A/N: Full Summary

The Warehouse is moved once again. Shut Down, packed out. Of course, it reopens. But where?

Ponyville of course! New management. means new agents. New world means new artifacts. New town means new peo... ponies.

Meet Rainbow Dash and Ditzy Doo, the new agents. But... they don't know it yet. Luckily Princess Luna gets to tell them and the good Doctor Whooves is there to train him. Kinda.

Let's see what our new agents are going to get themselves into this time, shall we?

A/N: Kind of a double Crossover (Like instead of Eureka and WH13, it's Doctor Who and WH14.), I guess... Set in a technological-ish Equestria. Anyways, this is just for fun. Hope you like it.

Main Characters: Rainbow Dash, Ditzy Doo/Derpy, Doctor Whooves, and Princess Luna.

Middle of the Day. Ponyville. 2:30


The rainbow sped past the buildings at blinding speeds. Well, not a rainbow, but a mare. A pegasus, some may say the fastest one alive. Flying was what she did best, and flying was what she was doing now.

This was Rainbow Dash, and little did she know, but she was about to begin the adventure of a lifetime... one that would last her lifetime.


From the small crowd that had gathered, came the yell. Not the biggest fan, to say the least, but a fan nonetheless, was Ditzy Doo, also known as Derpy Hooves. She was also an unknowing adventurer of the lifetime... and all that.

Today was the day their lives were to change.

2 Hours Later. Rainbow Dash's Residence. 4:30

Rainbow Dash had just got home from a day of excitement... the usual kind. Hanging out with her friends and all that. She even checked out the new big building the Princesses had just given the order to be built. It was big, blocky... kinda useless. All everypony knew was that it was a warehouse. For what, nopony knew.

Rainbow Dash walked through the hallway down to her kitchen and turned on the light. Walking over to her fridge, she pulled out a few flowers and set them on the counter. She turned back to close the fridge, and when she turned around, she came face to face with Princess Luna and... a stallion in a black suit behind her.

"Woah! P-princess! What are you doing... here?" Rainbow asked.

"Not a pleasure visit, Loyal one." The princess replied, opening the saddle bag the stallion was wearing with magic and pulled out a letter. "This... Is an invitation. For you." She said and levitated it towards Rainbow Dash, who took it in a hoof.

"An invitation? For what?" Rainbow asked, looking at the letter.

"An invitation to ceaseless wonder." Luna replied, then added, "Normally we'd give this job to a knight or something... but Celly wanted somepony she could trust. So you came to mind. Anyways, read the letter."

"Alright..." Rainbow replied and opened the envelope. Before she read anything, she looked up to say something to the princess. But as she looked up and began to say something, she noticed that the princess was gone. "Well... cool."

Rainbow Dash looked back down at the letter and began reading the letter.

30 Minutes Later. Ditzy Doo's Residence. 5:00

Ditzy had just got home from a day of regular-ness. she had spent time watching Rainbow Dash, talking with her friends, and doing the usual. The big building that had just been built was the talk of the town, and things were being shipped in left and right. She didn't know what the big deal was, but she just went along with her friends to see it.

She decided to watch something on her T.V, so bored as she was. She lay on her couch and turned it on. She sat there for a few moments before heaving a sigh and standing up. As she turned around, however, she almost knocked right into Princess Luna.

"Hello, Ditzy." Luna said, smiling slightly. "I'm here to give you, a mailmare, a letter. I don't have long, as I have other appointments."

"Bu-... uh... wha-" Ditzy stuttered, unable to completely say even a single word.

"Read this letter." Luna said, giving her a envelope. "It'll open a world of ceaseless wonder."

Ditzy looked down for a second at the letter for barely a second, but when she looked back up Luna was gone.

"I wonder what that was... about..." Ditzy muttered, slowly opening the letter and beginning to read it.

It was mostly a formal letter, but the important part was that she was supposed to meet up with her 'partner' at the new warehouse at three o'clock the next day.

"Wow... I guess I better... go to... sleep." She said, and yawned right in the middle of her sentence. She slowly made her way to her bedroom and collapsed on her bed.

Tomorrow was going to be a long day, apparently, and she was very tired. As was her usual routine.

But one thing would change... This ceaseless wonder they both heard about.