Have you been wondering what I've been doing? Well, this is what I've been up to, writing this story. I hope you like it, I've rewritten this many times to make it...perfect-ish, but yeah, read on

He sighed with relief as he finished his last piece of homework. It took him a little longer than usual to finish tonight, but it didn't matter now. Putting everything away, he made his way to his closet and opened it, pushing the shirts that hung in his way. Behind all the clothes was his outfit of choice for the night. A jet black leather jacket with a hood hung on a hook in the back. A blue arrow started up from the bottom hem of the jacket and the end point at the top of the hood. There was something not a lot of people knew about Aang, he was a 'Cloud Child'. The ancient race of the Cloud People was dated back at the start of time. They were known for being able to manipulate air and of course their most notable power, to bend cloud shapes at their will. His father had explained to him about his powers and that their family was descendants of the Cloud People. But with the existence of Cloud People, there came other mystical beings. Along with him, there were Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, that could manipulate Water, Demons, that could manipulate Fire, Earthborns, that could manipulate Earth and many others. Though Aang butted heads with them, most shared a common enemy: Ozai. Ozai was a demon that ran the underground. He had a vendetta out on Aang ever since he had blown up his weapons warehouse a year ago. The person that he had put on his trail was his son, Zuko. Zuko went under the name 'The Blue Spirit' when he worked for his Father, but at school, Zuko was a regular teenager, wearing an eye patch over his left eye. He and Zuko used to be good friends until his father had given him the 'Mark of the Demon', which was covered by the eye patch. Even after knowing each other for so long, Zuko never recognized him because of the mask he wore. It was a cold air breathing mask that covered his mouth and also gave him cool air that enhanced his powers. The city of Ember Island was especially humid at this time of the year, constricting his powers. He put on his mask, tying it tight around his face, pressing a small button on the side and enjoying the feeling of the cold air entering his lungs. Aang pulled his hood up, but not before grabbing what seemed like a cell phone to the naked eye, but when the top screen was pushed aside, a small ear piece was placed in the middle. The ear piece had contact with the Police scanners and of course whenever he let someone come into contact with him, but the only person who could was his good friend Teo, who made all of his electronics and gadgets. Teo was sworn to secrecy about Aang's identity and gladly helped him clean up the streets of Ember Island. Aang put the ear piece into his ear, turning on the fake cell phone, the scanners were quiet tonight, so he decided to go to his favorite vantage point. He opened his window and dove out, feeling the wind pass him by from the 4 story drop. He used his powers to soften his fall. Aang took a deep breath and shot through the alley, running up the wall and jumping across the street to the next building. Running through the city, he finally made it to the one of the highest business offices on Ember Island. He sat on the ledge of the building, looking over the barely lit city of Ember Island.

"I knew I would find you up here," He recognized the voice of Toph Bei Fong. Toph was an Earthborn, the only Earthborn that Aang really ever talked to. When she started out using her powers for good, she was like his sidekick, but they quickly fell in love with each other and finally gave into their desires. They had both agreed that because of the business they were dealing with, they wouldn't be able to continue their relationship. She never learned his secret identity, though he knew exactly who she was. Toph knew Aang as 'The Avatar', a name that he thought was cool, but she found it stupid. She went by the name 'The Blind Bandit', but Aang never used that name, mostly to bother her. In their real lives, they were best friends, which kept their secrets from each other hard to keep. She came out of the shadows, wearing blacked out steam punk goggles, a green tube top that covered her chest and ending just above her navel, he never understood why she wore that for fighting crime, but she gave results. Toph also wore green and black electro pants and green converse. On her small hands, she wore fingerless gloves. "What took you so long? I've been searching your usual hang outs."

Aang smiled behind his mask, "If you were looking for me, why didn't you check here first?" His modified voice came out of the mask, a deepened voice replaced his own.

She sat down next to him, "Every time I check here first, you're always somewhere else, maybe you're trying to avoid me Avatar."

"You know I would never run from you."

"Then why don't I know who you are?" She asked, her tone becoming serious. "I feel like even if you weren't running from Ozai…if I wasn't helping the city…that you still wouldn't want to be with me."

