The battle ended. One second they were dust and the next, they were standing in the middle of a castle surrounded by a group of confused girls. "'bout time you boys show up." A red head walked out of the group.

"Willow?" Spike couldn't believe what he was seeing. "How long we're gone?" He asked last time he had been dust it had been for three months.

"Christmas is in a week." She shrugged "It took a while to even find the strings to pull to get you both back."

There was a commotion by the door. "Sorry I'm late." Xander walked in. "Not sorry enough." He turned around and walked back out only to come back several minutes later with a very sleepy blond following behind him.

"I swear if this is another fight over the bathroom I'm going to give new meaning to slaying." She almost ran over Xander before she saw why he had insisted she come right then and refused to say why. Her mouth fell open.

"Hello pet." Spike said eyes only on her.

Angel whispered her name sounding lost.

"You're really here?" She asked completely unable to believe it.

Spike pulled her into their waiting arms neither having to say a word as they caught her between them. Holding onto her and each other oblivious to the stares of the slayers. Tears were streaming down her cheeks soaking into Angel's shirt but there was a smile on her face. "You're really here." She repeated again.

He could feel the thundering of his heart even as he listened to the matching rhythm in his lovers once still chest.

"Guess it's both then."

"Guess so."

He smiled leaning up to softly kiss the soft smile away.

"You two aren't starting without me are you?" Buffy asked from the doorway, her red silk night gown scraping the floor as she approached them.

"Started along time ago." Spike smiled, and held his hand out to her "doesn't mean you can't join in."

William was madly in love for all of his existence. Almost two centuries of having his love denied then ignored had still not managed to lessen it any. No matter how many layers of indifference and apathy he adopted he would always love and long to be loved. William was soft. That wouldn't last long though.