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The florescent lights buzzed as the Vampires waiting in front of the elevator waited for it to reach the last floor. One of them rested against the wall as his friend waited by the door. "You hear the boss caught the Blind Bandit and that Half Blood?" He asked.

The Vampire against the wall nodded, "Yep…"

"You don't like to talk much do you?" The other guy asked.

He shook his head, "Not really. I'm kind of focused on the job at hand."

"You really think that the Avatar is going to get through the Pyro? Long Feng knows what he's doing, we're probably being sent for good measure." The emotionally distant Vampire told him, he flipped his hair out of his eyes. They both turned back to the hall they came from, the double doors burst open and two rows of a small militia came through. They were all dressed in riot gear, protecting every inch of skin. "You guys ready for a raid?"

"Long Feng told us that we are your backup," The muffled voice of the lead Vampire told them, "He said that with dealing with the Avatar, more is always needed." A ringing of guns being cocked rang through the hall as the two Vampires turned back towards the elevator.

It was almost to their floor, "Well, we might not all fit in this elevator, so you might need to make another trip." The welcomed ding of the elevator was music to the original Vampire's ears. The doors opened and two metal balls dropped from the ceiling of the small room. They both watched it as it exploded, turning them to ash. The militia covered their eyes as they were blinded, not seeing the black blur that dropped down from the ceiling. Aang ran down the line, two stakes in hand and drove them through the weak vests and turning them into ashes also, joining the first two. The others regained their vision and fired at him, he easily dodged them in the cramped hall. The dust from the ashes began to fill the hall as he took out everyone one by one. Before he could get the last one, he caught a bullet in his arm. He ignored the pain and killed the last Vampire. Aang fell against the wall, he slowly slid down as he clutched his arm in agony. He stripped his jacket to see the wound, slowly pouring out blood from two holes, he was lucky the bullet exited, though it was another wound to take care of. Aang looked around, trying to find something to cover it, but another idea came to his mind. He grabbed the gun from the recently killed Vampire and pressed the barrel to the entry wound, Aang stifled his yell at it cauterized the wound. He pressed the other side to the exit wound, he thought this one wouldn't be as bad, but it was just as worse. Aang threw the gun down and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the bitter agony. Grasping the bottom of his shirt, he ripped off a strip and tied it around his arm tight. Taking a deep breath of the cold air, he staggered up and put his coat back on, flipping the hood back up and continued down the hall, his injured arm cradled in his other.

Azula sent another fire ball at the chandelier, the extravagant piece of artwork swung back and forth, hoping to avoid another hit. "Ty Lee, come down here this instant! I want to kill you!"

"I'd rather not!" The Vampire called from the chandelier, "I told you it was a total accident Azula! I didn't mean to do it, I swear! I didn't even know what I was doing!"

"You had me brush your hair for 20 minutes!" Azula growled as she threw another fire ball at her, lighting the room up in an orange glow. "Then you had me paint your toenails!" Another flame lite up the room.

"I thought we could use some bonding time!"

A solemn sigh behind Azula made her stop and turn around, "Azula, your Father just had that thing put in…I had to make sure every one of those crystals was not smudged before they put it up. I would appreciate it if you didn't shoot fire at it."

Ty Lee poked her head out and a smile came across her face, "Mai!" She hopped down from the giant chandelier and landed gracefully as if it were a foot drop, she pulled Mai into a hug, "How long have you been back?"

"I just got back today, I was sent to get that thing," Mai replied, "Why is she throwing flames at you?"

Azula moved a stray hair back to its original place, "She drank from me and seduced me into doing whatever she wanted."

A rare smile appeared on Mai's face, "Ty Lee seduced you?" A blush appeared on Azula's face as she realized what she how that sounded. "I guess things really do go crazy when I'm not here."

"That's not what I meant!" She harshly replied, but the damage was already done, Ty Lee snickered from behind Mai. "Now move so I can kill her."

"I don't really want to clean up ash right now Azula," Mai said, "I already have to make your dinner tonight. Just forgive her, you and I both know that Ty Lee has no clue what she's doing."


Mai looked back at the Vampire, "So you're saying that you meant to seduce Azula?"

Azula rolled her eyes when Ty Lee laughed again before shaking her head, "See? Just let her off the hook this time. She'll get a hold of her powers and then she'll mean to seduce you for real next time." Both girls laughed again as Azula clenched her fists. "Relax Azula, it's just a joke. Now let's go, your Father wants you at dinner tonight, it's for some announcement or something."

