should probably get x-rays just to-"

Quinn interrupted her with a laugh. "Rach, I'm fine. Seriously. I think I mostly just bruised my pride."

"Oh, right. Of course."

"Anyway, now that we have got that settled, please, come in." Quinn told Rachel as she picked up the brunette's bag. She pointed toward a doorway. "The living room is just through there. I'm going to run this up to my room and I'll be right back. Make yourself at home."

As Rachel wandered into the living room, Quinn dashed upstairs and set the bag down just inside her room. When she rejoined Rachel, the girl was busy studying the family portrait that hung above the fireplace. "That was taken about 4 years ago. I was still in my awkward phase." Quinn told her as she scrunched her nose in disgust.

Rachel turned to look at her, "Oh please, if that was your awkward phase then you can never see mine. It was dreadful." Rachel shook her head and gestured towards the eldest of the two girls. "I take it that is your sister?"

Quinn nodded. "Yeah, Francine. Well, we all call her Frannie. She is following my father's footsteps at Harvard Law."

Rachel's eyes widened, seemingly impressed. "Wow, that's... incredible actually."

"Yeah. Something like that." Quinn drawled. "My mother is just in the kitchen. She is dying to meet you."

The two girls made their way through the house and into the kitchen. Judy was busy getting out ingredients for their dinner that night. Her father was out of state once again on business, so it would be just the girls this weekend. Judy had elected to stay home this time since Quinn was having company.

She looked up as the two girls entered. "Hello, dear. You must be Rachel." She smiled at the little brunette. "I'm Quinn's mother, but you can call me Judy."

Rachel sent her a beaming smile and small wave. "Yes, I am. It is very nice to meet you. Thank you so much for having me in your home. I'm very excited to be here."

Judy waved her off. "Oh, it's no trouble at all, sweetie. We are very happy to have you. What are you girls up to tonight?"

Rachel looked to Quinn and Quinn shrugged. "I don't know, mom. We haven't really talked about it, yet."

"Okay, well dinner should be ready in about an hour if that helps you make any plans." She looked to Rachel. "Oh and don't worry, dear, Quinn told me that you are vegan, so I found some vegan recipes to fix this weekend."

Rachel's face lit up, "Thank you very much. You really didn't have to though. I would have been fine with just a salad."

"Nonsense! I can't have a guest just eating salad for her entire stay!" Judy exclaimed in horror.

"Well, I greatly appreciate it. Do you want any help?"

"Hmm, that could be nice. Then you can make sure I don't accidentally add anything I'm not supposed to." She winked at Rachel.

Quinn rolled her eyes at the exchange. There was a lot of sucking up going on here, but she hadn't figured out who the worst offender was yet. "Well, let's get started then, yeah? This food isn't going to cook itself. What do you want us to do, mom?"

"Oh, of course." Judy clapped her hands. "Well, I'm just going to fix a stir fry. So I can work on the sauce if you two will chop up the vegetables for me." She moved the vegetables to the island. "Quinnie, will you get two cutting boards out? And Rachel, there are knives over in that corner drawer there." she said as she pointed the girl in the right direction.

As the two girls chopped, Judy made small talk. "So Rachel, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?"

"Well, I'm 17. A Junior at Carmel High in Dayton. I am co-captain of the show choir at my high school. I live and breath broadway, and I aspire to be a lead actress in the musical theatre genre someday. I plan to go attend college at NYADA after high school because they have one the finest musical theatre programs in the country and I'm sure I will be able to make a lot of connections while I am there." Rachel informed her as she cut up some zucchini.

"Oh that is wonderful, dear! You have some beautiful aspirations." Judy nodded in approval. After a moment of thinking she added, "Wait, did you say you were in Carmel High's show choir? Quinn, isn't that the group that beat you at Regionals?"

Rachel smirked and waggled her eyebrows at Quinn. Quinn narrowed her eyes and teasingly shook her knife at Rachel before answering. "Yes, mom. They are. Rachel was the one who sang the solo during their performance."

