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Soul was peculiar.

Maka had figured that out long ago. Soul was riddled with contradictions and she had realized that sometimes it was just better to go with it instead of asking questions.

She no longer questioned why a guy as smart and ambitious as he was never bothered putting forth any effort towards his studies. (The few times she had asked, he'd simply shrugged and said "studying isn't for cool guys like me.")

The other thing that she didn't get was how often Soul felt the need to touch her. He wasn't the kind of person to socialize outside his small group, and even then he wasn't a touchy-feely sort of person. The amount of contact he made with other humans was minimal. Still, when he was truly stressed, he didn't mind reaching for her shoulder. Like he was checking that she was still there.

That's not saying the first time he took her hand in his, she wasn't surprised.

It was almost surreal.

The day was rainy and gray, casting cool shadows across the classroom floor. It was a lazy day. Sid had told the class to work quietly and independently while he graded papers. For most of the students, that meant stealing a few extra hours of sleep. For Maka, it meant finishing a particularly good novel.

She sat with the worn paperback pressed against the desk and her chin resting sleepily in the palm of her other hand. The sound of the rain against the windows made her eyelids feel heavy, but she was determined to finish. There was only one chapter left and still so much to be resolved!

Maka didn't even notice when Soul lazily reached for the hand holding the book until two fingers closed around the cuff of her blouse. She watched warily as the scythe boys thumb traced absently over the shiny button. Then, without much thought on his part, Soul's hand traveled down her wrist and into the palm of her hand.

She was surprised by how easily his hands consumed her own. His thumb completing a small circle on the back of her hand, giving it a quick squeeze and then dropping it.

Maka wondered absently if he was feeling alright, but before she could force the question out of her trembling lips, Soul's eyes had closed and he let out a heavy sigh.

As if by taking her hand, Soul had granted himself a peaceful sleep.

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