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When Parvati and Lavender first met they had been nervous yet excited first years buying the things that they needed for school.

It was obvious to Lavender that Padma and Parvati were different, Padma was the more quieter twin, when Lavender met them Padma had been reading a book by her mother's side while Parvati was a little ways behind them taking in the scenery.

She didn't know why she started to talk to her; but when she saw that Parvati was alone and her mum and sister didn't seem to notice that she was behind; so she had started to talk with her.

Lavender learned from Parvati that they had just moved to England last year and neither one of them could wait to start Hogwarts; Parvati said that they had moved because their father wanted a better life for his daughters in England than where they were living.

When Lavender's mother saw that she was talking to Parvati, her mother went over to Padma and Parvati's mother and started to speak with her; they got their floo numbers and left.

When Lavender was getting ready to get on the boat that would take her to Hogwarts she looked for Parvati; she finally found her and her sister and all three of them shared a boat with one another.

When Parvati had been sorted into Gryffindor along with her she couldn't be more ecstatic. She and Parvati spent so much time with one another that it wasn't funny; it was as though they were long lost sisters; or long lost cousins or something.

The Summer before her second year Lavender wrote letters to Parvati; and finally towards the last two weeks before school was able to stay with Parvati and her family; it had been amazing.

When it was rumoured to be a monster in the Chamber of Secrets Lavender couldn't be more scared; not so much for herself, despite the fact that she wasn't a Pureblood; but for her friend Parvati.

When they both escape the monster unscathed Lavender couldn't be more relieved. When the monster was finally destroyed Lavender had been even happier.

The Summer before her third year she found out that the escaped criminal known as Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban, she was terrified that he would come and hurt her, her family and all her friends-which admittedly weren't that many.

When her pet bunny died Lavender had been so sad but Parvati had been there for her. Parvati had comforted her and had let her cry on her shoulder; unlike that hurtful Hermione Granger girl.

When Parvati came to her upset because Harry hadn't danced with her that much in their fourth year, Lavender had been there for her. They had always had each other's back and had been each other's shoulder to cry on.

When Seamus broke up with her about a month after the Yule Ball Lavender went to Parvati, when Parvati wanted to complain about her parents or about her sister she went to Lavender.

It had been this way for as long as Lavender could remember; and perhaps that's why it didn't come as a surprise when they had a night of passion so deep that it clenched Lavender's heart when she thought of it.

It was slow and moving and oh so filled with love. "I love you's" were said and kisses were everywhere that could be reached. Some people might leave after love-making but Lavender wasn't 'some people' and either was Parvati and so Lavender stayed. And stayed for a very long time at that.