Dual Bender Shinobi

Harem: Azula, Ty lee. Mai, Toph, Katara, Suki, June, Ursa.

Azula, the princess of the Fire Nation, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Lady Ursa, and fire bending prodigy found her self in quite the predicament. She had been cornered by the Avatar and his friends as well as her older brother Zuko and Uncle Iroh who had her surrounded ready to unleash their attacks on her. Azula saw the position she was in and frowned as the only way she could change her situation was if one of them was slightly distracted. Her lightning bending was completely out of the question due to the fact that it took too long to produce lightning and that her uncle can redirect lightning if she made the attempt, and only one had been able to partially make a style of lightning bending instead of the usual strike but only he knew what to do. Her only option was for her two friends Mai and Ty Lee to arrive and assist her.

Just as she was about to surrender, a blur leapt from behind the broken wall and landed in between a surprised Azula and her offenders. The figure seemed to be 5'10 and wore what looked like a full bodied cloak and mask that covered the lower half of his face and the hood covering the rest. He also had a sword sheathed across his back.

The cloaked figure gazed at the group for a moment to see that they looked hostile in his eyes. He then turned his head to look at the girl in the red armor, who looked to be a bit frightened at her predicament. He let out a low sigh then turned his gaze back toward the Avatar's group. "You know I hardly think that six against one is hardly a fair fight."

Iroh, being the eldest of the group gave the young man calculating look. He noticed the look in his opponent's eyes and knew he wasn't normal though for some reason they looked familiar. His eyes telling the old general his adversary was someone who had seen war before. He tensed as he addressed the mysterious teen. "Young man, I suggest that get out of our way. I would rather not fight you if I can avoid it."

As the figure's eyes narrowed, Iroh saw that he had just made a terrible error. "Sorry, Old Man…But it's time for me to even the odds." Then, to their surprise, the teen suddenly dashed toward the group with incredible speed.

The moment he charged at them, the five benders of the group attacked with the strongest bending technique they had while Sokka the only non-bender of the group threw his boomerang as hard as he could toward the stranger. Azula, who had been watching as all this was happening in front of her, knew that if she was to make her escape, this was going to be her only chance. However, she felt compelled to see what was going to happen as she felt power coming off the young stranger in waves which for some reason felt oddly familiar.

As the cloaked teen charged toward them, he didn't even bother dodging the incoming attacks that were mere seconds away from his body. His eyes narrowed slightly before smirking at the group.

"Shinra Tensei."

Suddenly, a powerful, invisible force appeared out of nowhere, repelling the attacks back toward the benders. Aang was blasted back 10 feet from where he was standing. Sokka's boomerang hit him in the head so hard that it knocked him out; Katara was thrown back like Aang, as well as being drenched by the water she threw at the stranger. Toph had narrowly dodged her earth bending attack that was sent back toward her. Zuko and his uncle also had to dodge but only Zuko barely did so to keep him self from getting burned to a crisp however Iroh got burned on his left arm and upper left chest.

(Yes I know a little boring but I want to get this over with).

When they all got back up again except for Iroh they saw that the mysterious cloaked figure and Azula had disappeared. As Katara went to help Iroh she had to dodge some fir thrown be Zuko. "Get away from him!" Zuko yelled. He turned toward them and entered a fighting stance. "You guys have done enough for one day." Team Avatar looked at Zuko for a moment then at Iroh before lowering their heads and leaving the prince alone with his uncle.

After getting as far from Zuko as possible, Katara looked the others over for wounds. The group had come out of the fight mostly intact, so she didn't need to do much. After his sister was finished, Sokka had let out a frustrated yell. "ARRRRRRGGH! Who or what the hell was that guy! Just how did he manage to beat us, Zuko, and Gramps at the same time, without even trying?"

Katara had looked to her brother as she shared his confusion. "I don't know Sokka. But I think it would be in our best interest if we avoid him as much as we can. "Katara said, as she was still frightened by what she had seen."What I want to know is...how he was able to use Air bending? I thought Aang was the only Air bender left alive.

