"Suspects and Subjects"
Part 2/2

Summary:Yugi Motou wants to make the discovery of the century. Mobster Atemu Sennen will let him do whatever he wants on premise. Their first project spirals out of control when culture, science and a creature called Yami coincide.

Theme Song: Disintegration by Monarchy

Warnings: dubious consent, graphic sex, descriptions of violence and experimentation

Author Note: lots of smut in this part and a resolution to all the tension~

Yugi showered, still, in the quarantine tank but by then with better supplies. He didn't remember when exactly the shampoo and conditioner manifested downstairs but it had been there long enough for the sight to be normalized by the time Yami had hair to wash. From a squelching toddler he stood, Yugi remembered, with his head at Yugi's navel. Big enough for Yugi rub his fingers, the slick suds, down into the smaller scalp cupping bubbles away from Yami's eyes.

Yugi had bathed him, when tiny, in the kitchen sink or the laboratory trough. He had watched the little monster, as a march hare, at four or so days paddle little paws in the water and slosh about till Yugi stopped worrying the ugly tiny thing would drown.

Suddenly Yami had a name, seemed a child, and was different from that pet-creature Yugi had made. The images were connected yet faltered. Yugi washed a little boy's hair but its tail still wrapped back round Yugi's knee for comfort subconsciously.

By then they had a bed, Yugi remembered. Like the shampoo he couldn't recall the exact day this and that appeared given he didn't make notes of things so insignificant. Even if he dragged his files up from the eastern European bunker or the Swiss Bank tray they sat in now he only knew when various bits and pieces of furniture manifested from the size and shape Yami had been at the time.

Yami slept differently as he elongated, up against Yugi's chest, nuzzling, knees all curled and arms locked round him and by then Yugi was so used to being clung to he endured it to sleep deeper.

He murmured once in the morning, or what must've been morning given there was no such thing as daylight;

"Do you want your own bed?"

Yami shook his head into Yugi's chest.

"Hmm, kay," Yugi yawned. He didn't know how long it would be till Atemu took him away to start trying the creature with orders and weapons and left Yugi to make a dozen more to ship off to Palestine, Serbian or whatever crash dictatorship wanted Yugi's bio-weapons.

"I'll be there in a little while," Yugi promised, "I need to finish this."

Yami whined, mewed, tugging at his sleeve over the arm of Yugi's desk chair. Given another moment he'd be on the desk, sitting in front of the computer, squawking.

"Go to bed," Yugi ordered gently, pushing back strands of hair from the off-tinged face and not quite human textured skin. "Go to sleep. I'll be there soon."

Yami huffed, sensed he was losing and pivoting trudged miserably off to bed in the only scraps of clothing Yugi could convince him to wear.

He didn't like pants, constricted that swishing possum tail of his. Neither did he really like the fresh smelling new cottons Atemu sent down. Yugi was trying to wean him onto to the idea before he got too big for Yugi to attempt to force it. He didn't know either if, by then, Atemu would have stolen Yami to face the big bad world. For today all the success Yugi had managed was convincing Yami to wear an old thread bare tee shirt of his that covered Yami's groin like a skirt and hung heavy off one pointed, strong, shoulder.

He sighed, heard the click of the door down the hall and knew the babe would be out before Yugi had finished his next sentence. He was tantrum inclined at this hour; over-tired after chasing badgers, ugly things badgers worse when they were dead on Yugi's kitchen floor.

The computer screen, humming, burnt his eyes and leaning back Yugi slackened. A parent's moment of peace, a parent's sense of fear… he pursed his lips and felt the band in his gut. He'd so given up by then to whatever might happen. Knew nothing except to agree to being mother. He shouldn't have. He would've saved himself a lot of heartbreak.

He door on his opposing side whooshed with the ping of a security key. Yugi had been asked to put his security key in a safe recently now Yami was bigger.

Yugi spun a little on the plastic pivot of his seat, arm over the back rest, and soothed to drop his shoulder spotted Atemu cocking his chin in greeting. Yugi nodded, almost smiled weakly, and considered how bizarre it was that every time that door opened he expected men with guns (either FBI or Atemu's own men) to strip him out of his rabbit hole. Yet Yugi never remembered tensing. He was resigned that if they came to kill him he wouldn't be able to do much about it so he may as well save himself the panic.

"He asleep?" Atemu whispered. He coughed then, in that way he did when he slipped to say 'he' instead of 'it'. Atemu was conscious of distancing himself, so much healthier than Yugi.

"Yeah," Yugi murmured softly.

"Hard day?"

"He's been cranky all afternoon," he shrugged, "but it's alright."

"How big is it today?"

"Almost my chest," Yugi sighed ruefully, "I can't pick him up anymore."

"It's fast," Atemu exhaled. "What are we up to, five months?"

"I think," he rubbed the hollows of his eyes, "I've lost count. If it wasn't for the timers…"

"You need a vacation."

"Where?" Yugi rolled his eyes, almost resentful as his hand fell into his lap. "How? Who am I going to leave him with? Are you going to look after him? Get a sitter with a confidentiality waver? He's poisonous. He could kill someone in a tantrum."

"Afterwards," Atemu grunted tightly, irritable. "When it's gone. Before we make the rest."

"Before I make the rest," he clarified tartly.

"Whatever," the mobster dismissed, slinking forward. "I actually came to be nice."

"Oh god," Yugi didn't like the sound of that, "what happened?"

"Happy Birthday," Atemu answered, inclining to lean over him at the desk.

"Really?" He blinked, dazed. "Already?"

"June fourth, right?" He shrugged. "Unless you lied to me?"

"No," Yugi ran his hands through his hair, "shit…where'd the year go?"

"I think I lost a decade once," Atemu rested into the desk, hooking his ankles.

"Hmm," he ruminated, "thanks."

"Don't thank me yet," he fished into his pocket and pulled out a flask, "you're eighteen."

"Pfft," Yugi snorted. "No. He's going to wake me up at seven. No booze in the lab with my little monster."

Chuckling Atemu sighed to drop the silver weight back against his hip and resting into one hand made something of a delicate spin on the place, bending. Yugi's chin came out of his palm, knees crossed under the desk, and he saw it before-


Epidermis on epidermis sung his inner biologist but eyes fluttering Yugi found he froze at the lulling press of Atemu's burning lips unexpectedly on his. A stutter in his chest, coiled confusion, want and fear and need shambling for a focus. Atemu drew back.

"Come here," he offered his ringed palm.

In a weird way, suddenly, Yugi was in a trance. Yugi stood, hesitantly, and taking Atemu's hand let the man tug them closer. Face to face, chest to chest, Yugi's hands found the grooves of his elbows while Atemu's found the arches of his hips.

"What are you doing?" Yugi whispered, fingers twisting in his rolled up sleeves.

"I want to play house with you." He shrugged, soft, quiet, not totally himself. Bumping Yugi's hips, store door knock, into his casually and nearly unintended.

Did Yugi want to?

Go upstairs, Yugi could feel himself hiss at the memory like curdled milk, go upstairs. Please. God please, don't…

Atemu Sennen used to get beaten. He had a rough idea of romance that didn't involve a pay check or expire after an hour. Yugi knew that now but he only half guessed it then. Atemu didn't really know how to engage, sexually, with someone he wanted to respect. Their noses touched and neither of them quite understood what should come next. This wasn't a romance movie. The cinema kiss wasn't the first port of call.

Atemu's hips pressed Yugi back into the desk, air tightened, the mobster flexed fingers more accustomed to iron knuckles than tenderness. Yugi squeezed his arms, one arm up round his shoulders, palming down Atemu's neck and over his firm pectorals as Atemu's knees bumped in between his. Yugi swallowed, felt the solid weight of Atemu's thighs between his and holding him in the physical manifestation of a 'rock and a hard place' the taller flushed them firm against each other.

Yugi turned his face down, brown against the man's nose because eye contact felt…

His thighs spread, still standing just, Yugi felt trussed up and flickered between impulses of pushing the man away or just bending back and letting it all happen. Hips met, denim and dress pants brushed almost pleasing but not really satisfying more just accentuating the idea of something forming.

One dark hand brushed, uncomfortably, between them and twisting popped out Yugi's top button. It was fast but at the time, panting softly, it was… If Yugi ever heard the word 'baby-mama' from Atemu ever again these days he'd slap him so hard he'd…Atemu's fondled with the second button, almost got stuck, and then zipper parting the tension round Yugi's waist still didn't evaporate.

He curled his fingers in the other's shirt, murmured, and oddly breathless with arousal Atemu dipped his hand between layers of fabric to palm along Yugi's arousal through cotton. Yugi sighed, high, tiny and clipped. Atemu's hand sunk inside to press along one pinned open thigh, then up, then around…

"Hnn…" Yugi slumped his head down into his neck as Atemu's hand plucked under his waist band over his backside and squeezed.

Atemu pushed their hips together, they hissed. A bubble of poison, an injection of sharp heat, the man squeezed, Yugi grasped his shoulder and they ground up together.

Yugi squirmed, pulled himself up by the elder's shoulders and coming back to the surface to mutter face to face;

"Can I…?" He sighed.

Atemu drifted into a sound, almost a moan and hand skating free over Yugi's skin gathered up one of the smaller's wrists from his shoulder to direct down his navel.

Yugi fumbled, couldn't seem to find the tiny black button and struggling finally managed to bury his fingers out of sight. Atemu hissed, tightened the hold around him like a Spartan and quaking Yugi bit the corner of his slightly askew bottom lip. He'd never… Well he'd never done much of anything but he didn't feel in anyway virginal or innocent dragging his fingers over the beaded, slickening, tip of Atemu's arousal. Quite the opposite he thought of sewers, rats, the plague and a couple of bad, drunk, demons hissing old incantations at each other. It wasn't how he pictured himself.

Yugi's fingers slid, twittered through thick dark curls and back to trace his fingertips along the leaking slit. Atemu squeezed his hips, pulled him almost too close to move and hand stuffing messily, slipped his hand very suddenly over the rim, tight, skin of Yugi's entrance.

