Warning: a few bad words in this and vulcan mating customs mentioned i do not own star trek i hope these will be funny enough for ya ;)

Star trek blooper reel

From all of our yesterdays

(Beaming down from the enterprise)

Spock: the power source we detected is in this building captain
Kirk: any survivors
Spock: No signs of serpent (smacks his head in his hand) Geez!
(McCoy and Kirk laugh Spock starts laughing)

Kirk: (speaking to librarian) you say everyone is gone but… wait what's the line again
Spock: LOL

Spock: what is this thing Mr. uh… uh
McCoy: OMG you forgot his name Jim Spock finally forgot something
(Spock turns green)

( they all hear a woman scream Kirk runs and hits the wall instead of going through it)

( Spock and McCoy race to the wall both getting stuck trying to go through at one time)
Spock: a little help here
McCoy: Geez Spock!
Spock: and yeah lesson one never go in at the same time
McCoy: LOL

In the ice age McCoy & Spock

McCoy: wher… when… no wait what?
Spock: I think its wait what's his line again?
(Starts laughing)

17th century Kirk

Wench: you dirty thing let go of me

Man: Vile Vacuum… Vile Vomit… Wait Vile What?

Ice age

Spock: heating this boulder could make us warm
( fires his phaser rock combusts )
McCoy: Wow you set the rock on fire good going num-nuts

McCoy: Jim!
Kirk: Bones? Spock?
McCoy: Nah who ya think it is little Annie and Toto

(They start laughing)

(wench enters)
Kirk: (finishing conversation with Spock and McCoy)
Wench: Who ya talking to
Kirk: oh McCoy and Spock

(Spock and McCoy Walk until McCoy Collapses taking Spock with him)
Spock: Really McCoy
(hooded figure enters)
(Spock stands with McCoy on his shoulders)
McCoy: Stubborn wait what species are you again

Zarabeth: What are you called?
Spock: Spock
( Zarabeth Starts giggling along with Spock and McCoy)
Zarabeth: Really I know what kind of question is that What are you called?

(Kirk runs into the cell door falling down)
Law: Geez watch where your going
Wench: yeah the last steps a lulu

Spock: McCoy! McCoy wake up doctor!
McCoy: you rang moron can't you see I'm trying to sleep

McCoy: you mean to tell me we're… we're… uh what's my line again
Spock: talk about forgetting
Zarabeth: for crying out loud

(the Jailor trips coming in with the food for supper spills it on Kirk)
Kirk: you ok buddy
Jailor: think so
Judge: Jailor! Jailor! (seeing him on the floor) are you ok what the hell happened
Kirk: he fell

McCoy: and spock's been practicing medicine without a license don't let him doctor you I'm the doctor around here
Spock: yes and the worse patient on the elephant… eggplant… enterphase… oh forget it

Spock: I don't like that I don't think I ever did now I'm sure
McCoy: what's been happening to you spock
Spock: Pon Farr
McCoy: okay kids don't need to know that meaning yet

Kirk: Kirk to enterprise come in
Scott: this is Uhura
Kirk: My lieutenant what's happened to your voice
Scott: LOL

Spock: I'm behaving disgracefully I've eaten animal flesh and enjoyed it I called you beautiful … wait I meant that… hold it what now why can't I love

Spock: hey Einstein the portal!
McCoy: oh come on
(Spock pulls McCoy through the portal)

End of blooper reel #1 all of our yesterdays