"It wasn't Air bending." Aang said, while looking of the side. "I would have felt the winds shift if it was." "Wait a minute twinkle toes?" said Toph as she leaned in. "If what that guy did wasn't Air bending, then what was it? Even your Air bending has trouble standing up my Earth bending."

"I don't know. But I know it wasn't Air bending, it was like he used some invisible force more powerful than any Air bending I've ever seen. I think Katara is right in avoiding him, especially now that he's teamed up with Azula. The guy was able to beat all of us without help, and I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of him." Replied Aang. "Until I can speak to Avatar Roku. I think its best to stay as far away from this guy as we can. "

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Azula and the mysterious man appeared in a whirl of leaves. As soon as the stranger saw that Azula had regained her balance he asked, "So are you okay? Those guys pretty much gave you a run for your money out there?"

Azula blinked a few times but nods at the stranger's concern for her health even if they just met.

"I'm fine thank you, though I must admit the moves you displayed out there were very impressive especially when you sent all of them flying." She praised, even though she was a little jealous, she was still amazed at what he did.

Never in her life has she seen a display and from the way he carried himself, he was a seasoned fighter that was capable of handling himself against more than one opponent and keeping his cool despite being (what she guessed by his voice) a few years older than her and doubted if her father or uncle could face him in a one on one fight.

Suddenly the stranger vanished and suddenly reappeared with Mai and Ty Lee with a hand on their shoulder. Mai had black hair that was tied in two braids going down her back, and wore a dark red outfit. Ty Lee had brown hair tied in a single braided pony-tail and brownish gray eyes. She wore a light reddish pink two piece outfit that showed her midriff.

The two girls blinked in surprise, shock, and confusion, wondering how he knew where they were hiding and manage to move them from their previous spot unnoticed and Azula wondered the same thing, schooling a stunned expression.

"How did you, never mind. Mai, Ty Lee, this person who I have not gotten his name yet helped me earlier when the Avatar and his group cornered me. These two are the team who are helping me track down and capture the Avatar. Mai specializes in using throwing weapons like knives and darts and Ty Lee here is skilled in acrobatics, hand to hand combat, and uses a technique that is capable of blocking a bender's chi which prevents them from using their bending powers for a limited time." She explained.

Suddenly for no reason she felt that he was smiling. "Why are you smiling" Azula demanded. He sighed and answered "Have you three truly forgotten me my himes." That caused them to stiffen as there was only one person who called them that and the last time they had heard from his last letter he was still training.

"Aw it seems you have figured it out," said the stranger. He took off his cloak, then started to pull off his face mask.

What was revealed was a boy shoulder length wild spiky golden blonde hair with jaw-length bangs framing both sides of his face with deep blue eyes and three whisker marks on his face.

"Naruto", the three girls yelled as they tackled him.

It was Naruto Namikaze their old childhood friend and love interest of the three girls. Years before Zuko had been banished he had asked Azula's father to allow him to travel because he had a dream that it was what he was meant to do to help the fire nation. Ozai had allowed it. Before he left the three girls had him promise that when he got back from his training that he would marry them. He agreed and had made a vow to keep his word to marry the three when he came back. That had been the last they had seen of him and only occasional letters made sure to keep them from thinking he was dead.

They couldn't deny that his new look after 6 years made the three slightly drool and their loins slightly wet.

However, business before pleasure, and Azula wanted to know exactly how strong her future husband was.

"Naruto could you tell us exactly what you have learned and where were you for six years?"

The other two were curious as well but Azula had beaten them to the punch.

So Naruto told them.

"First of all when I left I let my dreams guide me to an ancient ruin thousands of years old. It was there I found out a secret.

And thus he told the girls that he had found a hidden passageway and that he had discovered a hidden mansion. He told how he discovered that the avatar wasn't the only one to be reincarnated and that he was reincarnated as well.

He told of his past life and all of the challenges that took place, and how he trained with his past self. How he had gained his past life's abilities along with his own that he was now at basically a fire bending master and had made massive improvement in his lightning bending considering he was the only one who could bend lightning after finding several scrolls on a style that would be perfect for lightning bending called Jyuken.

