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Part Two

1 March 2014
Somewhere around China

Right. His name was Piers Nivans. He was in the BSAA. He was one of the best snipers the BSAA. And he was in this particular Chris' team.

Then why was he here looking so very unhuman? 'I was in a mission with Chris to rescue... someone. Then we got attack by a gigantic BOW. And... Oh, right, I injected myself with the C-Virus... And then, I became like... this." He released a deep breath when his memories slowly resurfaced.

He gurgled a bit, making noises as Piers trying to take in the surrounding around him. To be sure, he was at a beach, most probably washed ashore. It was already dusk and there was no one around him.

Suddenly, a piercing pain struck his whole figure. More particular the right side of his build where he had been mutated the most. Piers screamed to contain the sudden overwhelming pain; it felt like a huge snake gliding around his body. He thrashed about when the pain gone instantly, only to be replaced by a burning heat all over his mutated arm.

His scream was now a breathless one as he watched half-lidded when the squid-like arm of his disintegrated into reddish pile of ash. 'Good riddance.' He thought, he himself didn't wanted look like a BOW either. He thought it was over, but he felt another bubbling pain around the shoulder.

Then a new arm emerge from where he lost his. Sprouting out in the most violent manner.

The newly revived Nivans gave out another scream, and this time he thought that he had broke a few vocal chords in his lungs.

It took him long minutes before he was able to recuperate from the previous assault. He slowly peeled his eyes open, only to be greeted with the sight of a very humanoid right arm. Although it was riddled with blue-ish lines that didn't supposed to be there, at least it look human enough. Piers balled his newborn hand into a fist, then relaxed it, then repeat the process several time.

It felt normal enough.

As though as he was about to pulled into a grin, his face burned in a similar fashion his arm was. The young BSAA rolled off the sand, trying to muffle the next wave of screams. It was then when there was foreign noises coming from a far distance.


Through the excruciating pain, all Piers could make out was red and blue lights from a far distance. They were people, raising guns and all. 'Shit. The cops.' He thought vaguely before he knew that he need to get away from the authority. Piers climbed to his feet despite the piercing pain all over his face, remembering that all J'avos will be shot on sight (he knew that he looked like one).

"Damn it! Will you stop and make things easier for us, you damned freak?!"

Piers fled to his left, even though he was completely oblivious where it will lead to. A barrage of bullet went flying to his direction and Piers staggered a few steps before he could fully recompose himself.

As tired as he already was, Piers ended up falling back on his knee when a few shots hit him. "Shit..." he muttered, knowing that he was done for. As the policemen with their firearms closing in, Piers turned to face them with exhausted eyes. The six policemen, each with their assault rifles and handguns pointed the weapons to him, "That's right, stay put and let us finish you quickly, J'avo."

The BSAA tried to speak, but only an inaudible noise came through. Having no mean to fight back, Piers could only stare at them as he pushed his body backwards.

Next thing he knew, a strong surge of energy jolted through his every fibre as Piers released a powerful shriek. Electric waves went wildly over the air and instinctively, Piers pushed his blue-ish arm to the policemen, causing them to knock backwards to the ground due to an unknown force.

"Whoa." Piers uttered as he watched that the poor men trembled on the ground, stunned by his newfound power, the electricity by the C-Virus; not that he was too happy about it.

Seeing that there was no one else coming after him, Nivans quickly carried his feet away from the beach.

'I need to find Captain.'

It was all he ever thought about when he stumbled through the streets and alleyways. It was already night time when he had reached civilisation and he was glad that nobody saw him, he definitely looked like a big piece of mess.

As he hid in the shadows, Piers discarded his BSAA upper uniform, thinking that it was too bloodied to be seen on the streets. And it smell gross too.

To be sure, he was in China. He saw the Chinese street boards and people speaking in Chinese all over. Funny, he thought, how he was brought back here.

Leaning his back against the wall, Piers exhales as he caught his breath after running for so long. It was odd for him, to be hiding like a fugitive. He was once a BSAA unit, one of the best too. And now he have to hide away from people sight due to his C-Virus abilities.

'Where the hell should I start?'