"Fine…" Azula turned around and walked towards the dining hall, but stopped when a thought crossed her mind, "Ty Lee…where's my brother?"

Screams echoed from the hallway, catching Long Feng's attention. "I told you he'd be coming," Toph called, waiting to the right time to join the fight. "He sounds pissed."

"Guards, send her in," He calmly told the nearest men and they quickly did as they were told.

"Are you going to be hiding behind a girl thinking he won't hurt girls? That's a bold move."

Long Feng stood from his seat, "No, I'm going to show you the true power of my blood line." Other than the cries of pain from the hallway, a young girl was pulled into the room, kicking and screaming. Toph and Katara recognized her as Star, a popular girl from their school. She was brought before him and he gave her a smile, "Relax, everything will be over very soon." Toph would have stopped him, but she would be easily over taken by the guards in the room as Long Feng pushed Star's head to the side, it also didn't help that Star made Toph's life a living hell in the beginning of Freshman year. One last cry of pain left her throat as Long Feng drove his fangs into her neck, he didn't pay any attention to the sound of Aang getting closer to the room as he continued to drink from her. Toph nearly leapt up when the doors to the room were kicked open and Aang stood in the door way. Guards began to rush Aang which he started to dispatch quickly, some Vampires being held back by Katara's shackles, allowing Aang to easily take on a small number at a time. Finally wanting to join the fight, Toph jumped from her seat, raising the earth below them to take out a number of Vampires. She turned her attention to Long Feng, who now finished feeding off of Star, her body falling to the ground with no sign of life. Her eyes widened when his body started to transform, everyone else even began to look over. His skin turned to an ashy gray, the back of his shirt ripped as wings began to form and hands turned into claws.

"What…the…hell," Toph muttered as he continued to morph, she could see the red glow from his eyes and for the first time since being taken, fear struck into her heart. Aang took advantage of the distraction and killed the last couple Vampires before walking towards Long Feng.

"There is no way you can face me at my full power Avatar," Long Feng's voice became much deeper, almost demonic. "All you have is an Earthborn and a useless Half Blood."

Katara undid her spell, "This 'useless' Half Blood is actually a very competent Witch." The fake Katara disappeared, "This time, you'll feel my full wraith instead of sneaking up on me while I was sleeping like a coward."

"It doesn't matter, I can still easily kill you all," Long Feng boasted. Using his super speed, he was quickly in front of Aang with a flurry of punches and kicks, but Aang was able to defend himself and pushed Long Feng back. He took out his bladed Thunder Glove and taunted Long Feng into another attack. A flame hit the ground between them and everyone turned towards the source to see Zuko walk into the room, he changed his skin to his demon form. Aang smiled from behind his mask as Long Feng chuckled. "So Zuko, have you decided to help the Avatar now?"

Zuko cracked his knuckles, "Think of it as a temporary alliance, we have a common enemy." He conjured up two more flames.

"Well, I guess I can take your dead body to your Father for a reward," Zuko shot a couple fireballs at Long Feng, but he quickly moved and caught Aang by surprise and kicked him towards Zuko, both of them crashing onto the ground after hitting each other. Toph made her move towards Long Feng, only to be batted away easily. Katara was the next to try, taking water straight from the air, turning it into icicles and shooting it at Long Feng. He chuckled as it merely bounced off him as he turned towards her. He sent a powerful punch at her, but a blue force field protected her from any harm. Long Feng attempted it again, but was met with the same outcome. He leapt up in the air, flipping through the air and extended his right leg as he came down, Katara could see the force of the kick as he came down, the blue force field cracked and shattered, leaving her vulnerable. "Like I said, you're no match for me." A pillar of Earth slammed into his back and he flew through the wall, Katara turned to see Toph finally getting up.

She wiped her bloody lip, "How do you like surprise attacks you son of a bitch?" Zuko helped Aang up just as more Vampires arrived to help. "Take care of them, I've got Long Feng." Toph told them. Before Aang could protest, Long Feng crawled back through the hole and dusted himself off.

"I really hope that's not all you've got. I've received more pain from a thumbtack then that." Long Feng smiled. Toph grunted in anger and stomped her foot on the ground, the Earth around her formed around her body like a suit of armor and got into a fighting stance. "Hand to Hand combat? You really think you've got what it takes?"

