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Pulling into his driveway she looked up at the house she'd never sat foot in before. She glanced down at the dashboard clock and sighed at the luminous green numbers that read five AM. She grabbed her bag out of the backseat and placed it over her should. "Well here goes nothing." With purpose she walked towards the front door. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door. Waiting in the cold air on the front steps she tried not to go back into her memory. She wrapped her arms around herself as even though her coat she was getting a chill. She heard the sounds of a crying baby through the door but it didn't see Emmett was ever going to let her in the house.

She knocked on the door again shuffling her feet on the stoop. The door swung open and she froze. "Oh Bella." Her eyes swung to the child residing in Emmett's arms, red faced and crying.

"Emmett," She nodded walking through the door and scooping the child out of his arm. She juggled the almost one year old on her hip. She may love babies that didn't mean she had any idea of how to handle them. He knew this another reason she wondered why the hell he called her. "Hey Adam," She cooed rocking back and forth rubbing his little back. She took the moment to take a good look at the child. There was no denying that he was Emmett's child he had his hair his eyes his everything Bella was hard pressed to see anything of Victoria in the child. She looked around the house and seeing a couch she walked over to it. Sitting down she sat the baby so he was facing her. "Have you feed him?" She looked up at Emmett.

"Yeah half an hour ago," Bella felt the babies bottom he didn't seem to need to be changed.

"Are you just giving your daddy a hard time." She bounced Adam on her knee. The baby started lessen his crying as he looked at her. "Don't worry I like giving him a hard time to." She leaned over and pretend to whisper to the Adam.

"Hey don't turn my child against me."

"Well I have to be the cool Auntie now don't I." Adam stopped crying all together and grabbed his chubby little hand out grabbing at a piece of Bella's hair that had fallen from her ponytail.

"no, that is my hair not a toy." Bella untangled her tresses from around the child's fingers. "Now will you sleep for me, Does he have a bouncer or anything?"

"Yeah," Emmett nodded over to the bouncer seat.

"Well get it for me and place it in front of my feet."

Pulling the bouncer over in front of Bella as soon as that was done Emmett stepped back again he almost looked as though Bella would slap him if he got to close. She just rolled her eyes and placed Adam down in the bouncy seat. "Now Adam we are going to sleep it is five in the morning and I get cranky without sleep." Bella wagged her finger playfully at the baby. She placed her foot on the bouncer and started to bounce it. Humming lightly she watched as Adam slowly drifted asleep. "Get me a blanket for him." Bella whispered. Emmett handed her a blanket and covering him with it she sat back staring down at the sleeping baby. She felt a pang in her heart. Whenever she'd thought up Emmett Cullen's children in the past she always assumed she'd be the mother.

She sat back and yawned resting her head against the back of the couch. "You're a life saver." Emmett sat down next to her. She opened her eyes and looked over at him.

"Emmett you can't expect me to always drop everything and come to your rescue."

"I know that." He gave her a look that made her want to help him but she shook her head. She was leaving at the end of the weekend.

"I really want to know what the heck happened between you and Victoria but I'm exhausted to you happen to have a pillow and blanket I can use?"

"Yeah one second." He got up and came back a minute later with a throw and a pillow. "Thank you," Bella took the blanket and pillow from him. She laid down on the couch and covered herself. "You know you have to tell your parents tomorrow right?"

"Yeah," Emmett sighed. Bella knew that other things needed to be discussed but her eyes were tired. Emmett picked up the baby and carried him to his bedroom placing him down in his crib. "Adam what are we going to do?" He smoothed the blanket down over his child. He looked out the door at the sleeping form of Bella. "I've really screwed up my life Adam."

Sighing he walked out and shutting the door he went into his room. He flipped the baby monitor on and got into bed. He let his mind wonder Why had he called her, she was right he could have called his mother his sister his brother or many others but he'd chosen her. She hated him or at least highly disliked him. He knew that much but at the same time she'd shown up. He just wished he'd had half the heart that Bella had.

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