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Summary: The Grand Line, no, the entire world would've probably been better equipped to deal with the apocalypse before they would ever be ready for the nightmare that Garp had unintentionally released on the world.

After all, Monkey D. Luccia just escaped her little prison, and she's not letting anything stop her from becoming the Pirate King.


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EP 0: Nightmares on the Sea

Damn Garp.

Damn Garp and his bleeding, brokenly aching heart. He understood the need to make up for past mistakes. Lord knew he'd made his own fair share in the past. How many times had he overshot himself in the vain thought that somehow, someway, if he just tried hard enough, everything bad he'd ever done would wash away like dirt in the rain? How many times had he convinced himself that all his sins would be forgiven cleansed, the slate wiped clean if he'd just take that slight more risk?

How many times had he almost lost his life running from his own failures, only to have the past all but throttle him further down the road?

Too many times, and not nearly few enough to give him any room to fault Garp for his own reasons. The aging man had probably felt like more of a failure than when his son had revealed himself to be the leader of a rebellion so large and extensive, it threatened to topple everything the world knew.

And damn Dragon for breaking his own father's heart like that, too. But then he'd given that same man, that same father whose dreams and well-wishes he'd turned his back to hope. He hadn't known what to think of the renowned criminal master mind.

Because it could only end badly. Garp had been far too eager to try and make amends by raising his newly found granddaughter. The man had sworn on his own mother's grave that he'd do right by that child. And all he could see was a tragedy waiting to happen.

Damn Garp and his foolish wishes.

Because as a result of those wishes, he'd let a demon out.

How else could he describe the once sweet little girl who'd gone so sour so quickly and unexpectedly it had almost killed everyone within ten feet of her? She may have been a harmless child before the incident, despite her increasingly questionable heritage.

But then she'd eaten that devil fruit. That damnable devil fruit that had given truth to a story of madness so old nobody knew where the original author had been buried. That cursed mythical zoan that had taken something with no means or intentions to harm anyone and turned them into a veritable monster, just as insane and mad as the stories said.

And now that same demon, that same monster had been let loose, true intentions lost to whatever insanity that cursed fruit of the sea had inflicted on the brat.

And all she'd had to do was manipulate Garp into letting her go.

"Are you sure all this is necessary? She's just one child, recently freed from imprisonment at that. Mythical zoan user or no, she can't be that much of a threat…"

"She is a threat, maybe not the worst, but she is a very real threat. No one just walks out of Impel Down like that. And you know it. You weren't there when that devil fruit starting eating at the kid's mind, I promise you this. She won't stop until the world's burning at her feet."

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