I was the newest member of Firehouse 51, I wasn't a firefighter but I was a paramedic. I have a lot of history with firefighters. For one thing my father was a firefighter, he was happy with the career I had chosen, even though I wasn't a firefighter he was still very proud of me. Not only was my dad a firefighter but his best friend was a firefighter not only that but all of our family were very close with their whole family. They had a daughter and a son, in my family I was the only girl in a family of boys 4 brothers whom I loved so much because they made me so competitive I was the 2nd oldest in my family. My oldest brother Chris was 3 years older than me but he was the one I was closest with, next brother Ben was 2 years younger, then Jonathan who was 3 years younger than Ben and finally the baby of the family with 2 years younger than Jonathan, my youngest brother Noah. I was now 23, which made my oldest brother Chris 26, married with a 3 year old girl named Kate and I had just found out from my brother that his wife Laura was 4 months pregnant not to mention that he is a firefighter just like his dad; Ben 21 with a serious girlfriend of almost 1 years and from what I was told by him he didn't know when but he knew that this was the girl he was going to marry also going to be a firefighter but he was in the academy right now; Jonathan 18 a senior in high school no girlfriend and not sure yet if he wanted to be a firefighter; lastly Noah 16 sophomore in high school no girlfriend and wanting to be in the "family" business. My dad's best friend family was a little different, a guy Peter and a girl Elise. Peter was close to my age, he was 1 year older than me and when our families got together I would always be playing with Peter. His sister would be playing with my second youngest brother. I heard my mother say one time we were together that we were destined to get married on day. I ignored her for a while because Peter was my best friend and I thought I would be weird to get married to him, but then I got to high school, Peter got muscular and I started to like him then in senior year of high school he asked me out I said yes. We then dated for the next 4 years and all I can say about then were they were the most special and most precious years of my life. Peter was amazing I love everything about him, especially his kisses they were prefect. One day we were on a date, I had something I had to tell him, he said he had to tell him but I thought what I was going to say was bigger. I said I had been accept into a paramedic academy in Seattle, I had told him they had wanted me to apply so I did and they told me I got accepted. He was a little upset and he had a right to be his girlfriend of 4 years was now leaving for a few and he was also in the fire academy. I said I didn't want to break up but long distance relationships usually don't work so I suggested we put our relationship on hold for now. Which we did that happened 2 years ago and now I am back in Chicago, which I planned to do no matter how much I loved Seattle which was a lot. I was working with firefighter closest I was going to be an actual firefighter, it was my first day at the station when I got there I was so excited my first day at work. I saw a couple guys talking once they realized I was watching then they turned to me.

"Yes can we help you?" one of them said.

"Yes kinda of well you see I am the newest paramedic for ambulance 61" I said.

"Oh well nice to meet you my name is Matt Casey, lieutenant for truck and this is one of the people I have command over Otis was previously a candidate but we got a new one so he is off the hook" Casey said smiling.

"Yeah, whatever I will let everyone know about your arrival - wait what's your name?" Otis said

"I'm Ashley, Ashley Bray" I said shaking both of their hands.

"Nice to meet you" Casey said as Otis walking through a door.

"Nice guy" I said sarcastically.

"He is you just have to get to know him" Casey said.

"Well since he is not a candidate any more he should be very happy" I said.

"You'd think so, wait how do you know about candidates?" He asked curiously.

"My father was a firefighter along with one of his best friends they worked together so our families spent a lot of time together talking about firefighter stuff" I said.

"Very nice why didn't you become a firefighter?" He asked.

"You sound like my dad" I said jokingly

"Is that a complement?" Casey asked

"Yes it is my dad is awesome, but he always wanted me to become a firefighter like him even though he has 4 boys, I was daddy's little girl who played sports with him, and watched sports with him" I said. "He seems to like me better than my brothers, who 2 of them are firefighters and then other 2 will probably be too. He knew how tough I was and he thought I would do very well as a firefighter, I just chose to work with them"

"Which is the next best thing right?" Casey said smiling. "So both of your families of firefighters were tight?"

"Yeah, our dads were best friends, same with our moms and there family had 1 boy and 1 girl but we all got along" I said. "You would think that there boy would have played with my brothers but no, him and I were really close, his sister played with one of my younger brothers, they were close but not that close. My mom joked around that we would one day end up getting married which I didn't think would happen at first but now more accurate"

"How so" he asked, seemed like he kept asking question and I was answering them with me knowing nothing about him.

"Well when we got to high school he got a little more muscular and I started to like him and then senior year he asked me out I of course said yes and then we dated for 4 years and then we had to take a break" I said frowning a little.