"Ha…" it came out a little too loud. Yugi froze there like they were in an elevator shaft.

Atemu circled, calloused blunt finger tips rubbing against the sensitive bunch of skin in a way that tightened Yugi's fingers and all the knots of anxiety behind his belly.

"Don't stop," Atemu breathed against his nose, an order.

Yugi closed his eyes and wanted, then, to close his thighs as well. It was the most bizarre sensation of being helpless. Hot, serpentine, heat in his belly fell over into mindless groping to ease his own tension. Did he want this? He was never sure.

Yugi stroked, slow rocking motions as Atem half undulated, rasping and hissing, into his fingers. The mobster's hands stayed on him, fingers rubbing in pointed little motions at Yugi's most intimate entrance. He never pushed in, it would've hurt dry, but the inhibition with which Atemu touched him was a warning shot; intentions. Yugi felt focused, distracted, by those ideas, by Atemu's thighs between his, Atemu's dripping cock throbbing against his fingers.

Yugi's lips dried, fallen open, and eyes lulling shut was so intent on the blistering points of his skin he bizarrely forgot about the rest of his body.

How did they even end up that way the first time?

Atemu pressed, applied pressure, and reminded Yugi of his presence as the he fumbled. Yugi almost bit his tongue, head slumped, and spine tight ran his fingers to hook round the mobster's hips.

Yugi slipped down, the back of his head almost knocked the edge of the desk and knees on the tiles caught the scent of ammonia and chloride; all those hard medical cleaning products that under the surface mingled the scent of Yugi's nursery. What was he even…?

Atemu's fingers curled, one set through his hair, the other grasping Yugi's hand on the mobster's hip. Yugi's secondary hand was occupied. He leant, had no idea what he was doing, but it was base, mortal, instinct from the dawn of time to open his gooey mouth a little wider and lick.

Atemu's digits tightened in his hair, hurt in a razor tug, but loosening he hissed out a half-formed apology that suggested to Yugi that hadn't been intended. Did he really want this so bad?

His tongue dragged over the translucent drop leaking from the tip, fingers flexing in coarse curls. He caught the taste, sweat, bitterness, tang, and new enough medicine to know the exact genetic composition of what he was… ingesting? Yugi was this odd juxtaposition of physician and virgin. Like an alien species regarding another. It didn't feel wrong though and his eyes fluttered shut and he was half gone before he realized he was dragging his tongue wetly over the veins of the skin, over Atemu.

"Oh Yu…"

Yugi thought Atemu was on the tip of saying something, glanced up, before he realized it was that joking nickname Atemu had used mockingly once that Yugi had otherwise totally forgotten. It suggested something to him. The mobster madman payed more attention than Yugi gave him credit for.

Somehow that, that revealed focus, made Yugi want him.

He leant, in something of a dreamless, tranced, rush and lips parting, fingers coiling, took the head into his mouth. Atemu moaned, guttural, sound spreading through his chest with that same wildfire intensity with which he did everything and coiled his fingers hard against Yugi's scalp.

Yugi felt the skin on his tongue, the taste he couldn't quite escape from as his knees flexed under him. Atemu began to drip on his tongue in hot, thick, drops. Yugi's fingers squeezed, one set on the pointed hip peeking out from under the dress pants, the other stroking from the curls up the shaft.

His eyes fell shut, he forgot, he circled the skin and found he liked the feel of how jets of melted metal surged between the arteries of his thighs. His knees settled astride to hold him up and Yugi liked the part, the strain, in his muscles. Atemu sighed down on him and sinking into the feeling of dazed gooey metallic warmth Yugi slid thicker, firmer, skin into his mouth.

His lips stretched, Atemu hardened with a groan, and Yugi felt acutely the way the man's cock opened him up, felt heavy in his mouth…

He was drifting but it was so good in those seconds.

Atemu's hips bucked, purposeful and steady trying to persuade Yugi to take a little more and half-spluttering, grip flexing on his hip, Yugi tried to spread his jaw to accommodate the girth. The ache was almost painful, he couldn't hold it long, and sinking away he drew till he only had the head on his tongue. It was thick with pre-cum, the taste intensified and then…

Yugi's eyes had fallen shut at some point, he vaguely remembered letting it happen, but the next few moments of wet sucking, licking, up and down Atemu's cock faded out of focus. Yugi remembered more clearly the shark intake of breath that was Atemu's, the guttural pulse of his throat, primal vaguely inhuman noises…

Atemu's fingers fisted in his hair, smoothed down his neck, purring and hushing Yugi thought he heard him murmur something. Yugi still wasn't sure if he liked this, if he wanted this, if he should've been doing this but he was under a wave of hormones. There was something vaguely entrancing about the taste. He floated.

"Ah fuc-"

Atemu's hips jolted, Yugi's nails dug into the skin and shuddering through a hiss Yugi heard Atemu's voice break. He perceived the change and was very nearly, bizarrely, satisfied by it before the first jet of cum hit his tongue. Yugi cringed back on reflex, Atemu's fingers razor tight and shivering he was rendered incapable of slipping the cock out of mouth. Another thick hit of cum, Atemu purring, and forced to feel it Yugi was overcome by the filthy, previously unknown, compulsion to swallow.

So he did.

Atemu rasped, swore, continued dripping just at the sensation.

It wasn't pleasant but the whole act of it made Yugi hard. Bitter, honey thick, sliding sluggishly down his throat under effort.

Something in that gave, changed, and pulling hard Atemu handled Yugi clumsily back onto his feet. Yugi was still hard, squished against the bigger body, and fingers squirming back into his hair Atemu kissed him hard. Yugi grasped, sighed, felt a headache coming on and the bitterness of the aftertaste but dismissed it for the burn of the mobster's lips. His thighs tingled, insides squirmed, and with that little injection of heat Atemu had, once again, sliced at something stable inside Yugi. The purity of his inner virgin sundered.

They half fell back into the desk, Yugi's hip hit the wood and stumbling they had to find their feet without stopping the wet procession of tiny, biting, kisses. Yugi's fingers scraped his cheek, Atemu pressed his waist, groped over his ass tightly and arms pinned between them Yugi had lost focus.

Something beeped as Yugi hit into the desk again and stalling he twisted his head away from the kiss, panting, to find it. It was a button on his watch, something silly, and blinking dizzily Yugi realized as he grabbed it, Atemu kissing wetly up the column of his neck, that some forty minutes had elapsed.

He held the plastic in his hand, that easy to clean rubber band that held nothing infectious, and blinked at the watch face as his heart caught up with is head. Atemu's mouth licked, sweet swipes, behind his neck and murmuring in his throat Yugi had to push at him weakly.

"Tem," he gave out, the man's teeth against his neck. "I need to go to bed. He'll be upset if he wakes up and I'm not there..."

Atemu gave a weaker kiss, seemed to sober and standing from his hunch, still glassy, wiped weakly at his mouth.

"Yeah," he nodded, panting. "Right."

They were still locked round each other. Yugi brushed his own face, eyes sinking and clavicle cold as his fingers idled on Atemu's. In soft pause, gentle motions, they unpeeled and as it happened Yugi became exhausted.

Yugi zipped his jeans, arousal insistent but waning and tucking himself back in Atemu still drew his attention even flaccid. Yugi knew now how his cock tasted and there was…Yugi felt himself colour sharply, pushed at his hair and Atemu squeezed his limp hand.

"Night," he whispered.

"Yeah, night," Yugi flexed his own grip letting their eyes meet for a second.

Yugi didn't do much after midnight aside from swallow, in more ways than one, and slumping up in bed let their little monster squirm nestling into him while his tremulous thighs ached. Everything was heavy, everything was hot, and exhausted he drudged into unconsciousness before Yami's unaware squirms really pushed against his stomach.

Yugi's hair had a tendency to clump, tangling, from doing very little. He kept a comb on his desk to this day. So it was hardly any work to pick up the brush on his desk, grasp Yami's shoulder as he darted past and drag him close enough to work out a knot in the creature's new, thick, hair.

"Hey, sweetie," Yugi muttered, "you know…"

He paused.

He didn't trust this angle, the night before was still on his tongue bitterly and it made him want to say strange things. Carefully he turned the sharp eyed thing round, took its hands and brought their faces very close till purring, Yami butted their foreheads. Yugi broke his smile.

"You know you can't use that tail of yours, alright?" Yugi had never tried to explain this. He didn't know if he should.

Yami grunted, perplexed, upturning his face.

"Cause, you know this?" Yugi held his hand out and both of Yami's in the opposing palm the creature blinked lazily before flickering the tip of his tail into Yugi's hand so the geneticist could scrape the barbed black end. "It's got venom in it. It could kill me."

A low, hoarse, sound erupted in the back of Yami's throat. His little hands clenched.

"So even if you're mad, I need you to be gentle," Yugi murmured. "You're getting bigger. You might even get bigger than me. I made sure when you were little to be careful with you so I didn't hurt you. I need you to to the same thing for me when you get big. Okay?"

Yami butted their foreheads. Yugi didn't want fear but he was already worried himself. He might as well be honest.

Yami whined, pulled his hands free and twittering with his teeth threw two heavy arms round Yugi's neck.

"Shhh, hey, shh," Yugi squeezed, lips against his cheek. "Shh, everything's okay. I just want you to know. It's so we don't have an accident. That's all. Shhh, Mama's here…"

Why'd he say that?

Yugi caught it out of his lips but it was gone before he could reel it back and Yugi almost cringed. Damn it. That was about mistake… Yugi had lost count. It was in the early hundreds. Yugi shouldn't have mentioned the barb or the neurotoxin either. Maybe then Yami wouldn't have…no, he would've known. A snake knows intrinsically that it's venomous doesn't it? At least on some level?

Yugi held him, his little monster, and the scar along his forearm from specimen one ached.

Yami was up to Yugi's clavicle suddenly when slumping onto the cold floor he squawked slow and unpleasant. Yugi glanced from the desk, tilted round his screen and legs pulling in then stretching out Yami squirmed onto his back with another deep chested Labrador groan.

"You okay kiddo?"