He took a deep breath, he never wanted Toph to feel this way, all he wanted was for her to be safe, but it was hurting her in the process. "Toph…you know how I feel about you and I wouldn't want anyone else in the world, but I can't let you know who I am because you would be put into danger if anyone found out about us."

"You're a Cloud Child and I'm an Earthborn, we can protect ourselves. No one stood a chance against us, not even Zuko, Ozai, and all of their thugs. No one has caught us, we cover up our tracks and Teo double checks after us." Toph argued. She turned towards him, "You know me…I'm usually a brick wall, nothing affects me…but I can't do this anymore. I love you and I don't even know your name, do you know how stupid that sounds?" Toph pulled off her goggles, her jade eyes looking into his, "I've had so many sleepless nights thinking about the night I gave myself to you, I just want to know who you are…or see your whole face." She took one of his hands in hers, kissing his knuckles. Aang pulled his hood over his head, a shadow cast over his nose. He pulled his masked off, the hissing of the cold air was brief as he set the mask down. Before Toph knew it, he kissed her passionately. Her arms went around his neck as their lips moved against each other's. He pulled her lithe body against his as their kissing continued. When he broke away, he put his mask back on and held her hand. Toph let out a shaky breath, the kiss obviously affecting her more than him, "Well before I try to jump your bones, I need to actually give you the Intel that I've got." She put her goggles back on her face, "So do you know Sokka Aqua?"

He nodded, "About 6 foot, bronze skin, star quarterback, girlfriend Suki Silver, obsession with meat and bad puns, sister is Katara Aqua, a Half-Blood and a Witch, her mother was bit while pregnant with her and died during birth, making her a day walker."

Her brow furrowed, "You know a little too much for your own good."

"I have to know about the kids at our school."

She smirked, "So you go to my school?"

"Well there are no other schools than Gaoling and you didn't expect me to be like 20 did you?" Aang joked.

"I don't know what to expect of you," She told him, coming off a little colder than she wanted, "But anyways, apparently Katara is missing and Sokka is searching for her…well, more like asking you to do it." He rolled his eyes a little. "The thing is, he thinks Katara is the only one of her kind, so he thinks they may have kidnapped her for…other reasons."

Aang chuckled, "Yeah, the day a Vampire gets raped by a human. Any clues to where she might be?"

"Teo has picked up on some underground chatter about Ozai running a testing facility out of one of the abandoned warehouses by the Roku River and apparently they may be taking in a lot of Half Bloods like our missing girl." Toph informed him. "So my first place to check would be there, if she's there, two birds with one stone."

He nodded as he stood up, "I better make my way over then. Thanks Blind Bandit."

She smiled, "You finally used my superhero name, now if only I knew your name I could start calling you by your real name, it will be like a role reversal."

Aang leaped onto the ledge, "I don't know about that, but you can just call me…Twinkle Toes." He let himself fall back as the truth hit Toph like a ton of bricks.

Toph ran to the ledge as she watched him floating over the streets, "Aang…"

Aang landed on the roof of a nearby building, watching over the warehouse that was under suspicion. There was a light on in the top row of windows, Aang decided to make that his first stop, it looked a lot better than just walking through the front door. He found a hatch on top of the building and slipped in. The light he saw before was just a lamp by the window and could just see the edges of people thanks to the small amount of light. From what he could tell, he was surrounded. Basically, Aang realized that he had walked into a trap. Another light flickered on and he could see clearer. Around him were a group of vampires, ready to attack him at any moment, across from him was a familiar 'face'. Zuko stood in a jacket that looked kind of like his, but it was plain black and went down past his knees and had on a Blue mask. "Good to see you again, Avatar." His old friend said as he walked forward. Aang spotted the mechanical devices in the palms of his enemy's hands. He recognized them as fire amplifiers, turning a simple flame into a fireball. "I was so certain you would have shown up a couple days ago, but it's good to see you're no longer making me wait."

"Sorry, I was too busy destroying your Father's other businesses, but I would have been here sooner if I knew that you were experimenting on vein drainers." The vampires hissed at him, the words being a horrible insult.

