Summary: Megumi went to America for 2 years and she bloom into a successful singer all around the world .What if she returns to Japan and meet the person who broke her heart 2 years ago? And also who always played her? What will happen? Will there be a happy ending?



It's been 2 years since Megumi went abroad to become a singer. They haven't seen her. But she became famous that even reached Japan.

It's a bright and sunny morning, and the former S.A members and Friends are having a picnic at her

Backyard. Kie and Hikari are married now. And now that they are married and Hikari was pregnant for 3 months. Akira and Tadashi are married for 5 months now. Ryuu and Finn is still having contact with each other; Finn return to her country for now, to sort some things out. Jun and Sakura are engaged and as for Yahiro, still as despicable, successful idiot for letting Megumi go.

Then Hikari and Kie were first to arrive, next were Ryuu, Jun and Sakura. Akira arrived with tea on her hands, while Tadashi brings out the cakes and pastries. And Akira asked Jun about something;

"so Jun how's Megumi?" Akira asked

"she's fine, her new album is on released now." Jun answered

"Is she planning to visit here ?"

"Yes ,she said she would! She also told me that she was sorry to miss your wedding so, as for exchange for it she will come to Japan" Jun answered

"Really? When?" Akira asked

"Yes, she will be arriving this Thursday morning"

"Oh! There will be 2 days more to meet her again! I am hosting a welcome back party for her!" Akira told them happily.

'Should I invite Yahiro? I should so they can talk about that incident ' Akira thought


Megumi was walking along the park that day .She was talking a stroll around the park. When she saw a familiar figure, she followed the figure. When she saw that someone was with him and they stopped and the girl leaned on the boy and kissed him, when the boy faced her and there she saw what she feared the most to saw the guy she was thinking with another woman.

"Y-Yahiro?" Megumi asked softly

"M-Megumi? A-ah, what are you doing here? He asked

"I'm taking a short stroll and I see that you found another girl to play with. I think I should take my leave already; Excuse me" Megumi said

"wait Megumi I can explained!" he said

"No need to explain, GOODBYE" she replied

Yahiro didn't followed Megumi at all. He just stood there, and watched her crying face and figure disappeared from his sight.



Flight 531 is going to land soon please fastened your seated belts and prepare for landing.

'Ah! Japan, I made it at last! I'm home ,I can't wait to see everyone, well not everyone. I hope I can' t meet him.' Megumi thought.

This is my first YahiroXMegumi fanfiction. Maybe the characters are out of the usual attitude! Sorry about that!

I hope u like it! I'm sorry for the wrong grammars and spellings also!




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