He was restless, jointed feet flexed till his clawed toes scrapped the seamless floor and little fingers pressing Yami rubbed grunting, a fat lizard, at the hollow of his cheek along the curve of his jaw.

"Hey," Yugi skidded the wheeled chair back, skimming out from behind the desk. "What's wrong baby?"

Yugi didn't wear his lab coat anymore. It was all too easily informal as he sunk onto his thighs on the floor by Yami's side and took the child's- creature's jaw in his cupping hands. Yami looked to him, opened his lips soundlessly and rolled the muscles till Yugi felt his jaw pop a little. His brow furrowed under Yugi's ghosting fingers and scrunching up his face he gave a rolling growl down the throat.

"Does it hurt?"

Yami nodded; herumphed.

"Open your mouth," Yugi leant over him trying not to obscure the light overhead and opening wthe creature let his lanky legs slump lazily, fatly, on the floor. "Little wider baby…"

Yami did, Yugi felt his jaw move though his fingers barely touched the off-hew skin and pressing down gently he felt the shape of the bone tilting it in his hands.

"Ow…" Yugi whispered, cringing.

His gut turned.

Yami's gums inflamed he could see the canines, the lines of incisors, seemed a little sharper. Teething? Again? But he was so much bigger now. Yugi's head swam, tried to compress the details without letting uncertainty fill his features and stroking through the creature's hair he pressed the gums through the cheek. He didn't like putting his hands in Yami's mouth.

Yami grumbled, snorting deeper and turned his head in Yugi's hands lips slumping back together.

"Up you get," Yugi hefted himself back to his felt, tugging at the creature's scrawny upper arms hooking into the familiar joints of his arm pits to try and entice the too-big baby-body up. Jointed feet twisting on the tiles Yami complied.

They stood, Yami's arms hooked stubbornly round his waist and slumping in the creature's youngling head slumped, burrowing, into Yugi's clavicle.

"I know, it hurts," Yugi consoled stroking through his hair. Yami squeezed, nestled, wanted comfort of a human level and patting his back Yugi tried to hustle him back into sluggish motion. "It's okay, let's go get you something, hmm?"

Yugi convinced him to move but sullen now Yami refused to detach from his hip, leaning into it, as they waltzed. Yugi managed, at last, down the hall to put him in a padded office chair in one of the many med rooms when spotting the cupboard Yugi pushed to untangle him gently.

"Sit down," he instructed.

Yami grunted.

"I need to get you something for your mouth sweetie," Yugi promised, "just sit for a sec."

A gentle stroke was needed before finally slumping Yami slouched like a despondent schoolboy into the office chair. Yugi reached, had to arch on his tiptoes, and finding the top shelf scrapped down something he hadn't used in months. The little packet of gel fit snugly in his hand and falling back to the balls of his feet Yugi bent back to Yami.

The creature sniffed, shoulders lax, and for today Yugi had only convinced him into boxers and a ridiculous old Zeppelin shirt but it was better than nothing.

"Can you put this on your gums for me?" Yugi unscrewed the cap.

Yami held out his hands, leaning up, and squeezing out a dollop onto his clawed fingers Yugi portioned it out. The silly little thing looked distant, thoughtful, as opening his mouth he slipped the digits in messily to scrape the gel over the insides of his mouth.

He flinched, sighed a little, and hand coming back out looked to Yugi.

"Little more?"

Yami nodded.

He dabbed, Yami rubbed and hands eventually falling into his lap the creature blinked thick aubergine to Yugi.

"That any better kiddo?"

Sniffing up, priggishly, Yami nodded. Yugi patted over his head and slotted the gel into his pocket for later.

"You want to come sit with me?" Yugi offered.

Yami nodded miserably.

"Okay," he smiled, "why don't we read something?"

Another sullen, curt, jerk of the head.

Yami fell, head into his lap, legs slumping limp on the mattress and uncrossing his thighs Yugi flipped back the leathery pages. Brand new, freshly printed, it was something vague Yugi didn't quite remember. He thought, actually, it was Treasure Island but he wasn't entirely sure this far ahead. He was never entirely sure if Yami listened, if Yami understood, but he supposed he did.

Yami was heavier, bigger, stretching out and the idea his teeth were changing made Yugi uneasy. The male thing drew its legs up, curled in and burrowing his face into Yugi's knee hid from the light till his breathing steadied. Yugi's voice drifted off dry after thirty minutes, checking the time, one hand letting the book rest on the bed while the other rubbed down Yami's tense back and when his gaze returned the little monster raised its head. Snorting, smiling, Yugi pulled the book back up, opened his lips and Yami's face disappeared back into his jeans.

They were moments Yugi couldn't steal back, couldn't recreate.

Yami squirmed up onto his elbows eventually, face tight, and rubbed his jaw irritably.

"Is it aching?"

He nodded.

They reapplied the cream and by early afternoon Yugi was giving him ice cream afraid the usual gnaw of a bone might inflame the issue of the pain. He turned to the sink for one moment, fetching himself something and turning back found Yami chewing the spoon weakly between the back rows.

He almost said something but, weakened, settled for;

"That feel any better?"

Distracted, Yami nodded sloppily and munched groves into the silverware. He couldn't snap solid silver yet, not like the table leg, but Yugi was beginning to wonder.

Yami lay into Yugi's chest and chewed steadily most of the night. His restlessness, his twist, kept himself up as well as his caretaker. Yugi slipped in and out of consciousness, rubbed his back with every flicker of awareness and arms pinned between their sides Yami held himself very close increasingly uncomfortable.

Yugi scarified three spoons and a leather boot (utterly ruined) till eventually the pain seemed to peter off. Yami scratched his neck propped on a med cot and leaning into his arms Yugi looked over him.

"Do they still hurt?"

Yami looked to him, keener again, and shook his head.

"That's good," Yugi smiled and, finally settled, Yami smiled back rubbing at his eyes. "You want a nap in a little while maybe? You didn't sleep much last night."

Yami sniffed, grunted, seemed undecided.

"Let's have a look," Yugi raised his hand, "open?"

Rubbing under his nose one final time Yami spread his lips and parted his jaw wider.

Yugi tried, valiantly, to find a doctor's face over the knot that yanked inside his stomach. Yami's legs swung, bored, dangling off the floor as holding his cheek, thumb brushing his lower lip down, Yugi exposed his teeth better.

Bigger, sharper, longer the glimmering set of whites seemed too big for his mouth.

"Close your teeth for me kiddo?"

Yami pressed them together and pointed tips fell sharply into two perfect, solid, rows. They were big, so big, hardly human and all predator. Yugi swallowed.

"Hey, you think you could help me out with a few things today?"

Yami's nose wiggled, liked the sound of focus, attention, and nodded dumbly.

It took Yugi only twenty minutes to find and calibrate the equipment.

"Right; bite this as hard as you can. Okay?" Yugi offered the little piece to him and taking it Yami squeezed it roughly between perfectly razor rows of incisors utterly unperturbed by the sharpness of his own grasp.

The readings spiked in the sensors, Yugi patted his knee for the creature to hold it and pressing down the button Yugi paused the number.

"That's it, we're good," Yugi smiled letting Yami relax as he offered his hand. "Here, give me that."

The mauled pad came back into his palm and the read out sat blaring at him. Yugi pivoted in the desk chair, patted the calculator, and lips falling apart in thoughtful flashes of whispers murmured the numbers. BFQ measured in pressure versus mass of the animal.


Yugi swallowed. That was, in layman's terms, a set of jaws, a bite, stronger than a jaguar's 137. He made a note of it in Atemu's report.

Atemu emailed him, for the first time, after that report:

Put the little monster to bed and I'll come down.

Yugi tried not to rise incredulously to his feet as the security door whooshed open. Atemu looked every bit himself and something in Yugi lurched, very suddenly, to be held. He fought the instinct but must've seemed rattled or else Atemu had the same impulse because four strides past the vault door Atemu turned his chair and took his elbow.

He pulled Yugi up, or Yugi stood, either way in a consensual motion Yugi was up in his arms and Atemu was snug fast round him. Yugi's hands fisted on his biceps, Atemu's palm came flush into the small of his back and Yugi was instantaneously cold.

"What's wrong?" Atemu murmured.

Yugi shook his head.

"He's getting big."

He nodded, head slumping weakly into Atemu's waiting, firm, shoulder. His nails dug, unconsciously, into the ripple of the crisp shirt.

"It hormonal yet?"

"I don't think so," Yugi whispered.

"Keep an eye on it," Atemu ordered, half rocking them in the stillness of the stance. "Email me. We can vault it."

"No," he shook his head stubbornly as his heart broke, "it's okay. We don't need to. He's fine, I'm just edgy."

"It starts making outbursts we're putting it in a tank," Atemu whispered, "you can finish the obs that way."

Yugi burned. This was his, his firstborn almost, his…his baby…the image came down on him shatteringly hard. He didn't want Yami taken, didn't want him away, the whole concept of separation before that moment of time, that inevitable end, was jarringly painful to sense. It was an edge that plied a little too hard into Yugi's heart when he was aware of it as if the notion made him push against it. Still in only one outburst, in just five minutes, Yami could kill him now.

"It'll be fine." He promised. He'd lie at that point.

"It's docile with you," Atemu shrugged, rubbing blandly up his spine. "You're Mama."

"Yeah," Yugi murmured with a weak, broken, laugh under his breath.

"It'll be fine," Atemu parroted.

"Need to start bringing me doughnuts." He joked.

"Bought you better," he answered stiffly drawing the flask out of his pocket, "have a drown of this."

Yugi hesitated but took the silver in hand. He already ached, he was already afraid, and unscrewing the cap in Atemu's arms considered the smell of the thing. It had a hard, unpleasant, tang. He sniffed, made a mistake and tipping the tip back took heavy, fast, swallows. Two, three, four… the thing lightened. It had a rushing, horrible, taste that burned his throat viciously as Atemu rubbed the small of his back.

He fell forward, exhaled heavily, and taking the flask off him Atemu emptied the last three swallows. It might've been because he needed them or it might just have been because he didn't want Yugi to empty the whole thing and take it all to the head.