"I'll beat you or die trying!" She shouted as she leapt into action, landing a punch on his chest. He didn't seem fazed as he defended himself. Her one punch seemed to be a fluke as he easily dodged her every punch and kick. She made one wrong move and received a knee to her gut, breaking the rock easily. Katara repaired her armor as the fight continued, even putting a protective barrier over Toph. Long Feng went on the offensive now, his punches were gaining speed gradually and Toph couldn't keep up. He tried to sweep her legs with the back of his left leg, when she jumped to avoid the attack, Long Feng continued to spin and landed on his back and used both of his feet to kick her in the stomach. Toph went flying into the ceiling and falling with a loud thud onto the ground, her armor breaking easily.

"I liked your battle cry," Long Feng taunted as he walked over to Toph, "Especially the 'die trying' part." He picked her up by her clothes, Toph barely even seemed conscious. Aang blew back another Vampire before turning back towards the fight. Long Feng sent a powerful punch into her chest, her ribs audibly shattering, a weak scream escaped her before he tossed her against the wall.

"TOPH!" Both Aang and Katara cried.

"I got them, go!" Zuko called, Aang ran towards Toph, only for Long Feng to step in between them.

He smiled, "Let's let her rest, she must be tired." Katara ran to Toph and put a barrier around them, the Earth Born was gasping as Katara got to her.

Her eyes looked over her, some of the broken bones were visible against her skin, "Toph, just hold on, we're going to get you some help."

Toph shook her head, "N-no, I'm d-done. I-I'm bleeding internally." She winced from the pain. "You have to h-help him."

"I can save you Toph, I'll change you and then you'll be fine," Katara felt tears prick at her eyes, she cleared Toph's neck, but Toph held up a hand.

"No offense…but n-no," She softly smiled, "Living forever w-would just be a pain." Katara wiped a couple tears that fell down her cheek. "He can't beat him…y-you need to help him." Toph coughed up some blood that had gotten into her lungs. "Y-you have to drink my blood."

Her eyes went wide, "Toph no, I can't do that…"

"Y-you heard him, y-your part of his blood line," Toph groaned, "Y-you'll be as powerful…I won't be able to f-forgive you for letting h-him die. He needs y-you."

"He needs you too Toph!" She cried, continuing to wipe her face. "If I suck your blood, he'll kill me."

They both heard the clash of Aang and Long Feng, "No h-he won't, you n-need to do this…" She could still see that Katara wasn't going to and her life was failing fast. "D-don't let me die this way K-Katara, I want to d-die without pain…y-you're the only one who c-can do that…but I want y-you to tell Aang something…" She leaned in and whispered her message, Katara listened and tried to drown out the sounds of battle. Once Toph was finished, she laid back against the wall. "T-take care of him, okay?"

Katara couldn't help but let more tears fall as she nodded, "I'll miss you Toph."

"I'll m-miss you too Sweetness," Toph coughed again, "D-Do it." Katara slowly lowered her head down and bit into Toph.

Aang hit the wall and staggered back up, his mask now broken and his jacket completely ripped. "You look hurt, would you like to take a break?" Long Feng jested.

He pulled off his mask and tossed it, "You're going to die by my hands and I'll make sure of it."

"You're girlfriend said that before I silenced her, maybe you should learn." Long Feng's speed again showed to be too powerful and he swept Aang's feet and slammed his palm down on his stomach, Aang fell onto the ground with a groan. Long Feng hovered over him, "I'm going to drain you like I should have done your Mother!" Long Feng attempted to bite into Aang but his hands held him back, but his fangs still grew dangerously close to his neck. Zuko couldn't help as he continued to hold back the other Vampires.

Before his fang could even scratch Aang's neck, Long Feng stopped as he heard his name called. He turned around to see Katara standing where he had thrown Toph, her eyes completely black, wings on her back and claws for hands, "You'll pay for what you did Long Feng," Instead a demonic voice, it sounded like there was a more older and defined voice speaking with her.

He stood up and chuckled, "What are you going to do to me Half Blood? You're not even a final form, only a full Vampire can get to the level I took years to achieve." Long Feng charged at her with a powerful kick, but was surprised when all he got was air. Katara grasped the wings on his back and drove her feet in what used to be his shoulder blades and kicked, tearing off his wings. For the first time, Long Feng showed pain, he fell to the floor as blood began to escape him, but it quickly closed up. Katara tossed them aside and walked over to him, stomping on his hand. He tried to pull his hand, but she just twisted her foot, breaking his hand. Katara lifted him up by his broken hand that tried to heal but couldn't with the death grip she had on it.

