(A\N What's up?! This is my first 'Clique' story, but here's the catch: It's an alternate universe! Massie is the LBR and Kuh-laire is the alpha. And Layne is her beta! And Alicia, Dylan and Kristen will also be in the story. Just as LBRs! MWAHAHAHA!)

Name: Claire Lyons.
Age: 13
Position: Alpha
Appearance: Wears nothing but designer clothes.

Personality: President of Octavian Country Day School. Model for 'Diamond Magazine'. Rich, spoiled, has everything she ever wanted. But what happens when Massie Block moves to Westchester?
Screen name: Lyoness_0123
A calico cat named Chanel

Name: Layne Abley.
Age: 13
Position: Beta
Appearance: Blonde hair and green eyes. (I don't know what she looks like.)

Personality: Layne is Claire's shadow and beta. Also a model for 'Diamond magazine'. She's also ready to help Claire take Massie down.
Screen name: Hey_sexy_laday13
Pet: A male golden retriever named Biscuit

Name: Lola O'Ryan.
Age: 13-and-a-half
Position: Gamma (I think that's what you call them..)

Appearance: Red hair and snow white skin with ice blue eyes.
Personality: Lola always has boys tripping over their own feet when she walks by. Exchange student from Ireland.
Screen name: Snow_ White_ &_ the_seven_eyeshadows:D
Pet: A ginger cat named Rose.

Name: Chloe Reed.
Age: 14 (I don't know how high the grade does in their school, so let's go with 5th to 12th)
Position: Gamma
Appearance: Tan skin, brown hair and green eyes.

Personality: VP of Octavian Country Day School. The fashion stylist of the PC. Originally lived in Paris.
Screen name: IshallRuleTheSchoolXD
Pet: A husky female dog named Sky.

Name: Ivy Thorne.
Age: 14
Position: Gamma
Appearance: Dark skin with brown eyes and black hair.

Personality: Journalist of the school. Has at least 129,019 gossip points total.
Screen name: WhoKnewIvyHadThornes?
Pet: A male rabbit named Patch.

(A\N And that's the alternate Pretty Committee. R 'N' R and let me know what you guys think.)