my name is Alexandria (my pen name), and my friends Scarlett and Rose (also pen names to hide our identitie)s. this story is not a lie and never will be. ok, my hands are shaking and my thougts are numb. ok, this is what happened...

rose: "Hey, we are going outside and playing Slender"

Alex (me): "I dont want to"

Scarlett: "come on, get some warm clothes on and ill get the flashlight!"

alex: *Groans and readily puts on sweater, then takes it of, and changes to grey jeans and a black jacket*

Rose: *wearing pajamas and a mustard over coat*

Scar: *puts on a black plaid on red jacket and red and black skinnies and a brown beanie*

we snuck quietly down with a indusrial sized yellow flashlight and walked into the cold night.

Scar: "OMG this is going to be cool. ok, ill be the douche that wants to find the kids, buts only in it for the money."

Rose: "ill be the unsure one-"

Alex: "Slenderman is my dad."

they both looked at me and scar said "YOU HAVE NO RELATION TO SLENDERMAN!"

i felt light headed ad we walked. it was pretty normal (the night was around a Betty's restruant an a marina and a couple houses)

scar: "ok,pause, (pause was for the game) the signs are the notes.

we walked to the end of the road, but not after seeing some long black shadows, and at the road light, at tall black man (i didnt see the face, my face was angled down) with arms that went down to his thighs, then he was gone. the walked, said what the notes say, and left on our way to the dock. just then this soft hum started and from th woods we heard loud moaning. teenage moaning.

(some walking and babble was skipped)

Scar: "Pause, we walk down to the dock."

so we walked and they stopped, theyre terror sounding vaquely true.

Scar: "WTF is wrong with the flashlight?!"

Rose: "i told you, it wasnt me."

Aex: *my voice sounding softer and not looking back* "he has electro powers"

Scar: "Shut up Alex!"

we started walking. my footsteps sounded more leaden and utterly like the game's. i felt someone breathing on me, on my neck and i was sluggish.

Scar: "could you be even more slow, Alex?!"

I tried to hurry up. i didnt muster much, but it was better. after some discussin you shouldnt worry about, the humming got louder. we decided that we would go to the fence so they could die. we got there and Scar and Rose "died", but i couldnt. i was froze. then we heard a piercing scream from the ocean (female) and we all turned a and we looked at each other. we briskly walked to the house and entere Scarlett's room.

after further discussion we were left with chills, sweat and the realization this story was about: we all saw and hurd and felt the EXACT same thing.

Rose: "OMG if we all felt it, there is no way that wasnt real. i thought it was my imagination. but then you all said..."

Scar: "OMG, dont even talk about it anymore!" she was shaking. barely noticeable, but shakingall the same.

when the wanted to go outside, i was scared. we came inside because of the dogs almost killing us. right now (as in tiping this) im watching robot chicken that is about the red coats and jason stealing a bike. (its 1/26/2013) rewatch it. tight now its about strawberry shortcake and bitch pudding. this is accurate. rewatch it on tevo or something. im not using this as a shortcut for you to believe this. ps, no one was out there. its almost 3 am. so this is Alexandria signing off and hoping you believe ur story. night bros.