"Oh my goodness! No wonder I thought you looked familiar!" Judy said and she spun around to look at Rachel. "You are a fabulous singer! I was just blown away by your voice. It's hard to believe it came out of someone so tiny!" she gushed with her hands clasped over her heart. "Good luck at Nationals. I am just so excited for you! When is the competition?"

Rachel blushed slightly at the attention. "Thank you very much. We have actually won the last two years, so we are hoping to keep the streak running. I believe the competition is the second weekend in May, but we usually get to spend most of the week prior on location. The competition starts on Thursday, so we need a few days to get accustomed to our new surroundings and get some practice in before it starts," she explained as she finished chopping the vegetables.

Quinn gathered everything up and transferred the ingredients to the wok Judy had sitting on the stove. She and Rachel then moved to sit at the bar facing Judy as she worked.

"Three possible National Championships?" Judy's eyes widened. "That is quite impressive young lady. We are hoping Quinn can manage that feat next year with her Cheerios!" she winked playfully at them.

Quinn rolled her eyes. "Don't worry, mom. We are already working on it. Coach Sylvester and I are holding tryouts for next year in a couple of weeks. She wants to get started on our new routines as soon as possible."

"That's good to hear. You need to stay on top of these things. They will look excellent on your college applications, won't they Rachel?

Rachel nodded vigorously. "Oh, yes. I am very hopeful that I will be able to put four time National Show Choir Champion on my applications. That is quite a feat."

"It is indeed. Where is the National competition this year?" Judy asked.

Rachel's eyes lit up. "It's in New York City! I'm so excited to be going back. I haven't been there in several years." she told her excitedly.

"Well, I'm sure you will have a very successful trip. Why don't you girls go wash up for dinner? It should be ready in just a few minutes."

The two girls nodded as they hopped up from their seats and Quinn led them to the downstairs bathroom. When they made it into the bathroom Rachel looked over to Quinn with a small smile. "I like your mom. She seems really nice."

Quinn scoffed as she scrubbed at her hands. She hoped the smell of onion didn't linger for too long. "Ugh, you're only saying that because she complimented you so heavily." She elbowed Rachel. "She was practically salivating as she reminisced about your solo. She probably wishes you were her daughter now instead of me."

Rachel rolled her eyes and laughed lightly. "Yeah, right. Miss Practically Perfect in Every Way. There's no way she would trade you in for me."

Quinn picked up the hand towel and dried her hands off. "Hmm. We shall see, but keep on sucking up and you may never make it home. Consider this your warning."

"Noted. Shelby would kill me if I were to miss rehearsals on Sunday, so I better watch my step from now on," she winked at Quinn as they made their way back to the kitchen for dinner.

After dinner, Quinn and Rachel volunteered to do the dishes. Rachel leaned against the countertop as Quinn finished putting up the last of the dishes. After closing the cabinet she turned to face Rachel. "So, I was thinking since it's Thursday, we could just watch a couple of movies and hang out here tonight? Then tomorrow go hang out with some people. Probably San, Britt, and Marley. If that is cool with you?" She asked.

Rachel nodded amicably. "Yeah, sure," she responded. "A movie night sounds good. Where to?"

Quinn thought about it for a second. Her mother was probably in the living room so that was out. She was not down for spending an evening with her mom. That left the downstairs media room or her bedroom. "Well, that's up to you. We have a game/media room in the basement. It's got a huge HD screen with surround sound. Or we can hang out in my bedroom and watch them there. That way if you are feeling lazy or tired we won't have to go up two flights of stairs to make it to bed."

Rachel weighed the options and looked at the clock. "It's only 7:30. Much too early to head to bed. So how about this: We watch the first downstairs. Then, after it's over, we go upstairs, get ready for bed and watch the second. That way it's no big deal if we fall asleep. Sound good?"

Quinn nodded. "Follow me, then, milady." She guided Rachel through the dining room into a second living area. It is hardly ever used except for when her father has formal dinner parties. They walked to a closed door off in the back of the room. She opened it and let Rachel head down the stairs first.

