Summary: Megumi went to America for 2 years and she bloom into a successful singer all around the world .What if she returns to Japan and meet the person who broke her heart 2 years ago? And also who always played her? What will happen? Will there be a happy ending?

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Flight 531 is going to land soon please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing.



I heard the flight attendant announced our arrival. I sight as I watched our plane landing by the window. I am so happy to be back to Japan. But I am keeping this as a secret to all my fans because I don't want to cause a ruckus at the airport. So I put my hair in a bun and then put my cap on with my sunglasses. After we land I got down from the plane proceed to my destination.


Megumi arrived in Japan, but it's a secret from all of her fans. Because she want to surprise her fans and don't want a ruckus at the airport.


They are waiting at the airport waiting for Megumi's plane to land. They are in a special room because Megumi didn't want to have a huge ruckus because of her.

*Ring, Ring* Akira's phone ring she answer I and by seeing the facial expression on her face it's a good news.

"Guys! Megumi's plane just arrived she will be here any moment now!" Akira said

"Really? I'm very excited to see her!" Hikari said while Kie just agreed with her.


I am already heading to the room which where we will meet with the gang 'I wish he isn't there.' Megumi sighs. When I arrived at the door and knocked it carefully.


Megumi knocked the door and the door busted open.

"Megumi-chan!" Akira shouted while almost throwing herself to her.

"Akira-chan; I miss you so much, sorry for not able to attended your wedding with Tadashi-kun" she said softly.

"It's okay, Megumi-chan! I already forgave you so don't worry!" Akira said.

"Thank you! And I greet you a late Congratulations! "Megumi said.

Akira just smiled and hugged her. When she stopped hugging her, Megumi went to Hikari-chan who was standing beside Kie and hugged Hikari.

"Hikari-chan, Kei-kun; Congratulations for to be parents soon" Megumi said softly.

"Thank you Megumi-chan! They both said.

"Um…Megumi-chan, Is it okay for you to be talking?" Sakura asked

"Oh! Sakura-chan Hello! Yes it's okay if I don't shouted or talk too much it's okay. But I stilled used the sketch pad." She said softly.

Just then Ryuu called. "That's good to here, Megumi-chan you are going to be the maid of honour on my wedding right? "She asked

"Of course, I will! Ryuu-niii~ hello and how's Finn-chan doing?" she asked

"She is doing fine as she could. Ryuu answered

"Guys! Let's go to my house now! Let's get Megumi to my house so she can rest" Akira called

Everyone went inside the limo that Akira owned. When they arrived they went inside the house immediately.

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