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CHAPTER 2 - It's A Small World

"Should I wear something formal or casual?" Elena started talking to herself as usual. "I have to meet him in the mystic grill. So too much formal is not good." She sat there thinking for a minute. "I'll wear something formal and casual!" She shot out of her bed picked a white formal shirt, her skinny jeans and her stilettos.

She tucked her shirt in, picked her bag up and walked down the stairs and stopped in front of Jeremy. "How do I look?" she asked swirling around. Jeremy just stared at her and whistled "You look amazing! The minute he sees you he'll forget about me and Anna and will think about marrying you!" he said laughing.

Elena laughed "ya rite! I'm leaving now! Come and give your big sis a kiss!" "Just leave Elena. You're gonna be late." He said trying hard to stop his laughter.

And she was late. "How the hell do I always turn out to be late?" She said to herself as she opened the door to mystic grill.


Damon looked at his watch again. "She is half an hour late. Does she even want the marriage to happen? Can't she hurry up, I'm getting late for a meeting! And she is taking her own sweet time!" he hadn't even met her yet and he didn't like her.

Just then he felt he saw a slender hand on his shoulder and heard a voice he never thought he would hear again. "Hello Mr. Salvatore." said Elena Gilbert. He turned slowly and saw the shock in her eyes. "Hello Elena. It's nice to see you again." He pointed to the chair opposite him and sat down.

"Damon I…I don't know...Hmm...What to say." She stammered saying my name breathlessly. "You don't have to say anything. I don't want this marriage to happen." I stated. I could see the anger in her eyes "it's not for you to decide that. It's supposed to be a mutual decision Mr. Salvatore." She went back to being formal. Damn I wanted to hear her say my name again. Shit I shouldn't be thinking like that, I have no reason to like her I'm supposed to hate her.

"A mutual decision is not needed Miss Gilbert. I'll take it in my hands and decide what to do." I replied. "Oh you mean just like how you took the decisions into your hands and decided we should break up?" she said angrily. Then she took a deep breath and spoke in a calmer voice. "I'm sorry Mr. Salvatore, but this should be a mutual decision.

"I need some time to think this through. Maybe we should meet again tomorrow same place same time?" I asked. "Ok Mr. Salvatore I'll be here." She replied "and don't be late" I said. She just nodded and walked past me. I turned to watch her and couldn't help it but watch the memory which flashed through my head.

"Bye baby! I'll call you when I get home!"She said. I bent down and kissed her "bye love! I'll be here to answer it." I said against her lips. She turned to go and I already missed her. I loved her so much that it hurt at times. She got into the car and waved "bye Damon!" I waved back. But what I didn't know was that that day was the last day our love would last.