The battle was over. The castle was asleep. No one moved.

Save for one of the dead.

From the dozens of bodies lined along the floor of the Great Hall, one stood, its illusion of death falling away like a gossamer web.

It slowly picked its way out of the hall, making no noise. A wave of a wand, and there was a dark, heavy cloak draped across the figure's shoulder.

The figure reached the doors, and pushed them open with a whispered silencing charm. Another figure met it on the other side.

"Brother." A whisper.

"Brother." Another.

The slowly, gracefully, dashed up the stairs, headed for the room they knew to be the one holding their leader.

Yet another hooded figure greeted them at the doors, shorter than either of the previous two.

"Come. She waits."

"Of course, General."

They entered the hall, hidden in shadows, hidden in magic. The hoods came down, and the three greeted one another by name.

"Dedalus Diggle." The younger two voiced.

"Colin. Dennis." The older man nodded, and addressed the older of the two. "I trust you have recovered from your false death."



The three walked briskly to the hidden room. A small figure wound its way toward them from next to the chair their queen held.

"You are late."

"My apologies, Commander." The three murmured. Diggle took the reins. "There were… complications. The false death lasted longer than anticipated."

Crookshanks nodded. "A mistake, but not a regrettable one."

"We thank you for your understanding." They followed him to the chair, coming upon their queen.

"You are here?" The voice was smooth and low, almost sensual.

"Of course, madam."

"Hm…" There were several seconds of silence. "How has Abbot been coming along?"

"Quite well, at last sight." Dennis replied. "Her infiltration abilities have been growing."

"Good. Charlie Weasley?"

"He has been primed." Diggle answered. "We are almost ready to approach him with your offer."

"Acceptable. What of Luna Lovegood?"

"I doubt we will be able to convert her, my Queen. I apologize for my failure." Colin admitted.

"Unfortunate, but I never expected her to join. Have you any other news?"

"The snake's faction has been nearly decimated. Nagini has lost her side."

"What of Fawkes?"

"The Potter boy managed to save most of the Light faction."

"Hm… Fawkes' people may be swayed, should we offer them a glimpse of the truth. However, if they have enough power they may be a threat. Anything else?"

"We have found the statue." Crookshanks leapt up onto the windowsill, curled up with a condescending sneer on his face as he looked at the men that were his subordinates. Pathetic. His queen was a far better being.

"…We move in November."

"Of course, my Queen." Four voices replied in unison.

Hedwig smiled down over the grounds. The world would soon be hers.


A/N – I read a few bashfics and got fed up with them. I hate bashing, and I find good stories all the time… only to close them in disgust when they portray a genuinely nice character as a complete monster, without reason (if there is a reason behind it, which I have seen occasionally, then it's a good look at alternate character interpretation. If a person does it just because…). So I decided to take the ridiculous characters I could and turn them into villains: Hedwig. Crookshanks. The Creevey brothers. Dedalus Diggle. Hannah Abbot. Charlie Weasley.

Short, perhaps. But ridiculously fun to write.