"Umm... Are you alright, mister?"

The soft voice had Piers flinched as he backed away slightly to the one speaking Chinese to him. He jumped back slightly into an aggressive position until he regretted doing.

It was only a little girl, on her eight or something, looking very innocent.

She fell back and landed on her buttock due to Piers' sudden movements. The young girl whimpered a low 'Ow' as she rubbed the spot where she landed roughly. Piers immediately went over to her and offered his hand to her, forgetting that he was looking like a J'avo, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

The girl stare at him with jaw dropped, until Piers retreated when he suddenly realized his own appearance, "...Sorry, I know I look like a freakshow."

"Why do have a big scar on your face, mister?"

"Huh?" Piers raised an eyebrow, the girl was speaking in a language he couldn't understand.

The female slowly approached him, "You don't know Chinese?" She asked in English, accented with a deep Asian accent.

"No. I don't look scary to you? Not like a J'avo?"

She shook her head reluctantly, but she knelt next to the almost horrified Piers, "...No. You don't look like one. But the scar on your face looks scary."

Scar? What scar?

2 months later, 3rd May 2014

He wouldn't say that he was very happy with the life he had with him now, but it was better than nothing.

Piers Nivans, once a very proud soldier serving the BSAA could now only work in the back of a small humble Chinese restaurant. As a dishwasher or sometimes he would help around the kitchen, although he was absolutely clueless about culinary.

Ever since his encounter with the young girl at the alleyway two months ago, Piers' life change. At least for the better, he now had a job and a roof above his head everyday. Although he still tried not to come in contact with anyone at all.

And one thing he didn't change for the better, he was now very afraid to look at the mirror or to anything that would reflect light. He was very afraid to the image that would form itself whenever he saw one. It was his newfound scar - one that shaped like a broken crescent covering a large part of his face. The scar was thick and clumsy and it certainly made him look... wrong.

"Mr. Piers?"

He was sitting on a short stool attending to the dishes when he knew someone called him. Turning over to look at his shoulders, he smiled to small figure, "Hey, Lin, what's up?"

She was the only girl, most probably in the world that didn't mind his appearance, the only eight years old. Kids were always so innocent. Most become very repulsive whenever it came to the mysterious Piers Nivans, most trying to avoid any form of conversation whenever it came to him, but it made him felt easier. Mainly because of his electrical abilities that he never knew when it would unleashed itself.

She stood directly behind him which force him to turn around to face her, Piers gave out a warm smile, "Is something wrong, Linnie?"

She giggled at the nickname he gave her, "About this BASS or SBAA..."

"It's BSAA." He corrected her.

"Yeah, BSAA. I heard you talking about them with Mama. What is it about?"

Piers let out a sigh, so his little saviour had over heard the discussion he had with her mother. It ended a total failure though, the old woman refused to listen to him. She merely brushed him off whenever he tried talking to her.

"The BSAA was where I used to work for. I need to find them."


He never really saw that coming, not from her anyway, but he'll be honest with her, "So... I can go home."

5th May 2014

"So, you're saying that the men were attacked by electricity?"

Chris Redfield looked unusual hyped when it comes to anything that could lead him to Piers Nivans. The policeman sitting opposite to him nodded weakly, "Yes. But he had escaped two months ago, and we had no means to find him.

"It shouldn't be that hard. Considering that he looked like a J'avo or a BOW..."

Then the policeman shook his head furiously in defiance, he opened his mouth as if trying to said something but then stopped for a moment. He took a deep breath and admitted, "Well, he did look like a J'avo when we found him but... he changed. How do I say this? Mr. Nivans was transforming when we had reached him."


"Yes, sir. Do we need to issue a search for him?"

Daylight in China was very different from where he went a year ago in Lanshiang. While it was chaos back then, China in its normal times was as lively as in New York.

Having lost the only lead that would help him find Piers Nivans, Chris wandered the city aimlessly trying to calm his nerves. Although he had assumed that Piers Nivans had already dead two months ago, he was now told that he was still alive and was somewhere here in China.