The staircase turned back towards the main body of the house and revealed a room that was as large as the entire floor plan of the house above. Quinn watched Rachel's jaw drop open as she took in the billiards, shuffle board, and air hockey tables. Beyond that, there was a sound proofed glass wall that separated the media room. It had a fully stocked kitchen and refrigerator along the back. There were two overstuffed black leather chairs between two overstuffed couches angled toward what had to be at least a 75" flatscreen TV mounted on the wall. "Oh my god," she breathed out and turned to Quinn with wide eyes. "Is this even real? I mean I could tell by the house that your family had money, but god, Quinn. This is crazy!"

Once Quinn had finished chuckling at the awe on Rachel's face and began to explain as she led them toward the media room. "Well, my dad is a really well-known lawyer in Ohio, even Indiana. Has his own practice and what-not." She waved her hand as she opened the door for them. "He has lots of big shot clients over to the house, and apparently my dad has found no better way to gain a client and make them bend to his will than put shiny new toys in front of their faces. I don't really get it, but hey, I get to reap the benefits."

Rachel nodded dumbly as she studied the room from one of the couches.

Quinn shook her head in amusement and pointed to a shelving unit. "So, the movies are over there. You can go pick one out and I'm gonna grab some water. Do you want something to drink? We have got just about everything imaginable down here."

Rachel answered as she made her way over to the collection of movies. "I think just a bottle of water is good for me, thank you."

As Quinn grabbed two bottles out of the refrigerator she heard and excited gasp.

"Oh my gosh! You have The Hunger Games?! We have to watch this. Please? I was late to the party and just finished the books. I haven't had the opportunity to watch the movie yet!" Rachel rushed out with enthusiasm.

She gave Quinn her best puppy dog face, complete with pouty lips as she brought the water and a blanket over to the couch.

"You haven't seen The Hunger Games yet? What rock have you been living under?" Quinn looked at Rachel in disbelief. "Ok, yeah bring it to me. Apparently you need some help in pop culture. You have to see this."

She grabbed the box from Rachel and moved towards the front of the room. "Why don't you go get settled and I'll put this in." As she set the movie up, she had another thought. "Oh and I got a blanket for myself because I can't really watch movies at home with out one, but if you want one, I can grab another for you."

She turned around to see that Rachel had already gotten comfortable underneath the blanket she left on the couch. Rachel looked down at the blanket sheepishly. "I don't mind sharing if that is okay with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine." Quinn told her as she grabbed the remotes and made her way over to the couch. She settled in close to Rachel and turned on the TV and surround sound. The movie started and they shifted around a little trying to settle in.

Quinn actually hadn't seen the movie since opening night when she went with Santana and Brittany. Santana would of course vehemently deny that she stood in line at the opening of a movie, but Quinn knew she was a huge fangirl over Katniss Everdeen. Brittany might have some real competition if Santana ever met Jennifer Lawrence.

She was really drawn into the movie as Prim's name is called at the reaping and Katniss frantically volunteers to take her sister's place. Suddenly, Rachel is grasping at her hand and squeezing as tears roll down her face. Quinn looks at her questioningly, and Rachel sadly responds, "I just hated this part of the book so much. It's so heart-wrenching." She wipes her eyes and continues seeking comfort in Quinn's hand.

Once Katniss and Peeta finally make it onto the train and into the Capitol, Quinn expects Rachel to release her hand due to lack of drama. Instead, Rachel has shifted their hands between them and is still grasping it softly. She is slightly distracted by this, but figures Rachel is probably just a touchy person.

When the interview comes around and Katniss' dress is revealed Rachel gasps softly and whispers, "It's even better than I imagined it."

Quinn squeezes lightly at her hand, "She's really beautiful. It's such a great dress."

