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I could feel the tears running down my face and the phone still held near my ear. He had cut the phone long time ago breaking my heart in the process. I don't know what went wrong; he never gave me a reason. Now I'm alone. I've never felt this miserable and lonely. Damon and I were meant to be together. He can't do this to me! He knew how I felt about him and he still didn't mind breaking my heart. I trusted him when I never trusted anyone else and he just left me. I feel like there's a gaping hole in my heart. I felt the walls growing around my heart; I'm never going to let anyone this close ever again.


CHAPTER 1: Shocked siblings

"I'm getting married!" Anna Salvatore came screaming into the conference room and realized it was full and thought "oops".

"What?!" Damon spat the water he was drinking on his P.A's face and shot to his feet. Stefan got up flabbergasted and said "meeting dismissed".

"I'm so sorry Alaric I didn't mean to do it, just send Meredith you can take the rest of the day off…Stefan please ask your P.A to assist Alaric...He's in fact very comfortable with Jenna."Then Damon turned to Anna "and you young lady have a lot of explaining to do"

"Yes you do. Come and sit." Stefan turned back and sat down. "As I said I'm getting married" Anna blushed just by saying it.

"To whom?" Stefan asked. "Of course to Jeremy! I have been seeing him for more than a year! Brothers can be so thick at times!" "To that douche bag?" Stefan asked again.

"With a baby face?" Damon put in. "he's not a douche bag and he does not have a baby face! He's handsome and caring and..." "Ya ya we get it" interrupted both Damon and Stefan.

"Please both of you! I love him…I know he's the best guy for me!" she pleaded. "I don't know Anna...we have never spoken to him much." Damon said "For all I know he's a serial killer!"

"I never let you both near him because you always scare all my boyfriends away since high school!" "They weren't meant to be your boyfriend!" Stefan said. "But let's not talk about them. I wanna talk about Jeremy."

"Ok then you can meet his sisters! Then you can really get to know him. You're not giving him a chance!" Anna pleaded. "Do you really love him baby girl? Then we'll try for your sake to get to know him." Damon said sighing. "But Damon gets to meet his sister first! " Stefan added. Damon turned to glare at him "what? You're the eldest!" Stefan smiled smugly. Damon just pushed him out of his chair and walked out of the room. "Very mature Damon!" he heard as he walked out and smiled.


"I'm getting married" Jeremy announced the minute he got home. "OMG! Really? My baby brother getting married!" Elena screeched. "Now that I'm over the happiness…what's wrong with you?"

"What? I thought you liked Anna!" Jeremy said "I proposed today! And she just jumped into my arms!" "But Jer, Anna is rich! I heard her brothers own the 'la Bella Salvatore'. You think they will let her marry you?"

"Well I think they will! They love her! Even the restaurant is named after her! 'the beautiful Salvatore' it's Anna!" Jeremy said. "I don't know Jer. Do you like really really with all your heart love her? And can't live without her?" Elena asked "Yes!" Jeremy answered with no hesitation. Then Elena knew Jeremy was meant to be with Anna. She knew he would never leave her.

"Oh Jer! You getting married? Cool! And caught a rich chick too I see!" Katherine smirked "shut up Katy!" Jeremy glared. "Can't you be a little understanding like Elena? You're after all her twin!" "I would never be like that thing if my life depended on it" Katherine said storming out of the house.

Elena ignored her and turned back to Jeremy "Ok Jer…I can see that you love her dearly…but her brothers? "She asked "Don't worry Elena, she spoke to her brother Damon…and he wants to meet you and speak about this." Jeremy said. But all Elena could hear was the name Damon…and she thought" Damon? Could it really be Damon Salvatore? No no I don't think so…There could be many Damon Salvatores! The world is not so small as people say it is!" but she had a really bad feeling about this.