Star trek Blooper reel

From the episode Shore leave

Kirk: anything from the landing party?
Spock: they should be sending reports up soon

(Kirk Falls out of his chair and giggles)

Spock: (giggling) something wrong?

Sulu: Beautiful! No animals No people No free loaders
McCoy: wait what?

McCoy: he needs it you got your problems I got mine but he has yours mine and… and… wait how many others on the crew again?

Alice: thank you sir
McCoy: Spock… waits no hey what's your name again?

Spock: not in my case captain where I come from rest is rest to cease to use energy I find it illogical to… to… wait what was I supposed to say
Kirk: LOL

McCoy: captain are you beaming down?
Kirk: No duh Doctor

Spock: he's becoming irritable, and quarrelsome, yet he refuses to have rehab but he does have that right
Kirk: well who is he?
Spock: uh… uh… I forget damn! It's nowhere on these charts!

Kirk: Bones know any good Turtle jokes lately?
McCoy: what? How is a turtle part of this mess?
Kirk: wait what animal did you see again?

Kirk: what happened?
Tonia: I was scared by a spider No! what do you think Captain I was attacked he's Slow
McCoy: I know right reaction time is off the charts
Kirk: oh put a Tri-corder in it Bones

Spock: I'm getting some strange readings from the surface captain some sort of power field down there
Kirk: No Mr. Spock it's defiantly not a power field
Spock: then what the hell is it Jim make up your god Damn mind!

McCoy: Feeling better?
Tonia: Yeah but it stinks around here what is that smell?
McCoy: Run it's a Skunk!

Tonia: is that a promise doctor?
McCoy: Damn Straight
Tonia: Wow Leonard really?

Sulu: Captain Take cover there's a Ding dong after me
Kirk: wait what now you mean one of those yummy cakes
Sulu: Yeah
Kirk: whatcha waitin for let's eat it!

Tonia: Don't talk like that
McCoy: a Princess should be afraid
Tonia: Why
McCoy: because her brave knight is too afraid

Tonia: ( talking about McCoy's death) it's my fault it never would have happened if it weren't for me
Kirk: yep it's totally your fault
Spock: I agree on that
Sulu: so do I

McCoy: possibly cause no one has died
Tonia: hands off my man Girls!
McCoy: Sorry honey! *blushes*

Caretaker: my impression captain is that you are not quite ready to understand us
Spock: I don't Agree you Jackass look at what you put us through OMG you almost Killed Doctor McCoy then had your tiger chase some of our peeps then messed with the energy in our equipment Damn Right we're ready so explain it Ass hole
Kirk: Holy Shit that's Huge

Spock: did you enjoy your rest gentlemen?
Both: No duh green blooded hobgoblin


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