(A\N Chloe Reed's POV. That is all...)

"What took so long?" I asked My brother Jacob as walked outside with his Mustang keys in one hand and a thermal cup with OJ in the other. "Well let's see, shall we?
my alarm didn't go off on time,
I was trying to eat a pop-tart but you kept screaming your head off, so I went with OJ and
I lost my keys." He raised an eyebrow. "Does that explain my tardiness, O' great and stuck up Chloe?" He asked with sarcasm as he put the keys in ignition. "Whateves." I unlocked my iphone to check for texts. *Sigh* No texts. "Clo, you look ah-mazing." Layne and Claire said at the same time. I gave my above-shoulder length hair a flick.
I wore my satin pink one shoulder, white slacks (A\N I'm not sure if white slacks exsist... But they do now!), pink flats, I can't stand heels, and a velvet choker with a pink rose on it. "Rating?" I asked. "10 out of 10." Claire said. Layne put her finger on her chin. "9 and-a-half out of 10." I rolled my eyes. "And I was gonna give you a 10 out of 10!" I retorted, trying to look hurt but I giggled anyways.
They were wearing outfits like mine only Claire's top was blue, (also white slacks), silver heels and her silver charm bracelet. Layne was wearing a green top, gold heels and a gold charm bracelet. "Where's Lola and Ivy?" Claire asked as she groaned. "I don't know, but let's get to- AH!" Layne didn't finish her sentence 'cause Lola and Ivy snuck up on us. "Jeez, you two. Don't do that." Claire complained with her hand on her chest. After getting over the scare, we put on our shades, linked arms and entered the horrible place we call school. Once we walked through the doors we were bombed with questions like "Lola, I heard you got tickets to Avril's concert, How?" Lola flipped her hair and replied "My mother was Avril's fashion stylist" in a 'duh' sorta way.

"Claire, we heard you got to meet Pink, did that really happen?" Claire just flipped her hair and went "Yes". I swear it was like be attacked by the paprazzi. We finally made it to class, when a voice called out "Claire!" We turned slowly at the voice. A girl with brown hair, a plain yellow tee with a yellow skirt and silver flats. "This is Massie." OMG! So this is the girl Claire said dressed like a total LBR! "Massie Block, meet the Pretty Committee. Pretty Committee, meet Massie Block." Claire introduced. "You should totally lose the flower-flats, the hideous mustard costume, and trade faces with a Cindy Crawford." Massie looked taken back a my remark. Without another word, we took our seats at the front of class.

"Okay ladies, if you're done bickering, we'd like to start class and get it over with!" Vincent shouted. "Be any louder and my eardrums my burst." I whispered. Layne, next to me, giggled. "I don't hear silence." Vincent snapped... Again. I focused on painting the vase of flowers, that is until I heard a sneeze. My head whipped around and saw Massie. She mouthed 'allergies' and went back to painting.

Chloe: She seriously has g2g!

Claire: No duh. Maybe a little embarrassment might at least send her to the LBRs table.

Layne: Uh oh... Looks like I've got a thing of red paint and Massie sitting behind me. ;)

Lola: XD

Claire: There's a reason I made you beta!

I put my iphone in my backpack (designers! Duh.) and watched as Layne stood up. "I have to get paper towels to mop up the paint I dropped on my chair." She said. It's a believable story 'cause the paper towels are on the other side of the room. "Oopsie daisy." I opened my compact and watched as red paint fell off the paint brush and on Massie's skirt! LOL
"It's okay." The LBR said, oblivious to the red paint. Layne got the paper towels and walked back to her seat. Claire, next to Layne, gave her a low high five. "Ummm. Ms. Block, you should go see the nurse." Vincent said as we walked out of class. "Why?" "LBR." Claire mouthed. "Okay then." A-a-n-n-d she still hasn't noticed the stain. "Can someone tell me where the nurse is?" Massie asked. Claire gave her a concered (fake) look and went "OMG! Of course Mass. Just go down the stairs, make a quick right, and walk all the way down the hall to the very end. The office is the last door on your left." I had to duck my head down to keep from laughing. "Thanks!" When Massie was out of earshot, we all laughed. "She... *Laugh*... Is such.. *Laugh*... an idiot!" Ivy exclaimed between laughing. "Whooo..." I wiped tears from my eyes. "Let's hurry and get to lunch before she does." Claire announced.

(A\N The next chapter will be Massie's POV. I'm also writing a Clique\Ghost hunters crossover, so it might be awhile. Is it just me, or is it just too easy to make fun of the pretty committee? And- *Face-palm* Alicia, Dylan and Kristen were meant to be in this chapter, but I forgot! Oh well, like I said before, Next chapter = Massie's POV)