Yugi slumped into him, closed his eyes, and fingers digging up his back wanted everything easier. His throat was uncomfortably rancid, stripped, but he didn't want to leave to remedy it.

Atemu propped it, the flask, on the desk behind them and then lips hard rocked up in a surge to him.

Pheromones were a thing, Yugi read about them, and it all equivocated to the human brain trying to entice two animals breed. They made him forget common sense. Or maybe it was the thrum of too much strong alcohol hitting his system and depressing his brain. It was a depressant after all; killed inhibitions and softened clarity, caused missteps in perception and weight. That was, reducibly, why Yugi leant so strong into Atemu as the mobster's fingers scrunched all the way up his shoulders the salt of Irish liquor burning their breath.

The brain responds to symmetry, it denotes healthy genes, and shapes the entire human idea of attraction based on genetic familiarity. Knowing that changes a moment. Yugi knew Atemu only smelt good, rich, as his hands sunk down the man's neck because Yugi could smell the gene compatibility. There were verified test notes on it using gym shirts and socks that stripped out the flesh from every flouncy love story ever written.

Yugi knew the only reason he liked the slip of Atemu's tongue slick into his mouth was because that thrill that ran up his spine was actually timed endorphins. The brain releases a wave of them during French kisses because the interplay of saliva is a safe way to share antibodies for varying diseases between humans.

Atemu hooked his hand under Yugi's knee, hiked it up, and in the school door knock of their hips hefted Yugi a little up against the desk. The sheets rumpled, crackled, like dying twigs and toes flexing Yugi stood a little taller his fingers threaded through Atemu's hair, down his neck, over his muscled shoulders. Leather, metal, Atemu tasted vaguely like blood as his tongue weaved against Yugi's and it obscured the burn of the liquor shooting like a lethal injection to Yugi's brain fuddling everything.

It wasn't a small flask and Atemu never took anything gentle. It was made for sipping, shots, not deep, starving, swallows Yugi had taken as if he was in his death throes. He needed it, it supressed the panic.

Atemu pushed, Yugi was dazed enough to comply and stumbling his hands fell back to support himself because Atemu's arms were too busy lifting his legs trying to put him on the desk.

Yugi's ass slid over the paperwork, Atemu's hands parted his knees, prowled in and kissing Yugi's spine fell back into the most comfortable position available. The desk wasn't wide enough, Yugi's shoulders hung off the edge, his head lulling unsupported into space and upside down his already sickened head spun as Atemu licked, nipping, over his navel tween spread legs.

The mobsters scarred fingers slid over his sides. Everything was sloppy to Yugi's memory, slushing, as his hand lulled stupidly by his mouth.

He remembered it wasn't the most delicate, the sweetest, time they copulated but it was the first. Atemu pulled his jeans off a little hard, jerking clumsily in his own feverish desire to be totally entrenched inside Yugi. The motion lurched Yugi, the way Atemu yanked his hips up made him feel like he'd fall from the desk and sliding hit his head on the tiles. His hands grasped, blindly, for the opposing rim of the desk top to hold onto for purchase.

Atemu's hand held his thigh too hard, now bare, and head back world spinning Yugi closed his eyes to hear the guttural rip of the condom between the mobster's teeth. Yugi's purred, soft and lost, soothed.

Atemu hissed, Yugi forced his shoulders up and watched blankly, hungry in a strange alien way, as the man smoothed the wrap over his freshly aching cock. Atemu dragged him down by the crook of his knee, made Yugi's head spin, his stomach lurch. Atemu bent, scrapped like a digging squirrel in the drawers of Yugi's desk till he found the medical gel or was it the extra hand sanitizer? Yugi couldn't quite remember and neither could he.

Yugi hiccupped, groaned back brokenly, at the practiced twist of Atemu's finger digging into him. It was a whoosh, slapped the air out of his diaphragm from blissful, calm, normalcy but tipsy Yugi didn't tense, clench, properly. He slumped, let it happen, found it wickedly intrusive. Instinct dictated to him, in a ghost whisper, to hold the edge of the desk tight in one hand and slip the fingers of the other over his aching arousal. So he did.

"Na-ha," he coughed.

Atemu was slumbering in his pace, Yugi heard the squelch of the second digit before he was quite ready and it sent a queasy tremor through his pelvis and the back of his neck. Somehow though, wrong-right, he liked it all.

Everything sloshed, Yugi was strangled by the rumble of colours making his head heavier but then, too soon, Atemu was rubbing the blunt tip of his arousal at Yugi's half-heartedly pried body. He sunk, Yugi became breathless, and it was instantly erotic but too much. There was an ache, Yugi groaned, tightened the mumble of his fingers over himself and straining couldn't quite move to any great resistance.

"Oah…" Atemu turned his lips, swore viciously hard and hoarse under his breath till his voice was like clippers. Hands fastened vice tight round Yugi's hips to drag them solidly into each other, thumping their body weight into the desk.

Yugi didn't have it in him to be tense. The burn was pleasant in a sickening spinning way and head sighing back into unsupported space he moaned trying to wrap his legs stupidly round the mobsters hips.

Atemu bucked, thrust brokenly into heat and unbent security not properly pried open while askew lips hanging open Yugi let him ankles squeezing in a lopsided lock. Sigh, loosening tightness and space, air, then whoosh, impact, invasion, the broken arch of the spine, the slap of Atemu's heavy balls against the back of Yugi's spread cheeks…


Atemu growled, skin slapped hard, the pulse of hips burying him to the hilt almost slid Yugi off the polished wood and gasping he scrambled to dig his nails in.

Another hard thrust; short and deep.

"Nha-Wait! Wait!" Yugi panted, finding his elbows. "Up-yaah-nrgh…" His attempt tumbled into tight growling murmurs mid-sentence.

Atemu's arm wrapped round his back, pulled him up and the mobster seemed to comprehend before the other had even finished the thought. Yugi's vision swam as he came back up the right way, throat burning and in a clumsy, perhaps too loud, scamper the man fell back into the desk chair almost missing it as his still clad ass skidded on cotton.

It pulled Yugi down onto him, into his lap, induced a ripple of horrible sensation and sound.

Yugi remembered everything tangled but all his wires of long term memory and coherency were still there. He wasn't drunk he was just foggy, a mild mist, that buzzed him just enough to make him clumsier, careless. Yugi's head fell back aroused, Atemu kissed soft then firm up his jugular as Yugi's fingers curled in his hair and pulsating Yugi rode his hips. They moaned, the wheels creaked, Yugi couldn't seem to bounce himself high enough in his steady seat astride the man's hard cock and it all…

He moaned into Atemu's ear, kissed him, and supping Atemu pulled his mouth down for sweeter contact. They were almost starving. Yugi didn't remember sexual tension on his part at the beginning, he certainly felt it after, but he noticed, in the interim glancing over his shoulder through time, that Atemu had always lingered a little close into coupling imagery. Perhaps, as far as Yugi could recollect, from day one Atemu Sennen had found him attractive, intelligent, determined… or maybe Yugi just read too far into old scraps of the skewed comments he remembered.

Either way, cemented together, purr-purring in that primal way they crested the wave and crying against the spasm in his throat Yugi clenched his teeth not to scream. Yami was asleep down the hall, he had thought, Yami was asleep while his essential mother and father…

Yugi remembered them laying forehead to forehead, cupping Atemu's cheeks, head swimming as slumped into the groaning desk chair they panted off the fumes left over.

Atemu kissed him, Yugi returned the whole motion, and the mobster's hands stroked over his elbows. They sort of liked each other, recognized a member of the same species. If they had a sub-species, which Yugi was sure they did, it was categorized by bad ideas, little foresight, stunted emotional growth and obsessive compulsive tendencies. Unhealthy they were electrically safe, an oasis, together. Two years later Yugi couldn't fathom breathing without the psychopath who panted under him then.

Yugi yawned into Atemu's neck, rubbed his shoulder absently as his head fell and stiffening a little Atemu straightened under him.

Yugi froze, panicked.

"What?" He whispered sharply.

"Nothing," Atemu muttered falling back, "thought I heard something."

Yugi turned over the yoke of his shoulder, heart fluttering and reviewed the obscured semi darkness of the lab round them. Nothing there he joked to himself. It was all okay, salvageable, Yami was asleep. Their little den of infamy was safe another soft farmer's night.

Still Yugi stood a little faster, cleaned a little quicker, without waiting for his legs to stop trembling totally after that. His body ached, a little raw from the intrusion and the fusion but he dismissed it under the back ache of playing with Yami all day.

He was still semi breathless but less lightheaded as in gruff whispers Atemu kissed him goodnight and agreeing to security details they parted.

It had to have been then…

It couldn't have…

It had to have…

Yugi ruined everything.

Yami was up to his shoulder, ptt-ptt-ing, under the spray of the quarantine shower shaking his rumpled, soaking, hair as Yugi dragged his fingers through his own.

Shampoo suds, slick, ran down Yugi's cheeks as elbows up he watched the creature shake its head and turning its nose up close its eyes into the bare spray of the shower heads.

Yami's tail swished. The taloned, venomous, tip idling uncovered and gentle against the air though it had a tendency to scrape Yugi's flank in passing as Yami stood with his eyes closed. It was some reassurance mechanism, checking that Yugi, that Mama, was still right beside him. Yugi wasn't even sure if the creature was entirely aware he did it or if it was just subconscious, instinctive.

What would something like Yami be like with its own young? With the genetically compatible? Yugi could only guess. Apes, chimpanzees, raised their young for considerable periods but crocodiles, snakes, an assortment of the things cobbled into Yami's genetic sequence abandoned their hatchlings at birth. Yugi didn't even know how Yami's kind would or could breed.

It was then, Yugi thought, that he noticed, while Yami sniffed, the burgeoning haze of coarse hair forming between the creature's strengthening legs. Hormones, adolescents…

Yugi swallowed, hurting.

Yami stretched out in his sleep then, in those days Yugi resumed measuring him every morning, till he consumed most of the mattress during the night. His internal temperature, his core body heat, had risen by then to be stably higher than Yugi's so he tended to toss free the sheets but in the night Yugi would burrow into them. Maybe it was an effect of the air conditioning on Yami or something more naturalistic. Those variables were harder to pin down.