(Yes the Hyuuga style cause it seems to fit except it is a little modified).

And more importantly he told that he found out a secret about how the war really started and what events led to war that he promised to tell them later.

Naturally when they heard it all they were understandably shocked. However Azula wasn't so easily convinced.

True she believed him but she wanted to see for herself.

"Really? Then prove it. Show us your power. "She folded her arms over her chest as she issued her challenge.

Hearing this, Naruto chuckles and nods. "Very well then, But I won't be showing all of my powers as I don't think you would be able to handle all the surprises in a single day, your brain would overload." Azula nodded her head in agreement and watched him walk a couple of feet away from the trio and stand in the middle of a field.

Naruto inhales some air into his lungs and pauses for a few seconds. "Fire style: Fire Ball!"He unleashes a powerful fire ball that shoots through the forest incinerating any trees that was in its path and reduced them to ashes. The girls watched in awe and amazement as they saw the flames burn a path into the forest. Naruto stops the fire jutsu and then claps his hand together.

"Water style: Water Dragon!" He calls out and the girls watched as a vortex of water swirled around him from the thin air and then became a massive dragon that washed over the remaining flames and drenched most of the forest.

"Earth style: Earth Flowing River!" A large wave of mud flows through the ground and spreads throughout the path and then softens up the ground that was drenched in water.

"Lightning style: Lightning Dragon!" Naruto created a dragon made of pure lightning that rammed itself into a group of trees obliterating them all.

Afterwards Naruto inhales another breath of air and his chest expands even more.

"Great Breakthrough!" Naruto exhales a gust of wind so powerful that it rips the trees off the ground and sends them flying.

The girls were wide eyed and their jaws just hung open when they saw him use five elements. Naruto stopped and couldn't help but smirk at their reaction. "So what do you girls think? Pretty cool huh?"

Naruto was met with silence as his answer from the three as they just looked at him with nothing, except awe.

Naruto grinned and popped his knuckles. "Now to restore a part of the forest I destroyed." Naruto got down on one knee and places his hands in a form that looked like he was praying. Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee watch as Naruto stayed in that position until they witnessed several small trees sprout from the clear path Naruto made. "Wood Style Secret Technique: " He said and suddenly a large amount of trees sprouted and covered up the path Naruto cleared earlier and also re grew the trees that were blown away by his jutsu.

After doing that, Naruto placed his hands on the ground. "Wood Style: Wooden House!" That was when a two story wooden house shot up from the ground and. "So what do you think?" Naruto asked as he was now sitting on the roof of the said house.

The girls were silent for and Azula spoke up.

"Amazing. This is so unreal. You really are telling the truth." She said as Naruto leaps off the roof and grins.

" Told ya." He said.

Ty Lee on the other hand was jumping for joy and was hoping to stay in a house than sleep in the transport tonight. "That was amazing Naruto! Azula can we rest in the house for tonight, can we please?" Ty Lee begs and gave the Fire Princess the puppy eyes. Azula's eye twitched from the size of her friend's eyes and sighs.

"Yes Ty Lee we can stay in the house for tonight only. We have to stay on the Avatar's trail." She says while the energetic girls squealed in joy and the glomps Azula.

A Few Hours Later

It was easy for the wood clones Naruto had sent to track down their targets due to their ability to merge with the plant life around them and spy on them with the group noticing especially since the blind earth bender had the ability to sense irregular vibrations through the earth and the same occurred when one of them manage to find Iroh and Zuko with said old man currently recovering from the injuries the real Naruto inflicted on him.

After watching the group, one of the clones casts the genjutsu Temple of Nirvana around the Avatar's group along with Iroh and Zuko who were in an abandoned shack up in a mountain terrain. Once they fell into a tranquil sleep, each of the clones approached one of the individuals, and used the mind reading technique.

First he started with Aang and found out he was the Avatar which brought a scowl to Naruto's face. He saw just how selfish Aang was with how because he was the Avatar he was the one who should decide the way the world worked. Finally he could take no more and moved on silently promising to end the Avatar.