"By the time we're finished with you, there won't be a drop of blood in your body." Zuko threatened. Aang didn't wait any longer and blasted the demon back into a wooden desk, breaking it into pieces. The vampires tried to rush him, but he flipped forward over a couple of them as they crashed into each other. Aang grabbed a couple of the sharp pieces of wood that were left from the desk and stabbed the first few vampires to come at him, turning them into ash. 3 Vampires tried to attack him together, but the one in front of him earned a kick to the chin as the two to his left and right were impaled, then he finished off the injured vampire. As the rest charged at him, he realized that Zuko had finally recovered. Zuko sent a large blast to Aang's back, but he jumped, dodging the fire and frying the vampires. As Aang came down, he sent a kick to Zuko's chest, sending him out to the main part of the warehouse. He left the room, quickly making his way down the halls, looking for any sign of Katara or any other Half Bloods. After opening over 20 doors, Aang finally found a whole hallway of prison cells. He quickly walked down the hall, looking at each cell until he came to the last cell. Huddled in the corner was a clearly malnourished Katara, he assumed she hadn't had blood in a while. He kicked the hinged door, breaking it with ease.

He knelt down, "Katara?"

Her eyes slowly opened, "Avatar? W-what are you doing here?"

Aang picked her up bridal style, "I'm here to get you out of here."

"I thought you hated my kind," She replied, getting weaker by the minute.

"I never said I didn't," He said, "What does Ozai want with a bunch of Half Bloods?"

"He's trying t-to make a vampire army, trying to find what makes it p-possible for Full Bloods to be-"

"Day walkers," He scowled. Aang didn't waste any more time, he carried her out of the room and down the nearest set of stairs. He kicked the door open and sprinted across the open hanger of the warehouse until a mask less Zuko stopped them and more vampires behind him.

"You're not taking our last Half Blood Avatar," He growled.

Aang shifted Katara in his arms to reach into his jacket and pulled out 3 silver spheres, "Zuko, you continue to under estimate me." He squeezed them in his hand and tossed them at the vampires. The spheres exploded in a bright light, frying the vampires while Aang blasted the nearest door open to freedom. He ran along rooftops until he felt they were safe. Aang set her down, there was no way she was going to make all the way back to her house alive. He pulled his jacket sleeve up his arm and dragged the side of his arm against a sharp part of his mask. Once the blood started flowing, he put it against Katara's mouth which she greedily accepted. As long as she didn't bite down and inject her venom, he would be perfectly fine. He sat quietly as she drank his blood, her light blue eyes looked up at him, but he didn't return the look. Once the blood stopped coming, her tongue ran over the cut, her venom closing up the cut. He pulled his jacket sleeve back down and picked her up.

"Thank you," She quietly spoke, though she was a little stronger now, she was still very weak. "Why did you help me?"

"It's business," He stated and took off again. It was a quiet way back to her house, she didn't dare say anything to anger him, she expected him to drop her or something. He finally landed at her house and carried her to the door, ringing the doorbell.

Sokka opened the door and his face fell when he saw his sister. "Katara," He took her from his arms and brought her into the living room, "Avatar, come in, please." Aang never really made it habit to go into people's houses while he was the Avatar, but it wasn't like he would be walking into another trap like earlier. He awkwardly entered, shutting the door quietly behind him. In the living room, Sokka had placed Katara on the couch and had run off into the kitchen. On the other couches were his girlfriend Suki and their friend Yue Luna.

"Earthborn…Witch…" He acknowledged them, taking them both by surprise. Aang leaned against the wall, "Don't worry, I won't tell him."

Sokka came back out of the kitchen with a packet of blood, he opened it and gave it to her which she quickly started to drink. "Thank you so much Avatar, I don't know what I would do without my sister."

"Just be happy that it was part of my job," Aang told him.

He dug in his pocket and pulled out a wad of money, "Here, for your troubles."

Aang took it and put it in his pocket, "Nice doing business with you." He left the house and was about to take off when he heard someone call his name.

He turned around to see Yue coming out of the house, "Avatar, thank you so much for saving my friend…she means a lot to me."

"I'm sure," He answered and turned to go again, but she grabbed his arm.

"I know Sokka already paid you back…but…could I?" She asked, in a flirtatious tone. Aang reached into his pocket and pulled out the money. He undid the rubber band Sokka had put around it and reached in the middle of the money and pulled out a tracking device.

He put it between her breasts, "Here, that's on the house. I was going to place this on a rat for him to follow around, but since you offered a better place, there you go. Don't ever contact me ever again." He took off and Yue silently cursed as she went back into the house.