He woke one day, somewhere towards the end, with Yami's arm over his blanketed waist. The thing had sprawled along his back, laying his weight folded over Yugi's, well-armed mouth slack along the back of Yugi's neck.

In an instant, groggy with bed warmth, Yugi pushed into it and Yami's grip tightened round him. Yugi blinked, dazed and weak to find that, for the first time, Yami was holding him not nestled into Yugi's bosom like a frightened, twittering, march hare.

The thick, tightly coarse, pubic hair became more apparent in a week or less and no less than three weeks after his teeth had so expanded Yami stood eye to eye with Yugi.

He sprawled, when Yugi glanced, on the cool spread of the seamless floor under a vent from the air conditioning like a well muscled jungle cat. Yugi turned down, tried to focus on another detailed, uneasy, report to Atemu about the increased toxicity of the creature's venom and began to wonder if he'd need a new anti-venom.

Yami's appetite had expanded. He'd sniffed out half the cupboards when three fattened badgers didn't seem quite to sate him anymore in the last week. Atemu had sent a calf, about four feet tall, and in a sealed vault Yami had munched the bones clear that morning. Yugi had seen, on the security fed from his computer, how Yami could bite open the bones and find the protein rich marrow to strip even that down. He processed everything; intestinal tract, skin, the jellied eyes…

He finally, only now, seemed quenched and scrapping his claws on the tiles Yami settled back fatly with his navel exposed and a tiny ghosting trail of snake hairs tingling up from his covered groin to his high set belly button.

He was getting so big.

Yugi swallowed, rested his face into his hands, and began to worry. Young tended to peel off from their mothers, their original packs, to assert themselves either independently or in a new group of the same species. There would be, Yugi worried, an invisible line to pass where Yugi would no longer be considered kin and perhaps, newly, considered food.

His chest tightened.

Yami rose to his elbows and huffing deep in the back of his muzzle had a much deeper set of sounds that emanated out of his broadening chest now. Yugi glanced up, jolted, and keening Yami seemed to inquire.

Yugi forced a smile.

"It's okay," he rasped weakly, scared.

Yami frowned, rolled onto his knees and trekking up onto his hairless lion paw jointed human-toed feet padded to Yugi. Yugi locked the screen. He was too smart.

Yami leant, hunched almost like Atemu would and leaning butted his forehead into Yugi's cheek. His heart flipped, he almost cried, and raising his hand patted the other's cheek as Yami's nose nuzzled into the plush of his.

"It's okay," he promised hoarsely, "I'm fine."

Yami gave another, purposefully gentle, nuzzle into his shoulder.

Yugi woke one morning, almost there, with Yami's chin resting atop his sleeping head. It seemed to happen overnight that coiled afresh round him the thing was bigger than him, holding him, nesting.

Yugi forced his normal smile, nudged the now tensely solid navel of the beast, and tried to convince him to rise.

"Come on big guy," he patted lost into Yami's hair, unable now to force him to do anything. "Breakfast."

Prill-ing in the back of his throat, like a large bird, kind of the same deep throated noise a pelican made Yami buried his face in Yugi's side arms slung round his waist. Yugi tried to laugh, hoarse, and scrapped his nails between newly defined shoulder blades.


Yami grunted but raising his mused hair complied, glancing glassily to Yugi with those big reptilian eyes. The pupils had morphed a little, not quite slitted, expanded rather to see better in darkness; to hunt. Yugi felt like he was looking into a fish tank.

Yami measured seven feet tall that morning.

Yugi emailed Atemu.

It was all kosher, the typical nursery, by noon. Yugi had centrifuges on the work bench. Yami was slouched in a desk chair, tail swishing, eyes flickering between Yugi's back, the rubric cube delicately prized in his sharpened fingers, and the folded open copy of Jane Eyrepropped on a nearby desk just within reach of those sinewy arms of his.

The security door whooshed.

Yami leant up taller, eyes keen and glinted like a well-trained grey hound. He sniffed deep, rubric cube still in his fingers, and the tension that extended through his taunt legs and honed abdominals highlighted what was still exposed of that trailing pubic hair running from his off-hue belly button.

"It's okay," Yugi cooed gently, "it's just 'Tem."

Yami's eyes flickered to him, then sharply back towards the door and noise twittering sniffed as he stilled.

Atemu strode in, all saunter, and careless grinned over Yami like he owned the place. He did but Yugi doubted Yami would see it that way. Would he still remember? Still know the smell? His glinted eyes narrowed.

Atemu threw a crinkling paper bag over the silver coated lab table where Jane Eyrelay and winked.

"There ya go muscles, brought doughnuts, help yourself."

Yami's gaze didn't flicker and keeping a good three feet as he passed the closet point near the creature, specimen thirteen, Atemu didn't make eye contact entirely as he passed round him. Yami followed him without ever moving, shoulders down, forearms between his knees with the cube in his clawed fingers till everything about him seemed too long and bony. If he stood now he'd been imposing over Atemu's six-four. Atemu gave him an almost subtle wide berth.

He came to Yugi by the centrifuge, ducking in smooth and fearless.

"Look it's all grown up," Atemu teased striding in to hook his arm jovially round Yugi's waist. The touch still burned down Yugi's thighs as Atemu's lips came close to his cheekbone. "It's even got your eyes baby-mama."

Two things happened simultaneously.

"Sto-" Yugi nearly coloured, hand slipping over Atemu's clavicle to push him away, and tried to defend himself from the teasing however weakly. Atemu's presence sent a well recalled ripple of heat through him like an infection that left Yugi's scar tingling.


Yami hissed.

It cut a metaphysical string in the air. Everything shifted polarity. Everything dropped about four degrees noticeably.

The creature, their creature, hunched slightly. Their fat march hair baby lessened to compress those seven feet of sinewy muscle. Fingers arched round the plastic technicolour cube, tail raised behind it, it made a noise which drew its lips from its well set teeth and, in the snarl, reminded Yugi of Australian lizards.

They were brittle in the sharp intake of breath that followed.

Atemu had frozen, watching.

Yugi saw Yami hunch lower, sinking into the same stance he used to make before pouncing into Yugi's lap when he was the size of a house cat, and pushing stoutly Yugi forced Atemu off him to stumble a foot back. The man was too focused on Yami to really notice, eyes steady, and all at once Sennen was curt business. Yami's tail swayed, he straightened a little but eased only a portion.

"What the fuckwas that?" Atemu hissed softly through his teeth to Yugi, eyes never wavering off it.

"I think…" Yugi swallowed, leaning the small of his back into the counter, hands gripping the sides. "I think he's reached sexual maturity which would make that, I guess, a claim for dominance as alpha male. It's all the mammal in him it-"

"You guess?"

"Of course I guess," Yugi spat, this had always been theoretical sciences they were flying off.

They'd gone into this blind as badgers. Parenthood turned nasty now, sharp focus, and Yugi was so aware that Yami understood them but couldn't reply. He was so aware that Atemu's itusage might be insulting.

"And why," Atemu grunted in combat stance steady, "didn't it hiss at you Honey?"

"Because sweetheart," Yugi stiffened, trying not to seethe. "While you're out all day playing gangster I'm here raising him. He thinks I'm mama. Literally."

"Oh joy."

Atemu had always been absent, spaced, healthily distanced but that had created a new chemistry down here in the pit Yugi realized. Yugi was kin still but evidently Atemu wasn't so much anymore. That was what he got, what he deserved really, for leaving Yugi languishing with the child. Yugi hadn't seen sunlight, hadn't been able to steal away, in months. He'd adjusted to the den.

Yami watched, wouldn't move.

"I think you better go." Yugi murmured, glancing coyly in suggestion. "I'll email you the details."

"Right," Atemu rasped still against the same counter, "I'll be waiting."

He pushed up, stood his full height, and again, ever so slightly, Yami bent like a stag for combat jaw tightening.

"Yami," Yugi piped.

The pupils flickered, looked for distress, then flashed back to Atemu.

"It's fine," Yugi insisted, "he just came to say hello. He bought food. He's leaving. Don't be rude."

It sounded so stupid. Yugi almost added; it's daddybut his tremulous lips were too cautious to let him. Atemu took a step, shoulders prize fighter steady and eyes focused like the pair of them were circling beasts. Yami wouldn't sit back.

On the backs of his eyelids as he blinked Yugi could see Yami ripping Atemu's ribcage open.

Yugi held out his hands, hushed his voice and tried to appeal in offering.

"Yami," he cooed, "come here."

He held his arms out to the creature this time.

It was the biggest mistake he'd ever made.

Yami's vision came to him, startled, while Atemu stepped. Yami twisted back hissing and Atemu paused standing tall. The moment lapsed. Its eyes roved hesitantly over Yugi, narrowed and considering and then to Atemu with a squawking, deep bellied, grumbling.

Yugi's fingers shook.

Yami stood, on those so inhuman feet, and hunching a little stepped out. His hand, in an all too human gesture left the cube by Jane Eyre and chest broad bought himself proudly closer to Atemu.

Yami watched him, the beast in the cage, and always a trainer, always a warrior, Atemu didn't even flinch. Didn't even seem to breathe as seven feet of monster murmured with a low, rolling, rasp past him.

Yugi expected it to come into his arms, like always, but instead Yami took his fingers in his, lowered their hands, and while Yugi's navel clenched, butterflies exploding, Yami's well-sharpened jaw tilted closer. Atemu watched.

Yugi shivered, just breathing, as rumbling out a sigh Yami rested, eventually, with his nose bent onto Yugi's cheek bone raise under the skin. He mumbled, a twitter of a smaller animal, and nudging his nose into Yugi the young man closed his eyes half terrified half wondered.

Atemu took a slow, loud, step.

Yami rested into Yugi.

Atemu walked, even footed, out of the lab and it wasn't until step three in that slow vigil onward that Yugi could bring himself to open his eyes and watch. Fear compounded. Fear of losing his young, fear of being eaten, all of it mingled till Yugi tasted bile.