As the games progess, Quinn shifts a little uncomfortably. Rachel apparently isn't very good at keeping still, because a few minutes ago, her thumb idly began stroking Quinn's palm and Quinn doesn't really know what to think of that. Why is she doing that? Maybe it's just a nervous habit kind of thing. I mean the part with Rue is coming up and that is definitely the saddest part of the book. It's probably just nervous energy. Besides... it feels... kinda nice..

Rachel inhales sharply as Rue goes to the ground. She and Quinn had slowly moved closer to each other and she immediately buried her face into Quinn's shoulder. "I can't watch, it's too sad." She whispered.

Quinn turned her head to look at the girl and moved her arm to hold Rachel's shoulders. "But Rach, you have to watch. This part is so well-done." She rubbed Rachel's arm through the scene to console the girl and Rachel snuggled into her side, making herself comfortable.

They sat that way enraptured for the rest of the movie. When it was over, Quinn got up and turned the lights on. "So what did you think?" she asked as she put the movie up.

"It was .. it was incredible. I can't believe how well they made it. It was even better than my imagination." She paused and thought for a second while she folded the blanket. "Of course, they left a few pieces out, but what movie doesn't? We can't have everything in there. They did a really great job though. Thank you for letting me watch it. Jesse refused to watch it with me last weekend."

Quinn laughed at that. "No problem, Rach. And I still maintain that St. Jerkface is a douche. This is just further proof," she teased.

Rachel stuck out her tongue at the jibe. "Whatever, Fabray. You're just jealous that you haven't found your leading man yet."

Quinn's eyebrows shot up. "Sure," she said sarcastically. "That's it." She put the rest of the stuff in the media room back and turned everything off. "Ready to go upstairs? I have a set of movies in my room as well so we can just choose one from there."

Rachel followed Quinn up the stairs. "Yeah I'm definitely ready to get into some more comfortable clothes."

When they made it up to Quinn's room, she pointed over to a corner. "I put your bag over there. My bathroom is just through that door. You can go ahead and use it first, I'll just change while I'm waiting. I put towels and washcloths out for you. Let me know if you need anything, okay?"

Rachel nodded her head as she grabbed her bag and headed into the bathroom. After the door closed, Quinn walked over to dresser and pulled out some shorts and a cotton shirt. She quickly changed and tossed her clothes into her hamper.

She could hear Rachel still using the sink in the bathroom, so she decided to turn down the bed while she waited. Then, she sat on the bed and grabbed her remote to flip through the channels. Immediately she came across Mean Girls which was one of her guilty pleasure movies. It had just begun, so she decided she would indulge a little until Rachel could pick another movie.

A few minutes later, Rachel walked back into the bedroom. "All yours," she said cheerily.

Quinn hopped up. "Right, so my movies are over on those shelves. Feel free to browse through them and pick one. I'll be right out."

She walked into the bathroom and made quick work of her nightly routine so that Rachel wouldn't have to wait on her for too long. When she came back out, she found Rachel snuggled up in the bed watching Mean Girls. Quinn turned out the overhead light and flipped on a lamp before crawling into bed.

Rachel looked over at Quinn. "I hope you don't mind, but I saw this was on and decided I wanted to watch it. I haven't seen it in forever, but I love this movie." she told the blonde quietly as she picked at the blanket.

Quinn gave her a small smile after she got settled. "Don't worry. This is one of my guilty pleasure movies, too."

Rachel laughed lightly in response. "Good to know. I know the situations in this movie are kind of extreme, but it amazes me how accurately they portray the self-centeredness of the average high school girl. This is so much like my own high school." she said as she scrunched her nose up in disgust. "I hate it."

Quinn turned to look at Rachel with her mouth slightly open, confused. "Wait a second. I thought that Vocal Adrenaline were like gods at your school. If you are the captain doesn't that make you like the Queen Bee? Doesn't everyone want to be you, be in your place?" she asked with her brow furrowed.

Rachel huffed and rolled her eyes. "I guess so, but just like Regina George I don't have any real friends there. Everyone is either using me for popularity or biding their time until I make a mistake and they can take my place. It's really sickening."