"Look at the face of the creature you made!" She yelled, "Because of you, I never got to know what it felt like to have my Mother be proud of me! You robbed me of my childhood innocence!"

"You also didn't learn that you don't do speeches when you haven't won," Long Feng punched her in the stomach, it had as much force as the one he delivered to Toph, but he knew it would barely hurt her. He grasped her by the throat and lifted her up, his claws digging into her skin, "Did you honestly believe that you would be able to kill me?"

"No," Her voice down to a whisper because of his grip, "I was just supposed to distract you long enough."

His eyes narrowed, "For wh-" Aang drove his knife through Long Feng's back and into his heart. The burning sensation started to radiate through his chest as he dropped Katara. He pulled out the knife and stabbed Long Feng again.

"I promised myself that your blood would be the first on my knife," Aang seethed, "Now burn in hell." He twisted the knife and pulled it out again as his body slowly turned to dust. He dropped the Thunder Glove and ran to Toph, he lifted her head up, but she didn't respond, "Toph," He gently stroked her hair, even though he already knew her fate, he still hoped to get one more second with her. His tears started to fall on her still face. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you," He whispered. Katara changed back into her normal self and hesitantly approached Aang.

"I'm sorry Aang," She said.

Aang turned to her, "You drained her, I could have saved her and you drained her!" He stood up and stormed to her, "You killed the girl I love because you couldn't have me!" He grabbed his Thunder Glove and put it on, extending the blade, "I'm going to turn you into dust like him!"

Katara felt the tears spill over again, "Do it then! I feel like a horrible person anyways! She told me to do it! I begged her not to, but she said she would never forgive me if I let you die! So go ahead then," She pulled down her ripped shirt and pointed to her heart, "End me!" Aang held the knife up and gripped her shoulder, ready to strike her, but he looked into her eyes. He knew she didn't deserve this, deep down, Aang couldn't kill a person who truly didn't deserve it. Thankfully, Zuko pulled Aang away from her.

"Personally, I don't care what you do with her, but I need the cure you promised," Zuko told him. He pulled a small gun from his pocket, it had a vial on it and a needle on the end. He took Katara's out stretched arm and gently pushed the end in and pulled the trigger, letting the blood fill the vial. Once it was full, he pulled it out and unscrewed the vial, screwing the end on it shut. "Thank you Aang."

"I trust that this will stay between us?" Aang said without looking away from Katara.

It was silent for a moment, "Yeah…I'm leaving town once Ty Lee is cured, we're off to Hira'a. But you have to know…my Father is going to crack down on you harder."

"I know the risks of my job," Aang told him. "I look forward to the day you come back Zuko."

"Maybe one day," Zuko said and was gone the next moment. Aang retracted the blade and put the Thunder Glove back.

"Come on, let's get you home."

2 Weeks Later

Ty Lee smiled when she held her hand out from the shadow, the sun lighting up her skin, "I never thought I would miss the sun as bad as I did." Zuko smiled and tightened his grip around her waist. "Thank you Zuko, you have no idea what this means to me."

"I told you I would be able to bring you out into the sun again," He kissed her shoulder.

She laid back against his chest and sighed happily, "Are you ever going to tell me what happened that night?"

Zuko's expression grew dark but quickly regained his original demeanor, "I don't want to ruin this moment." He rested his chin on her shoulder, "I told you I wanted to keep that smile on your face and that's what I intend to do."

"But we're not in the park," Ty Lee teased and craned her neck back to kiss him on the nose. They remained silent for a couple moments, enjoying the weather and the slight breeze. "Have you talked to Azula since we left?"

He shook his head, "No, I'm sure she will be able to handle a couple weeks without us. I'm going to have to find a new place to stay though, my Father wasn't very happy when I told him we're coming here."

"Zuko," They both turned to see his Mother at the front door, "Lunch is ready."

"We'll be in there soon," He called, she gave him a smile before going back into the house. "Though my Mom really wants to spend more time with me…staying here for a while might be good."

"I couldn't agree more," She stood up and pulled him up, "Come on and eat your lunch so I can get mine." Zuko laughed and took her hand as they went into the house.