Yami licked his cheek, a tiny swipe, and when he was the size of a march hare and the shape of a rat he used to drag that sandpaper tongue over Yugi's palm all the time. Yugi remembered, it juxtaposed, it frightened him.

What had he done…?

Yugi convinced Yami somehow, nearly voiceless and shaking as he was, to sit back down. Yugi couldn't quite remember how. He thought it was with the promise of the doughnuts and as he opened the packet, standing by the table with Yami in his seat beside again Yugi almost dropped them.

His hand dipped into the plastic and Yami's long, heavy, vaguely-green arm wrapped round his waist just to hang there. Comfort, peace, terror, anxiety… Yugi became very clumsy suddenly pressing the dough into his mouth and closing his eyes in each blink for longer than was necessary.

Yugi and Atemu eventually got a chance to argue on the email.

The mobster had detailed ideas of how to knock out their creature-feature but it would take time and organizing.

Yugi didn't want Yami rattled any more that morning, insisted he was fine.

Atemu backed off but only a hesitant smidgen and said they'd need to organize to tank it in the next week anyway. It was done growing. Done with everything they needed to observe.

Yugi consented, broken hearted, but convinced him to wait another few days. Another few days to mourn, to hold, to nurture the cancerous first born…

Atemu's email said he'd be watching security fed. Just in case.

Yugi should've listened to his gut.

"You should go to bed," Yugi whispered from his desk, "it's late kiddo."

Yami wasn't a fledgling anymore though. He was huge, barely dressed, and slouching in the desk chair in the low light across the room his eyes glimmered like a possum's at Yugi. He tilted his head, Yugi forced a smile.

"Go on," he tempted, "I'll be there soon."

It was the same old routine Yugi counted on. The day had been so normal since noon, relaxed, but in that second he sensed something… off.

Yugi wanted though, so badly, just to have a moment to himself to cry. He was going to lose him, that inevitable parent's letting go to empty the nest. They wouldn't kill Yami, surely, but they'd take him, test him, see if they could train him to be some Syrian war weapon… He was moving, in an old fashioned way, into his father's world. Yugi wanted to mourn.

Yami stood, impossibly well formed, and so imposing in half shadows with his legs extended and his head down.

He didn't look human or at least he looked enough so to be unnerving.

Yugi loved him, his baby, his pet but…

Even then Yugi was afraid.

Yami's tail swished in a low barely noticeable motion of the tip, not the normal lazy swagger from side to side. The pause made him seem thoughtful. He had his chin down, thinking, shoulders off balance with one slightly higher than the other as he did so.

"Yami…?" Yugi tried to pull him back to the surface. "Are you alright?"

He wasn't sure if he should've opened his mouth or should've played invisible.

Yami glanced, face closer to the light, and those dark pitch-aubergine eyes seemed vaguely normal there, more like a man's, almost like Atemu's garnet. In this alteration Yugi could make out their shared bone structure in Yami's face. Atemu's genes were still there but hidden under waves of so many non-human impulses vying for control.

Yami's eyes moved, down, up, to one side…

He stepped closer rather than away but seemed slack enough for Yugi to convince himself it was something little. Something easily fixed.

"What…?" Yugi whispered, watching transfixed and frozen.

The vibe, the atmosphere, all changed.

Yami slunk closer, claws scrapped the top of Yugi's desk, and coming round with one hand on Yugi's papers the creature bent at the waist towards him.

The second hand, claws and all, curled ever so slightly under Yugi's knee.

Yugi worried, stomach sinking, that it was sinking in for the kill. That he was going to be dinner. That he was going to die. Yugi didn't think he could hurt the thing, could struggle, when he knew that face too well. His little nudger, his little march hare house-cat boy…

Yami licked up the side of his cheek wisping out air still stagnant from the roof of his mouth where the remains of that morning's calf still sat. Death smell, meat smell, not toothpaste and Irish liquor…

It seemed harmless, Yugi held his breath, Yami's lips came together over his teeth and-

He kissed Yugi's cheek.

He'd never, ever, done that before.

Yugi's air evaporated and so, so, fast everything went wrong.

The second clawed paw, hand, skimmed from the desk to Yugi's elbow as his hands raised on impulse between them never really ghosting the skin of the bare chest. Another kiss, firmer, to his cheek and Yugi convinced himself that was okay, his baby-boy, but… the thoughts stuttered. Yugi remembered only the frantic bubble of his head, pop-pop, but outside that every motion was crystal clear, burnt, on the inside of his skull. Retrospect was 20-20 perfect vision.

Yami's fingers tightened in the second before the storm, claws digging into Yugi's skin like the tightening of a bear trap before his mouth pushed, hard, into Yugi's.


A weak, frantic, gasp fell out of Yugi. His eyes wouldn't close. Those thin lips, sharp hands, everything so uncorrelated to Yugi's native species. His arms steeled on instinct and three hundredths of a second later Yugi was pushing.

"No! Yami no! Ya-"

It was like he was disciplining the dog. The creature's grip tightened, Yugi's mouth twisted away and thin lips fell hungry on his cheek while squirming Yugi heaved at the broader, stronger, shoulders.

"-ami, pfft-" it was hard to think, to move, to breathe.

Lips pushed in an unending trail first at his cheek, then at his jaw, then half behind his ear and Yugi struggled. He was hypersensitive to those teeth, those claws, that venom that in a second of unrestrained anger could break every bone in his body now. Yami was so much bigger than him.

"-no, you can'-" he was a muttering mess. "St- wait!-"

He pushed hard as the shoulders. Yami's long, well-muscled, arms tightened in a coil pulling him into his chest one arm round Yugi's knees the other round his waist. Yugi squirmed, Yami squeezed, and the rolling desk chair under Yugi clattered back when the motion made everything awkward.

Yugi slipped out of his seat, into Yami as the only thing now holding him up and in the mess of the fall they tumbled sickeningly to the floor.


Yugi was pulled under him. Yami's claws ran up his back through Yugi's shirt, squeezed him up into the hot planes of raw muscle and lips roving its mouth was all at once back on Yugi's again. Yugi's elbows fidgeted pinned between them, hands curled weakly on the opposing sides of Yami's bare neck.

This was not in the plan. This was not supposed to happen.

This was inevitable.

Yami made a noise, rumbling, in his belly. The growl of something big, African, that descended into a hiss as that dirty not-quite right tongue of its thrust wetly to squirm into Yugi's mouth. He could taste the old blood, dead things, raw meat-

Yami purred, low and twittering but consistent. Yugi's heart skidded anxious, panicked, beats as the beast's arms folded round him. Yami's fingers curled in the back of Yugi's collar, at the top of his spine and breaking off the kiss, the tang, pushed his lips pulsing down Yugi's neck. He found the joint of Yugi's shoulder, he purred, he grumbled and every roving sound ran up its spine.

Yugi's mouth came open, his jaw warbled soundlessly like a dying bird shaking on the sand.

Yami's clawed grip moved round him. Suddenly Yugi was totally on the tall tiles long, wiry, jungle limbs over him with one dangerously venomous tail flickering out of sight.

One hand sat tight still in the back collar of his tee, the other came between them letting Yugi's legs slump onto the ground and fisting his claws in the front of Yugi's shirt-


"Hna!" Yugi gasped, tugged up almost by the force.

Both hands, both too big but perfectly proportioned hands, tugged yanking hard at the same moment tearing the cotton open. Yami could tear bones open. Yugi wasn't wearing his lab coat, all that was left was skin.

Yami ducked in, Yugi tensed afraid it'd bite his sternum open and then Yami rubbed, nose and lips, burying his face along Yugi's exposed skin. Yugi arched, legs kicking out on reflex, hands flailing for purchase. Yami purred.

Sandpapery cat's tongue licked, long and slick from Yugi's dipped navel all the way up his neck in a smooth stroke as claws came back round him twittering over vulnerably bear skin.

Yugi made a noise, tried to speak but didn't know what to do.

How did he know what to do? How'd Yami know to pounce?

It dawned on Yugi;

Daddy taught you this, didn't he?

You were watching.

It saw, it heard, it had a funnel to direct its instincts and the closest thing round here that registered as anything remotely female to take his hormone induced frustrations out on was Yugi. Yugi was mother, Yugi met criteria. Yugi hadn't passed from kin to food, oh no worse, Yugi had passed from kin to mate to fuck-


The sound strangled out broken. It came from high in Yugi's throat, outside, from some realm of fright and disgust and sensation. Yami's hands wavered between them sliding solid palm and claws that left thin red lines down Yugi's back, his side, his stomach… on the verge of bleeding. His epidermis was thinner, weaker, than Yami's with crocodile and a tendency towards exoskeletons in his DNA sequence. Yami's tongue, Yami's teeth, everywhere so hungry…

Those purrs, deep set, drowned every tiny sound of Yugi's right out. Yami's purring, grumbling, growling buttered over everything till Yugi could barely hear himself, lost, under the arch of the jungle limbs. Yugi was under a huge, smart, hot-blooded predator in the zoo after hours. Yugi was five-eight Yami was seven-nothing; outmatched. He'd lost control.

Yugi wasn't sure why but he remembered, in that moment, realizing… Or at least the epiphany struck in very specific wording in that second that; it's not going to eat you. It's going to fuck you.

Where's Atemu?

It dawned on Yugi right before an impeding sense of betrayal. That lazy bastard; watching the security feed? Yeah, sure. Fucking mobster.

Two hands, stronger than steel cables, found the waistband of Yugi's pants as Yami hunched over him. Yugi remembered the pair, he'd worn them every other day, they were long, black, they swished loose round his ankles but-

"-ami no-!"


Then they were gone.

Yugi's hips dropped back onto the tiles. He squeaked throatily. Yami's knees kicked between his, legs longer and stronger at the angle. Its forehead rested on Yugi's chest hands tearing at what was left till clinging to his legs. Cold air conditioned breath down his inner thighs, antiseptic and foreign like he was going under in a hospital for an operation.

