Finland awoke with a start, panting heavily. He had just had the worst nightmare; Hanatamago had gotten stuck on a window sill and Finland hadn't been able to reach her! Even though he was in the same room, the heater had been blocking him! Finland had just woken up when Hana had morphed into a two headed squirrel-dog mutant. He shuddered, 'Gross.'

Sweden muttered and rolled over in his sleep. It seemed Finland wasn't the only one having nightmares. Sweden groaned and twisted. Finland frowned at him, concerned. He put the back of his hand on Sweden's forehead, who was sweating furiously.

"He must be boiling!" Finland realised before quickly chucking the quilt onto the floor. He soon found out what was wrong when he flapped the sheet over them, letting the cool air wash over them. (AN: Seriously, who hasn't done this?)

Finland gawked when he saw Sweden's predicament. 'So that's why he was moaning...' Sweden, you could clearly see, was having a very provocative dream. In other words, he was hard. Very hard. Finland's first instict was being shocked, but then he clamped and hand over his mouth and struggled to contain his laughter.

A small giggle escaped his mouth, causing Sweden to stir and mutter more. Finland froze and held his breath for a moment. He leaned down to hear what Sweden was saying.

Sweden moaned. "Please, more... Ung, Finland..." The man refered to blushed a deep red. Well, he would of been angry if it wasn't him, them being together and all. But still, Finland new he shouldn't be listening in on this. But, what harm would it be to have a little fun?

Finland leaned over the larger man, placing his hands on the Swede's shoulders. He slowly stroked down his chest, making Sweden moan and shiver. His hands traveled down and he traced circles on his stomach. By now, Sweden was muttering again.

"Finland," he said in a deep, throaty voice, the word long and drawn out, causing Finland himself to shiver. He really liked how Sweden said that. His hands went further, tugging at the hem of Sweden's boxers. But that wasn't what he wanted to do, he just wanted to tease Sweden. His fingers lightly brushed Sweden's hard member through the cloth, but tat only was enough to make Sweden buck wildly, almost tossing Finland off the bed.

"Heh heh, okay, maybe that was enough." Sweden's boxers where beginning to dampen slightly. Finland crawled back up to Sweden's head.

"Sweden," he whispered into his ear. "It's time to wake up hon." Nope, that was not working, the large man was still 'involved' in his dream. Deciding to do away with subtly, Finland wandered to the kitchen and wandered back with a glass of water and a towel. After folding the towel several times underneath of Sweden's head, he held the Swede's nose and forced the water into his mouth.

Sweden sat up straight and hacked. The force of his sudden wake up through Finland off balance and onto the floor, where he sat giggling. Sweden glared blearily at Finland for a moment, before blushing as he realised as he realised his predicament.

"Uh," he grunted intelligently.

"Yeah, uh." Finland giggled. "Look, why don't you go have a cold shower? I'm not helping." Sweden flushed and nodded, before grabbing the towel behind him and leaving. While he was away, Finland climbed back in bed and waited, grinning.

After Sweden climbed back into bed, wrapping himself deeply in the quilt, Finland cuddled up to him. Finland asked him, with his most innocent and cute expression, "Did you have a nice dream about me?" he fluttered his eyelashes.

Sweden grunted and wrapped his arms around him. "'y dreams are 'lways good when they're 'bout you."

AN: Sorry, I kinda failed with his accent. It's so hard to write! Does anyone know how to write it properly?