"Why what happened?" He asked

"Well I had been applying to be in the paramedic academy in Seattle cause I had the best there was, and he was going to be a firefighter like his dad, but then I got accepted but then realized that the program was for 2 years and he was at the academy and we would be in different sates" I said. "So we put our relationship on pause while I went to Seattle"

"Man that sucks, that thing happened to me sort of, me and my girlfriend were dating I proposed then she was a resident as a nurse she broke it off cause she wasn't ready to have a family yet" He started to say. "But then I persuaded her to give us another we had been dating a long while, she said yes but then she didn't think she wanted kids ever and that was a deal breaker for me I loved kids I wanted a lot of them"

"Yeah I know what you mean I wanted kids to, a lot and so did he, and I did call him before I came here and we are meeting after both our shifts" I said smiling.

"I'm happy for the two of you good luck" Casey said.

"Thanks now does anyone else work hear or is it just you and Otis?" I asked sort of joking.

"Funny, no there just all in the lounging area I think" He said.

"So if anyone cares we now have a new paramedic living here she is out talking to Casey, she's really nice" Otis said sitting down on the couch.

"You don't want to get to know her better?" Herrmann asked.

"Nah I am good" He said turning the TV on.

"Well I am going to meet her, you coming Mouch, Mills, Cruz?" He asked looking around the room.

"Sure I will come" Mills said.

"Sure why not" Mouch said.

"I'm coming" Cruz said.

"So another paramedic, do we really need another one, let alone a female one" Mouch said.

"What are you saying you want another firefighter man or women?" Herrmann said.

"Yeah pretty much" Mouch confirmed as Herrmann looked at him, shook his head.

"I don't know I like having another paramedic a girl, I mean I know one and I would love for her to come work here" Mills said.

"Really and how do you know her?" Mouch asked.

"Our dads were firefighter's together, best friends so our families grew close, I grew close with her" He said.

"And by grew close you mean, you guys ended up dating?" Mouch asked again.

"Yes Mouch I asked her out at the end of high school then we dated for 4 years, but she had to go to Seattle for training" Mills said. "She just got back today we are going to get together after shift"

"Well good luck Peter" Cruz said.

"Thanks "He said just as they reached the door and Mills got a look at Casey and who he was talking to. He stopped in him tracks, which made the rest of the guys stop and look back.

"Mills, what is the problem?" Cruz asked.

"No problem, but it's just that's her" He said.

"Who? The girl you were just talking about, is the girl talking to Casey our new paramedic?" Mouch said trying to clarify.

"Yes that's her, wow she looks better than the last time I saw her" He said, smiling think back to the last time they had saw one another.

"Ok are you for one going to talk to her?" Herrmann asked.

"Uh yeah right" Mills said starting to walk again, towards where Casey and the girl he had known his whole life.

Casey catching a glimpse of them, motioned them to come, just as I looked backwards not seeing Mills because he was at the back. But then as they all came into view, my jaws dropped I was shocked as to who I saw. But by the time I got my words he had already started introducing the rest of the guys to me.

"Ashley this is Herrmann, Mouch, Cruz and-"I cut him off before he could say his name.

"Peter Mills" was all I said as I was trying to understand what was now going to be happening, I was going to be working with the guy I grew up, the guy I fell in love and the guy I have not seen in 2 years.

I walked towards him we were now standing face to face, I honestly felt like crying not only was the man I love standing right in front of me but I was going to be working with him.

"I missed you so much and now that I have been without you I never want to do it ever again" I said breaking the silent as I hugged Peter.

There was a little bit of awkward silence as Peter and I hugged as the rest of the guys watched, until Casey finally spoke up.

"Okay you met her now let's give them some time alone they haven't seen each other in 2 years, they need some catching" Casey said as he guided the rest of the guys away, then looking back as I mouthed thank you to, he nodded.

I smiled as I looked back up at Peter, he looked mostly the same but I was pretty sure that he had gotten even more muscular than before, if that was even possible. I had missed him so much at one point in time I even forgot what he looked like, good thing I had a picture of him.

"So Peter how've you been" I asked him.

"Not much, I have been lonely since I didn't have you around" He said. "And not that I wanted to date, which I didn't one of my friends took me to a bar to help me fill the void but every time I talked with a girl I would compare her to you and she would not measure up"

"Really, same thing happened to me, I guess we just couldn't live without each other" I said looking up and kissing him again for the first time in 2 years, and all I have to say is that once our lips touch they did not want to separate.