Author's Note

Alright that is it all of my stories are now on Hiatus for many reasons.

1. I can no longer cut and paste to help so I have to type the whole damn thing and I am a very slow typist and that pisses me off.

2. I am sick and tired of being told to update or when I will update its driving me crazy.

3. This refers to my Descendant story but I am so fucking tired of people telling me that I haven't changed any Percys remaining to Andy. I know however I find it difficult to do so when I have to type out the whole story of what I have out for just a few words.

4. I have writers block so I can't even think of anything to write.

5. I am tired of being told this isn't allowed or that isn't for fucks sake the theme of this site is to "Unleash your imagination" however it keeps being blocked. Its like being told to write anything we want but then saying "Ohh by the way you are only allowed to write this way." Its so fucking irritating especially considering there is that group Critics United who are going around and reporting anything they don't like and we can't do anything about them. Here is what I say about them "Burn in hell you fuckers."

6. I like to read lemons yet apparently they aren't allowed so why haven't these idiots developed an NC-17 rating I mean they have done all the other ratings so why not this. They can make all of these other modifications but not do that so lemons could be allowed or where a fic reaches beyond M.

Maybe in a few months ill be able to update or if this site actually starts to act like its logo says and make some changes or if we are able to cut and paste again.