Yugi found his elbows, up and squirm-

Yami yanked him down by his hips, licked up his neck still purring mindlessly and that tail, that neurotoxin cocktail injector, curled tight round Yugi's exposed thigh. Just like it had coiled round his arm when this thing was a ratty newborn and Yugi had bottle fed it the tail wrapped now round him with a whole flush of new implications. Whether Yami intended to make it known or not Yugi knew how much that venom could do and just how fast. He'd be dead before the thing even knew what had happened.

Yami wasn't letting go.

Yugi lay back, slumped, blinking dumbly at the stretch ivory of the laboratory ceiling of the subbasement. Everything splintered to kaleidoscope focus. This wasn't a man, this wasn't human, this was basically a seven foot snake monster… nothing could make that not unnerving, nothing in the way Yami hissed could make the sound more human, nothing at all in Yugi's memories could make him forget how this man-thing had once hopped on four legs with big beady black eyes less than a year ago.

Yami purred, hoarse grunting, and fingers extending as he hunched like a feeding beast to lick at Yugi's exposed navel ran his palms greedily up the inner flanks of Yugi's thighs. Right over where his tail was knotted round Yugi's skin, over his hip bones, over his knee…

Yugi closed his eyes. That was worse. The tongue was too triangular against the indents of his skin, the claws too pronounced. Yami sucked, teeth scrapping sharp enough to scratch, at the junction of his hip tracing the raise of the bone while Yami's broad chest sunk between Yugi's twitching legs holding them apart.

Heat, the wrong kind of arousal, Yugi's nails had nothing to dig into only a raft of seamless tiles.

Claws slightly blackened and hard tipped-toed along his thighs, Yugi's hair fell in his face, he wasn't sure if he could remember how to breathe. This was…

Yami rose, sat back and Yugi watched still sprawled on his shoulder blades as the thoughtful, hungry, portrait of an almost human face came into view. Yami was long gone from focus, submerged, Yugi wasn't reaching him now he could just tell by the eyes. It was the same look specimen thirteen got when it was eating mind otherwise occupied outside petty things like Yugi's voice.

He felt it move, thighs flexing and knew the shorts he'd talked the big thing into were gone.

Yugi found it hard to look away. Anatomically Yami was healthily in proportion, he knew that already but there was something alien and tremor inducing about…Yugi took a sharp intake of breath, didn't quite want to know or see but there it was; leaking tip, hardened length… he pursed his lips, noise tremulous in the back of his throat…

Yugi's hips made half a motion back without his conscious knowledge, rising up like a cat out of a box almost onto his elbows, forgetting how to breathe. He only noticed when Yami took his hips back in hand and purring sinuously pulled him down onto his back and closer. Oh fuck….

No condom, Yugi doubted Yami even knew what they were, just broad hips and strong abdominals bearing down against Yugi. He was engorged, he was thick, bigger than Atemu easily but then that was down to simple logic. Yugi threw his head back, tried to focus on the ceiling but his stomach turned over at the sickening realization that the next motion exposed.

Purring, Yami could squeeze his hip and his thigh simultaneously while rubbing the steadily dripping tip of his cock against Yugi's entrance. There seemed to be too much fluid, it had a different consistency to Atemu's pre-cum and the fact Yugi knew that was disturbing enough. What was worse was that the creature has essentially three hands; one on his cock, one on Yugi's hip and the tight tail looped round his thigh. It was a grip no human could mimic in the history of mankind. It reminded Yugi of what exactly was happening to him.

"Ah!-" the gasp then, "-nhggh-"

Yugi scrunched his face, eyes clenching, teeth mashing as his head contorted twisting his hair into the tiles.

The head slipped in, forced, but Yugi's body rather submitted, knees unable to draw up under the creature. Then however, all instinct, Yami thrust, all at once. The head made Yugi gasp but the rawness with which the creature sunk into him would've let him tumble into a scream if it hadn't constricted the air out of him on impact.



Yugi ground it out, cringing, clenching and extending as his toes fell from their immediate scrunch. Hissing he exhaled, eyes half opening under the sting of the bright lights, and the way he slackened wasn't so much with ease but with the same resolve anyone did after a stout punch. What else could he do? His body couldn't hold that much tension forever. It just fell, shoulders slumping, panting.

"Nhhh-rggggh…" Yami's groan intensified, head slumped like a stone on Yugi's sternum, falling into the hoarsest, nastiest, growl Yugi had ever heard the beast make. Primal satisfaction, victory, it was all there in that noise that convinced Yugi to stay slumped.

Yugi was too hot, it was the pain maybe, he knew he'd bleed a little, he had too, he was stretched too far too fast. In a flicker he was panting, sweating, and the thing hadn't even rolled its hips yet. It was just sitting, knees apart, cock entrenched satisfactorily inside Yugi.

In the spluttering pant that came out of it next Yami, specimen thirteen, almost sounded like he was laughing.

Yugi's hands lulled by his head, trying to breathe, because even unwinding didn't totally erase the way the impaling spread made him ache all the way up his spine. Yami purred then, from twittering down into jungle cat, thoroughly pleased with himself. You wanted this, didn't you? Since when? How long? When had Yugi's little monster stopped being his little monster and started giving into the precipice urge to rut?

Argh, God, Yugi's stomach flipped. The whole word made him shiver, hair thick in his face, because he was, essentially, being rutted.

Its hips drew back, the ache of too-much alleviated long enough for Yugi to sigh in relief but moaning Yami sunk back that same desperate inch just in time to tighten Yugi's inhale. He tightened on impact all over. Yami gave a funny putt-puttttttt, shoulders trembling, at the way Yugi must've flexed round him when he clenched. Yeah, it liked that.


The tiniest sound of slapping skin.

And again

Yugi's elbows pushed back into the tiles as Yami started to find a pitifully slow, sensuous, rhythm to rut him to. Yugi teeth dug together and didn't quite know what noise to make as it rested over him and inside him heavy everywhere. Yami was hot, warmer to the touch than Yugi's freezing back on the bare tiles or his frigid toes in the air conditioning. It was almost comforting expect those sounds shattered every attempt to drift back into Yugi's mind.

One second, only one, he'd been away and then he'd hear the guttural thrill down its chest or the scrape of Yami's claws on the tiles and suddenly Yugi would be right back in the instant, here, under him.

It slickened, the whole motion, became easier.

Yugi's mind clicked over once sluggish and spluttering. That was why the pre-cum was so thick, why there was such a continuous stream of it trickling into him; natural lubrication. God it was painfully ironic, traitorous, like his whole machine, creature, had been rigged up to pay him back like this.

Still struggling wasn't much of an option either lost in hormones Yami would snap to keep him down or the human in him might become offended enough to hurt all the same. There was too much Yugi couldn't compete with; the bite force of Yami's jaw, the rows of incisors, the poison tail, the hands that had ripped open the chest cavities of bigger beings than Yugi. He was human, fragile, and now all that could bite him back in the ass now his prime creation was strong enough, big enough, to return the conqueror.

Yami thrust in one long motion, sinking deep enough for skin to slap and Yugi's thighs quaked in not in pain but rather at the shake the friction induced.

Pleasure, on a razor's edge, Yugi could feel it coming.

He was starting to like it…


He squirmed, teeth falling open, and Yami purred encouragingly at the wisp of a sound coming out of Yugi. He licked, it licked, up to column of Yugi's bare neck past the scrap of ruined t-shirt still trapped round his shoulder. It thrust, buried itself to the hilt, and Yugi rasped weakly under the hands and the weight and the warmth taken.

That slow, world ending, pace didn't change Yami just lengthened his stride.

Yugi pursed his lips back together, fingers pressing over his eyes half ashamed and tried to shut up.

Yami's head rose, Yugi could feel it out of the cradle of his shoulder and purring still, not like a man would, Yami bent inquisitively over him.

He was smart.

He thrust suddenly, harder than before, rhythm pitching a different tempo and forced a sudden sound ripped out of Yugi. Yugi gasped, Yami growled, and he could feel how satisfied it was in the way it savoured the next undulations of its hips.

Yugi's hand, dumb, came over his mouth. Yami's pinned it over his head in the next second and hissed. Total control had flipped tables.

This wasn't going to be fast, not like he'd hoped initially, the mammal and the monster in Yami would've wanted it fast but the human? Oh whatever was human inside it, inside him, wanted to enjoy this. He was going to take his time and Yugi, pinned open, was going to have to enjoy it eventually.

Yugi moaned. He felt like he was drowning. It seemed to be the only thing he could do. The only thing he was allowed to do. God. His hands fisted by his head, too afraid to grasp, too cautious to move suddenly and too hot, too stripped, to even really find the strength to.

He gasped, groaned, wet in the back of his throat and arched his spine in the cold of the air conditioning that constantly flooded the lab. Above him Yami could've been Atemu or some approximation but it was wrong.

The creature's nails dug into the floor afresh, hard knees forcing Yugi's apart, impossibly strong thighs translating to strong steady thrusts. He hissed, in the back of his throat, low and continuous in the growl. Yugi could feel the tail round wrapped slim round his thigh, the poison tip lulling limp against too delicate skin reminding him of every reason not to struggle.


Yami rolled in his hips maintaining an almost inhumanly rhythmic pace. It was steady, unceasing, that hot, firm, length sinking to the hilt in every motion. Rutting.


How did Yugi…?


So good

Slow and whispering he realized the pain was almost evaporated. Yugi didn't know how Yami had managed that. Part of him wondered if there was some numbing affect in the pre-cum, something he hadn't foreseen, but his head was too foggy to trace the details. He couldn't block out the stretch of the girth atop the thousand million mini sensations that assaulted him; the hissing, the growling, the scrape, the fucking tail. They repeated over and over.


Yugi moaned. His head fell back, Yami brushed deep eyes closed and purring, and twisting Yugi found the firm possessiveness of the next sharp thrust almost hurt. He panted, opened his eyes.


Upside down Yugi saw them on the tiles. His whole heart lurched. Oh thank God!He threw his head back, lips apart, and eyes wide strained to find Atemu's face gaping across to him.

He'd paused security key in one hand, jacket thrown over his forearm and frozen seemed horrified. He hadn't entirely expected this then.