"Aang, can you hear me?" A voice came through his ear piece.

"What's going on Teo?" Aang asked.

"Did you get that Half Blood that Toph told you about?"

"Yeah, if they ever contact you again, send them a virus to wipe their system, I'm not dealing with vein drainers anymore, especially that one. The brother tried to put a tracker in the money," Aang told him.

There was a brief silence, "Okay, done. Also Toph is looking for you, she was saying something about knowing who you really were."

"I'll just talk to her in the morning," Aang said with a sigh, "I'm turning in for the night, you should too Teo."

"Read ya loud and clear boss." Aang shut off his ear piece as he made his way home.

He slung his backpack over his shoulder as he checked if he needed anything else before he left for school. Aang wore sunglasses over his tired eyes, a white long sleeve shirt that nearly covered his hands, he wore a blue basketball jersey over the shirt and wore blue jeans with black Nike's. When he knew he had everything, he started towards the door, saying goodbye to his Father and opened the door to a very angry Toph. He shut the door behind him and was about to speak, but Toph slapped him across the face and then kissed him. Aang kissed her back until she pulled away from him. "You are an asshole, how could you not tell me?"

"You know exactly why I didn't tell you, I still don't think this is a good idea," He said truthfully. "But I couldn't stand to see that I caused you that much pain."

"It doesn't matter anymore, you're mine Twinkle Toes," She kissed him again.

Aang rested his hand on the small of her back, "If we're together now, does that mean that I can tell you not to wear slutty clothing?" She looked down, she was wearing a black small tank top with a matching skirt.

Toph shook her head, "No, but it looks like you got yourself a girlfriend and your old partner." Aang smiled and gave her a kiss before they walked to school. There was still an hour before they had to get to class so they both sat on the steps out in front of the school. Toph rested her head on his shoulder, "So where are we going to start out tonight?" She asked.

"Going out tonight isn't a real good idea," He told her, "I pissed off Zuko last night."

She laughed, "I piss Zuko off all the time, whether it be at school or when he is that stupid Blue Spirit, speaking of which, you need to change your name, it sounds so stupid."

"You didn't seem to mind it when you were moaning it," Aang smiled when it shut her up. "The reason why I think going out tonight isn't a good idea is because I found out what they're doing at that warehouse, Ozai is trying to turn Full Bloods to day walkers."

Toph's eyes went wide, "But that would mean…"

Aang nodded, "He will have enough force to fully take over Ember Island."

Katara made long strides in her walk, trying to out walk her friends. "Katara, come on, don't be mad at us." Suki called from behind her. She ignored them and continued walking. The treatment she was giving them was not even remotely as bad as what she was doing to Sokka. She had put all of his wet laundry in the freezer, flushed the toilet while he was in the shower and was currently looking for a spell that would give him blue balls for a month. She couldn't believe that he and her friends would try to unmask the Avatar, the one that saved her. Though his hatred of her kind was well known, she couldn't pick a hero to save her. But one thing about him drove her wild: His blood. It tasted incredible, like sweet nectar. Compared to the blood she had stored at her house, it was a delicacy. Thankfully, unlike her friends, she could find out who the Avatar was from his scent. "Katara," She cursed at herself for getting lost in her thoughts and causing her to slow down. "You can't be that mad at us."

She stopped, "You two helped my brother by trying to uncover the Avatar's secret identity after he saved me. While he might hate my kind, he still saved me. He doesn't deserve you guys trying to stop him at what he does."

"Katara, he knew who we are. He knows everything. If Sokka found out that I'm an Earthborn and Yue is a Witch, he would blab to everyone and stop dating me." Suki tried to reason, "And he could have done whatever he wanted with you, he could have even killed you."

"But he didn't," She stated. "Just because he knows things doesn't mean that we should put him in danger. Maybe we should stop hanging out for a while." Katara turned and left the two in the dust. She finally had made it to the school, ignoring the obvious stares from the other students. Apparently if you're gone for 4 days, everyone hears about it. She started to go up the steps, past a couple of the students, but stopped when the familiar scent passed her nose. Katara looked around until she looked at the bottom steps to the couple at the bottom of the steps. It was him, The Avatar.

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