From Katara and Sokka, he discovered that they lost their mother in a fire nation raid years ago and their father left to aid in the war against the fire nation until they found Aang and started their journey to save the world.

From Toph Bei Fong he learned that she was from a noble and wealthy family in the earth kingdom but kept her hidden from the world due to her blindness and 'proclaimed' her to be weak and unsuitable. After running away, she learn a different version of earth bending from the Badger Moles who like her were blind but were able to earth bend in a way that allowed them to 'see' the environment in their own way and move around freely.

Toph also used this ability to sneak out of the estate of her parents and join an underground earth bending fight tournament where she became known as the Blind Bandit.

With Zuko and Iroh, Iroh was the firstborn of late Fire Lord Azulon and Fire Lady Illah, older brother of Ozai and retired General of the Fire Nation Military force and gained the title "Dragon of the West" due to slaying the 'last' dragon in his youth. He had a son named Lu Ten who died during the failed Siege of Ba Sing Se and was also the first heir to the throne everything he had already knew.

Zuko was the son of Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Ursa and Azula's older brother and was also the banished prince due to Ozai exiling him from his home and wouldn't allow him to return until he captured the Avatar and that brought rage to Naruto.

Once the clones dispersed and Naruto gained this info, he was indifferent about the whole ordeal.

The first was being that the current Avatar was a 13 (chronologically 113) year old boy with little to no idea on how the real world operates and believes that since he was the Avatar, people would be expected to listen to his wisdom which would give the teenager an ego.

This reminded him of how his past relative Nagato Uzumaki or his alias Pein acted believing that he was a God and everything he did was for the sake of 'everlasting peace' since the Shinobi World was a cycle of hatred, greed, and destruction.

Naruto theorized that this boy believed that he could bring permanent peace and if he failed to do so then the backlash would be catastrophic and would turn out just like Nagato and Obito only on a higher scale since he is more in tuned with his emotions and doesn't know how to suppress certain ones.

This didn't sit well with him but he couldn't just outright kill the kid despite his clones promise since the Avatar would be reborn into a different nation and it would take years to find the boy/girl, so he settled with trying to find a way to remove the influence of the Avatar from the world so that the people themselves would have to learn how to fend for themselves and not rely on the decisions of one person.

Fortunately for him he knew the information that was needed to break their faith in the avatar.

The only way he could eliminate the Avatar is if he could figure out how to break the cycle and thus there would be no more Avatar that would be trickier to find out.

While he was pondering the three girls had decided that they had waited long enough and that it was time they make this night that the four finally became one.

They arrived at Naruto's door. They took a deep breathe, then opened the door and stepped inside.

Naruto saw the girls enter and close the door and looked up to ask what they wanted when his eyes opened wide as he saw what they were wearing.

Begin Lemon

Will make one soon.

End Lemon


Three days have passed since Naruto had joined Azula, Mei, and Ty Lee in their search for the Avatar and the four had joined as one. Right now they stopped to get water and take a break. Naruto was currently doing some scouting while the girls refilled their water supply. Azula got her water pouch filled up and stood up until Naruto appeared in her line of sight, surprising them.

"AHHHH!" Azula cried out in surprise clutching her chest while he smirked "Naruto stop doing that!" His smirk turned into a teasing smile as she gave him a heated glare.

"Why? It's kind of fun seeing the fearless princess of the Fire Nation nearly jump out of her skin due to me appearing out of nowhere." He said acting smug. Mai and Ty Lee giggled from behind their friend but turned the other way when Azula glares at them and back at Naruto who was still smirking.

"I am so tempted to fire lightning bolts at you right now." She muttered while he snickered.

"All joking aside, I found a bigger trail of the flying bison's fur and it seemed to stop at the edge of a desert that seems to go on for miles." He stated getting wide eyes from them.

"Naruto the so called desert that goes on for miles is the Si Wong Desert. It is the largest and hottest desert in the world and only those who are physically and mentally fit can travel through that place. It's also called the desert of the dead and there is no form of water or barely any life forms inhabiting the place." Azula explained.