Azula wiped her face with the handkerchief Mai had given her, "I told him that I wanted to have a better brother and sister relationship with him…and what does he do? He goes to Mother with Ty Lee…he didn't even ask if maybe I wanted to see Mother."

Mai briefly looked up from her book, "I thought you said that your Mother thought you were a Monster."

"Well yeah, but it's supposed to be the thought," Azula sobbed. Mai rolled her eyes and continued reading her book. "He won't even take my feelings into consideration."

"You wouldn't even acknowledge him for 3 weeks because you found out and him and I were having sex," Mai said, "Then attacked him when he found that he was going out with Ty Lee."

The Demon crumpled the handkerchief and tossed it at Mai, "I thought you were supposed to be on my side."

"It's my job to do whatever you ask, not agree with you," She reminded her. "Maybe he didn't want to put you in danger because he helped the Avatar and killed Long Feng, he knew that your Father was going to be mad and he knew that you would have trouble picking him or your Father."

Azula scoffed, "Yeah right, Zuko wouldn't think it through like that."

"Well, that's what he told me."

"Really?" She asked with high hopes, a tone that was new to Mai.

"No, but are you happy that I'm on your side yet?" Azula's face dropped and set Mai's book on fire, she let the ashes fall to the ground, "Jokes on you, it's from your library."

"Jokes on you, clean it up," Azula commanded her. Mai sighed as she stood up to get dust pan.

Aang held Toph's goggles in his hands and sighed sadly, looking over Ember Island from his favorite vantage point. The sun was still high above him, but he didn't care, he had been feeling numb ever since that night. He had heard about Ozai's new threat that he was going to be hunting for not only him now, but Zuko. Aang was partly happy that his friend had finally came to the right side, but at such a heavy cost. He heard the door behind him open and turned to see a heaving Katara. "Aang…I…finally…found…you," She said breathlessly. He turned back to the view and held the goggles tighter, hearing her attempt to catch her breath. "I have something for you," Katara finally said, "Something I've been working on."

"Katara, I'm not really in the mood," He sighed.

"It's Toph's final words to you." Aang turned towards her, getting off the ledge of the building.

"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?"

Katara gave him a tired look, "You've been ignoring me for the past 2 weeks. So I decided to take that time to work on the clone spell and I've made it so I can make duplicates of other people, most importantly Toph, so she can say it in her own words." She paused for a moment, "This…may get a little bit real, I can understand it might be painful for you. It will be like she's really here, you can touch her and she will walk, talk, and act like Toph…but she can only be here for about 2 minutes, that's the longest I've been able to do the spell for another person."

"Do it, I want to see her," Aang told her. Katara gave him a nod and closed her eyes, she mumbled her spell and an image of Toph appeared in front of him, as if it were a hologram. As the spell continued, she became more life-like until it was like she was standing in front of him. Katara opened her eyes to see Aang stare at the Toph look alike, he slowly reached out and held her cheek in his hand, it felt just like the real thing. He embraced her in a hug, though she didn't respond, it felt like he had her back in his arms again, he never wanted to let go. After a couple moments, Aang let go and looked at her, she still stood completely still. He looked to Katara, "What do I do?"

"You have to get her to talk like a regular clone and she'll say what I've taught her to say. I promise you this is word for word what she said, though she was weak at the time, I made it seem as real as possible, I've even taught it to make movements to her words." Katara explained to him.

Aang nodded and look her in the eyes, "Toph?"

She came to life and grabbed onto him, "Aang, I love you so much and I wanted to tell you this in person, but by the time Katara has told you about this, I've bit the dust. I'm sure you're probably mad at Katara for draining me, but it was the only way to make sure you're still alive…hopefully you are." Aang felt the tears run down his face and she cupped his cheek in her hand, "As much as I love you and you love me…you have to move on Aang at some point, don't hang on to me forever. I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Katara, I know it's only been a couple weeks, but she's such a good friend and cares about you a lot. I wouldn't want anyone else to be there for you than her." She leaned up and kissed him. "I love you Twinkle Toes." Aang let himself go as he held her, his cries getting louder. Katara wiped away some tears herself. It wasn't too much longer until Toph disappeared, leaving Aang alone again but soon Katara came up and hugged him.

He held her tight, "Thank you." Katara let the world go away as she and the man she would give anything for remembered their lost friend.