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A smile here, a joke there, and a great deal of pretend idiocy. This was Beast Boy's mask. Beast Boy knew that wearing one was wrong but everyone had one. Robin literally hid behind a mask all the time, Starfire's naïve knowledge about Earth's ways hide her knowledge about the brutal worlds beyond Earth, Cyborg also hides behind jokes and laughs (that probably explains their close friendship- although, Cyborg is more expressive about his pain), and Raven hides behind her excuse of "can't control my powers if I feel". He saw through all of their masks. He sees their pain and tries to make it better but the only time he does that successfully is when he makes a fool of himself. Which wasn't bad, it was so easy to do and it created a perfect mask. But it had become him and it was -a version of Beast Boy that he liked now and then but hated most of the time. So did most people (or they were extremely annoyed with it). But nonetheless people believed the mask and that's all that mattered. Although, his mask has a lot of cracks- his primal side showed his darker side . Speaking of that side of him was coming out more. It was also bringing a lot of past memories that caused the cracks in his mask to be noticeable. Terra was a another crack that was monumentally big to his mask, Trigon and Malchior stealing his Raven, and Brain's attempt to destroy the Titans were pushing the cracks.

Beast Boy had also been changing into his primal side involuntary but he knew it didn't do anything harmful, yet. There was also the fact that he was falling- no, he is in love with Raven, but his mask couldn't have that. With the mask they're polar opposites. Plus she didn't like the mask; she might not even like the real Beast Boy/Garfield if he's still there. He needed this trip to fix and separate his mask. It was becoming suffocating and was mixing with the real him (if there is a real him anymore).The cool, vast starry night was soothing for Beast Boy. It almost reminded him of the good times with his parents. The Titans are his family but he was a human child with his parents, now he's just a half-human/animal thing that tries (and fails) to make others happy but ignores his own pain. The pain of the past and some present pains. Sometimes he wished he could forget the pain or have the courage to tell someone his pain.

"It's not like you to be out here alone, especially on our first vacation trip," Raven said in her normal monotone voice. Although, Beast Boy could hear a hint of concern and surprise in her voice. God, thank you for giving me a purple and blue angel! Beast Boy thought as he saw her.

"I wanted to make sure I got the full relaxing effect of Japan," Beast Boy said with a grin, hoping his façade didn't crack. He loved Raven but he prayed that her curiosity wouldn't poke around. He was still a coward and he couldn't take off his mask now but he was also afraid to show her what was underneath the mask as well. Part of him did want to tell her but the other part won out.

"Are you sure that's all?" Raven asked. She looked at him with concern. That's when he remembered that Raven was an empath. She probably felt his pain. That's why she came outside. He knew that he could barely stand it; it must be suffocating for her. So he put his mask on shielding and hiding his pain.

"Of course! Why else would I be out here? I mean all the comic book and video game stores are closed, duh!" Beast Boy said with his usual dumb act hoping she would buy it.