"So it would be foolish for us to travel through there right?" Naruto asks and got nods from them. "Well then I guess I'm a fool because wherever the brat's heading, I am heading as well." He said which caused them to fall over and get back up on their feet and looked at him like he's crazy.

"What's wrong with you? In case you haven't noticed but my Tank won't get us through that desert due to all the sand dunes formed around the area and there's also the sand benders and raiders that lurk through that place." The fire princess says frantically.

"Yeah Naruto how do you expect us to get across that god awful place? The only way that's happening is if you have the ability to traverse through it which I highly doubt." Mai said as she twiddled with a throwing knife. She failed to notice the smirk that formed on Naruto's face but Azula did.

"Um Mai" Azula started to say as Naruto walks a few feet away from them and slams his hand on the ground.

"Summoning Jutsu." He says and a large explosion of smoke bursts forward. When the smoke clears a white snake with red stripes and yellow slit eyes who was twice as big as Manda appeared coiled up. She takes a look around to adjust to her surroundings and sees Naruto who was waving at her and three girls with two who were wide eyed and just stared at her. "Hey Shiroi-san It's been a while." Naruto called out and she seemed to smile and lower her head down to get a better view of him and once she did her eyes lit up in excitement and happiness.


Said blonde suddenly found himself being crushed to death as the massive snake wrapped her tail around him and nuzzled him with her nose. The others sweat dropped as they took in the scene where anime tears fell down her face, as she slowly crushed her summoner who was turning purple and blue to death in happiness.

After a few minutes of struggling, Naruto managed to slip out of her coils and leaps out of her grip. He desperately sucks in a large amount of air, regaining his color back while his healing factor mended any bruised and possibly broken bones and organs, mentally thanking himself for placing a thin and strong layer of earth chakra around his body less he get crushed to death like last time. "It's good to see you to Shiroi." He said back while the snake wiped her tears away with the tip of her tails.

"So how may I be of service to you Naruto?" Shiroi asked her summoner.

"Well me and my new team here need safe passage through a desert not far from here," He pointed to the three girls where Ty Lee and Mai were flabbergasted at the sight before and tried rub their eyes, hoping that this was a dream. "So I considered that you can easily get us through there no problem." Naruto finished as he motioned for the girls in the back to approach him as the snake eyed the surprised and stunned girls and flicked her forked tongue.

She looks back at Naruto and speaks. "Hmmm… they are strong in their own way Naruto-kun," A mischievous gleam formed in her eyes as she glanced at him and the three girls. "So are you gonna use your clan rights and claim them as your future mates? After all you'll need a few to keep you in check." She asks humorously which made Naruto face fault and the other three girls blush when she said that despite they were going to be married one day and they had already slept with him.

Said blonde got up and shot an annoyed glare at Shiroi. "Shiroi now is not the time for that!" He yelled while she snickered.

"Heh Heh, sorry just couldn't help it since it's so easy to get you riled up." She replied. His brow twitched in annoyance and made a mental note to get back at the toad chief later on and was about to speak up until Mai and Ty Lee appeared in front of him with wide eyes. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! AND HOW CAN THAT GIANT SNAKE TALK?!" They both cried and pointed at Shiroi.

"Oi Mai, Ty Lee, stop yelling before I lose my hearing." Naruto said as dug his index fingers into his ears to get his hearing back while Azula shook her head. Mai and Ty Lee looked down at the ground and tints of pink appeared on their faces while Shiroi watched the scene in hidden amusement.

"Now then you four hop on my head and hold on." Shiroi instructed while the four of them get on top of her head. Once they sat down on her head, Ty Lee sat on his left and wrapped her arms around his arm. Mai did the same with his right arm and Azula, much to his shock, sat in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

That was when Shiroi spoke up. "All Right you four hang on tight because I'm really fast." She said. The girls did that and that was when Shiroi zipped through the forest like a bullet while the girl's screams echo through the forest.