"Oh my god, I know! It's awful. If it weren't for San and Britt... and well Marley now, I guess. I wouldn't have any friends at all. All the cheerios are just waiting for an opportunity to get me back for all the hard practices I run. Most of the glee club resent my popularity, or just don't really talk that much in general. And the guys, gosh don't even get me started on the guys. Most of them just want to screw us and put another notch on their belt." Quinn exclaimed exasperatedly.

Rachel sat up and faced Quinn fully eyes wide and nodding wildly. "It's ridiculous right? For instance, there is this girl, who just moved in this past year. I think she is a sophomore." she trailed off as she tried to confirm that and then waved the thought off with her hand. "It doesn't matter, anyway, she is younger than us and she is a really great singer. Not quite as advanced as I am in training, but she has great potential and quite the stage presence. Well, Harmony," she spits the name out with disgust, "decides that she is better than I am and that other people need a chance to shine in Vocal Adrenaline. So she starts like trying to sabotage my performances. Trying to distract me or messing up my music. Putting things in my food to make me sick on try-out day for solos. Even trying to find ways to embarrass me in front of the whole school thinking I might step down in shame." she narrows her eyes at the memories. "The girl is horrible. When that didn't work, she started trying to suck up to Shelby, thinking that she could brown-nose her way into a solo. Little does she know that I'm Shelby's daughter and she knows every little thing that bitch has said and done to me. She will be lucky to get a solo even after I'm gone with how much Shelby already hates her. I'm sure she will try any possible option before allowing Harmony to take center stage." Rachel snorts a laugh. "Seriously though, the girl is insufferable. I honestly don't think there is anything she wouldn't do to try to take me down." she sighs in exasperation and shakes her head. "I don't even know what to do. I'm just so tired of dealing with it."

Throughout Rachel's story, Quinn's eyes have widened of their own accord. Never had she experienced a person so single-mindedly determined to destroy her reputation and standing. She could not even imagine how draining and frustrating that would be.

She reached across the bed and pulled Rachel into a tight hug. "I am so sorry, Rach. You should never have to deal with that." She ran her hands up and down the girl's back in comfort. "I can't believe how horrible she is. What are you going to do?"

Rachel burrowed into Quinn and sighed deeply. When she spoke it was muffled by Quinn's shoulder. "I don't know... I'm not one to retaliate no matter what people do to me. I just like to stay above it all and let them think they have no affect on me whatsoever. But this is really wearing on me. I just wish I had more people on my side. Unfortunately, so many people are vying to see my fall from grace that she has several supporters within the club. I just don't know what to do anymore." She said as she pulled back from Quinn and slumped back onto the pillows.

Quinn reached across the gap between them and grabbed Rachel's hand. "Hey, look at me." After Rachel look up, she continued. "I know this is probably really hard, but there is no way this Harmony chick can compare with your talent. You can't let her get you down. If you give in, she wins." She gave Rachel's hand an encouraging squeeze before letting go. "And we could always enlist Santana in some nefarious plot against her if you want." she suggested as she waggled her eyebrows. "Santana lives for that kind of stuff."

Rachel chuckled at Quinn's suggestion. "Although that would make things very interesting, I think I'll pass for now. But Quinn... Thank you. I really can't tell you how much this friendship has come to mean to me over the past month and a half. It's so nice to know that I don't have to worry about you using me or trying to back stab me. You've been a real breath of fresh-air from my high school hell. Thank you so much." she told the blonde with a sincere smile.

Quinn smiled back bashfully. "I know what you mean. I feel like I can tell you stuff I wouldn't normally tell anyone because I know you have nothing to gain from the information. It's really nice to be able to have a friendship that is so open. Thank you, too. You really are something special."

With a final smile to each other, they settled back into the bed to pick back up on the movie. As it came to an end, Quinn glanced over at Rachel, and saw that the girl was fast asleep. She turned off the tv and the lamp and got comfortable. Rachel had only been at her house for a few hours, but they were already having a wonderful time. Quinn was definitely looking forward to whatever tomorrow would bring.

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