Yugi hissed, whimpered, in the back of his throat and clenching his teeth tried to make it clear. Yami's eyes were still closed, their thing was too focused on mating, rutting into Yugi, forgetful with that nose of his. Yugi didn't want to speak but he pleaded.

Atemu's eyes met his.

Help me.

He whimpered.

Atem nodded, backed slowly, and as the mobster slipped back out of view Yugi nearly panicked. No don't leave! He slumped back, glanced down his own torso again, and found the very image of Yami purring between his thighs. Oh…oh god… hmmm…

Clawed hands unhooked from the floor and grasping Yugi under the knee with one and at the hip with another, settling more back onto his knees, grunting and hissing Yami jolted rougher. He was close.


A quick gasp, then a longer sound all tremulous in the twisting of Yugi's throat as grasping him tight to pull his hips closer Yami pushed into what seemed the final stretch his body, his motions, becoming harder. There was suddenly more force, the rut of his hips bumped Yugi into the floor at an odd angle and purring airily the stretch of the thrusts of Yami's arousal had shrunk to an inch or two rubbing in and out of Yugi.


He was going to cum. It circulated in Yugi's mind like a lightning bolt. He couldn't find his voice though, not to do anything but moan, and hot through every vein Yugi knew, viciously, that he was going to like it. It was almost incomprehensible.

So close-

Yami stoped, lurched, and looked up just in time.

Just in time to see Atemu aiming.

Yugi didn't know what was happening when, suddenly, Yami was out of him, off him, and roaring. It happened in a flurry of an instant; Atemu cocked the gun, the sound alerted Yami, Yami lunged, Atemu fired.

Yugi heard the shot before he'd rolled onto his stomach, panicked.

Atemu and Yami hit the floor.

Atemu had missed.

Yami roared, Atemu held him back by the shoulders and then the mobster's face twisted as, teeth exposed to snarl, Yami seemed to surged.

"N-ah!" Atemu cried out.

Yami pulled off him security key in hand, tail dripping, and writhing onto his side Atemu clutched himself. The venom, the tail, the neurotoxin had gone right through Atemu's leather jacket into his flank.

Yugi was on his elbows, panicked. Yami looked to him, their eyes meet, and Yami took half a step forward. Yugi wrenched back.

Yami turned tail and ran.

Yugi forced himself up. His legs were jellied, lower bodied numbed unnaturally, and something sickeningly slippery down his inner thighs slipped trying to find his feet.

"Stop him!" Atemu hissed when Yugi almost fell onto him. "Get him! It'll get out!"

Yugi wasn't listening. He had two options; stop Yami's escape or save Atemu's life. After he scrambled, naked and weak after Yami trying to use a weapon he'd never touched Atemu would be dead before Yugi ever got back to him. It was an easy choice.

Atemu moaned, half screamed, all pain all too much and Yugi knew the burn must've been agonising. It was shooting towards his heart. Yugi fumbled, hands jittering clumsily, through his bottom drawer and twice he dropped the anti-venom kit he kept their just in case. He had sixteen hidden through the labs by then. This had been inevitable.

"Ngah!" Atemu screamed open mouthed into the tiles saliva between his teeth and looked every bit in unimaginable pain. He broke an octave.

Yugi stabbed the needle tip in, found a vein sitting on Atemu's legs to try and hold him down and arms wrapping round him tried desperately to pin the mobster from writhing as the empty syringe scattered away under his desk.

Atemu kicked, flailed, Yugi whispered panicked and crying.

He worried that when Atemu eventually stopped moving he would also stop breathing.

Yugi didn't even hear the security door open, the vault unlock, Yami escape.

Atemu limped when they wrapped the wound. The skin was singed, it would die and melt off round the wound till he had a scar as horrible as the one on Yugi's forearm but in two months he would be proud of it.

Yugi couldn't seem to stop shaking. He was out of options, out of responses.

He didn't remember how long they spent on the tiles. He didn't remember how they got upstairs; Yugi naked, trying to hold Atemu up with the mobster's arm over his shoulder, Yugi's knees buckled together against the numbness in his legs…

Somehow later in the evening, in the clusterfuck of what happened next, A temu was shouting orders, loading guns, calling in favours. Yugi didn't know what was going on. Atemu seemed to decide when Yugi fell in the carpeted hallway of the mansion that he was carrying him. He wrapped Yugi, with his own weak hands, in a blanket and put him behind a door, on his own bed, while he shouted at people.

Yugi only remembered sobbing on his side.

It was all a flurry; his baby gone, his baby hurting him, his babe having to die, Atemu almost dying, fear, pain, helplessness…all of nature and more than nine months in seclusion in the subbasement came crashing down on him till Yugi was wailing.

Atemu came in when he'd cried himself hoarse. Like an irritable father he'd pulled Yugi up by his upper arms and never hurting, never rough, hand pulled the blankets down and dressed him sloppily while Yugi continued to attempt to bury his face in the man's chest. His warm, cologne scented, human chest…

Atemu pulled him up, Yugi's arms locked round his neck, and pulling a new pair of safe denim jeans up Yugi's hips Atemu fastened them.

"Come on," he whispered stoutly, all business.

He loaded Yugi, who was still brainless, into a limo while Yugi's face hid in his shoulder.

Yugi didn't notice anything, not really, till Atemu was pulling him out of the car and they were at the almost empty air field. For an instant Yugi thought the mobster was going to execute him to cover his trail. Yugi expected the bullet and glassy eyed didn't see anything beside Atemu's face.

"Come on," he urged again, turning them towards the private jet and Yugi's knees closed in.

"Wh-what?" He stuttered.

"We're leaving," Atemu grunted, "out of the country."

Yugi could only…

He nodded, awed.

Yugi slept in Atemu's side, with the mobster's arm round him and the mobster's fingers tangled in his. He slept all the way through the international dateline with Atemu's chin on his head. It wasn't until, in the darkened cabin, a private air hostess brought Atemu his fourth drink in a respectful hush that Yugi really remembered any kind of will to live cognizant inside him. Atemu ignored her, spoke low, and both of them seemed aware of stirring Yugi from his daze.

Yugi's fingers tightened in the man's.

"Where are we going?"

"I've got friends in Russia." Atemu sloshed the ice in his glass tiredly. "They'll move us over with new passports. We'll be in the Ukraine by tomorrow.

"Ukraine?" Yugi murmured.

"They don't extradite to the US."

They were running. Not from Yami but from whoever might find him or their research now; the FBI, the CIA, NASA…They'd broken at least a dozen international laws and perhaps several hundred in the US alone. It was more than four life sentences.

Yugi nodded, turned his face back into Atemu and soaked up his smell.

He didn't think about his Grandpa till he was in a thick winter jacket, in another limo, in Europe.

In the two years since Yugi and Atemu hadn't set foot on US soil. Yugi lived, worked, in another of Atemu's expensive little houses and like any other international charlatan Atemu still ran his illegal crime ring. It was international Yugi had realized. Atemu might've preferred the US but he could work from Cairo, from St Petersburg, from Beijing…If anything he said their current little hiding spot put them closer to the consultations of the Russian and Italian mafias.

Atemu had brought over most of their files, most of their equipment and left their home in the US destroyed, shambled. Yugi had burnt most of the files and whatever buyer they had been making the project for, whatever purpose, had been mothballed right after their funds had been transferred to an offshore bank.

Yugi's Grandfather didn't know how to speak to him anymore so they didn't speak at all.

Atemu's gangsters, his soldiers of fortune, were still prowling after the million dollar hit he'd placed on Yami in hopes of finding it before the creature ferreted them out or the FBI found it. Either way tenuous as the world now was someone was going to get fucked.

Yugi didn't like to think about it.

Yugi was about two weeks from curing cancer. His previous genetic work patented. Yet he spent most of his down time mournfully considering the thickened cesspit orphanages crammed round them and what lousy parents he and Atemu would be.

He slept in one of Atemu's expensive houses. He went to Atemu's expensive parties. He sat his things by Atemu's expensive cologne on the dresser. He slept in Atemu's very human arms.

He didn't know why, he didn't know how but Yugi talked to the wives of elite mobsters now. He had lunch with them on Tuesday. He knew Atemu's birthday. He knew all about the military school in Cairo and the beatings from Atemu's useless cocaine dealing father. He knew the kind of bitter, tight, way Atemu hugged him when he came home from being shot at near Palestine. He knew the way to kiss a man when you weren't sure if they'd come home.

He knew how to keep his chin high in understanding that every crime lord had mistresses, whores, who came and who went. He knew he wasn't one of them. He knew Atemu was his. He also knew he couldn't change the reality of the fact Atemu would sleep with other girls and that he would be too proud to disrespect Yugi by mentioning it.

He knew a world and a type of love he couldn't associate well with the world he'd grown up in.

Yugi still…

He still listened to those tapes with Yami's baby gargles.

He still had nightmares their perfect, vicious, monster would catch up with he and Atemu one day and slaughter them in their sleep. He could picture Yami's eyes glinting in total darkness. He could run over the genetic profile theorising the likelihood of Yami knocking up some unsuspecting country girl. He could be afraid.

Yugi had had such a bright future.

1 Is Yami still a threat? Well we've seen here Yami ages super-fast so chances are after two years he might have already died (but there's no way of knowing). Likewise Yami's too genetically different from a human to breed with a human female. As for getting to Europe- there's no way Yami's getting on a plane or over that ocean. With his higher core temp, the reptile in him, Yami will probably find the cold adverse…

2 Why did Yami jump Yugi? Well as far as Yami's inner animal is concerned he did get consent. When Atem left the lab and Yugi called Yami over what does Yami see that as? The Alpha male stands down from a challenge so Yami gets the authority and Yugi is surrendered to him.

3 I have tried writing a part 3 but its not co-operating. If you have any ideas for a part 3, suggestions, let me know in your review and maybe that'll help! For now however the story is complete~

Anyway guys I really hope you enjoyed this. As always I'm sure there's a million little errors and tics and obvious things I've missed but hopefully I'll come back and clean anything up later~