But the problem was, he didn't know where to find him. There could be so many possibilities about him for now. Piers could been in a hiding now, or maybe he had caught a ship back to the States or maybe he was shot dead by other policemen that happened to see him in his dire state.


No, not that. Of course not.

Chris scratched his head impulsively, trying to shake away all the bad thoughts. Piers was a lot tougher than that, and now that the Chinese police had issue a warrant after him, Piers won't be harmed for certain.

All he can do for now was to wait for the good news.

So he decided to kick in at the local bar.

8th May 2014

He was at his regular days doing chores for the Chinese restaurant - cleaning dishes and prepping the ingredients. Piers had his hands at the job for some time that he was staring to get a knack on it. It wasn't so bad, having to wash the filth away from small porcelain surfaces and to chop things into small pieces if they were to compare his times in the BSAA when he had to snipe BOW on their weak spots or to brainwreck himself to find escape route.

But he definitely missed his very adventurous life. Working in a restaurant might be fairly easy for a man like him, but it got dull and boring. You can never expect anything when you are in the BSAA.

Piers wiped the bead of sweat forming along his forehead with the sleeve of his shirt as he placed the final plate on the stack of dishes on the counter. He grinned in satisfactory, his work was sparkling clean, "There you go."

As he pulled the sleeves down his arm and stood up, he felt a light tap on his shoulder. It was Lin's father, whom he knew his habits, "Good job, Piers. You can go back to your room and get some rest. We'll send you dinner."

"Thank you." Piers replied half-heartedly, what's with the sudden hospitality?

But Piers didn't want to question further, he won't get an answer anyway. So he marched to his room up the stairs, his room was on top of the building.

As he practically threw himself to the soft mattress, he suddenly realized that it wasn't the sleep was he needed.

He needed a drink. Beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, tequila, anything that had alcohol in it. But beer, an ice cold beer was exactly what he needed.

It's been a long while since he had a nice drink for himself. It was very unusual for him to have this alcohol crave but he just can't help it. Ever since he had been taken in by this kind family (mostly because of Lin), he had never tasted anything strong other than tea or soda. Such a strict family they were, Piers were mildly surprised by their 'No-Alcohol' rules in this house mainly due to the presence of small children in the house.

"Uncle Piers?" A soft knocking came through the door. Piers immediately jumped out from his bed and went to answer the knocking. It was Lin, as expected, holding a tray of noodle and a glass of tea. Taking the tray from her small hands, Piers motioned her to some in and set the tray over at the small desk in his room where he always had his meal, "Thanks for sending me food, Linnie."

Lin jumped to his bed while Piers help himself to the food, slurping down the noodle hungrily.

"Mama was talking about you just now." She blurted out suddenly as she was fiddling with the corner of his sheets. Piers' chewing slowed, as Lin continued, "She said that she saw pictures of you all over the town. Saying that the police want to find you. She said that you're a bad guy."

Swallowing the mouthful of food, Piers looked at the little girl as he slowly asked, "Do you think I'm one?"

She shook her head easily, "No. You're a good guy, even with that scary scar. You never did anything bad to me. I think you are even nicer than mama. She always yelled at me." She whined childishly. Kids will be kids. Then she pouted, clapping her hands as if she remembered something, "Oh, and she said about the BASS too! She said that there was this Captain Redflag? Redfeet? I forgot the name, but mama said maybe he was looking for you. Maybe he can bring you home!"

BSAA? Captain? Home?

"It's BSAA, Lin. And Captain Redfield." He corrected her as he sipped his tea, leaving the innocent child to laugh heartily to herself.

But deep down inside, Piers was uncertain.

His eyes were tired and weary, but he refused to sleep.

As the ex-BSAA stared at the ceiling above him, his mind fluttered everywhere.

It's only the matter of time before his Captain find him. He can always turn himself in at the nearest police station and return to the States. Becoming the BSAA's best unit they had.

But as he grazed his finger to the thick scar that went a few millimeters above his skin, he began to doubt himself. Will he still be the same sniper he used to be? He was infected with the C-Virus and the BSAA's duty was to hunt any infectants. Plus, now he looked like a freakshow, with his hideous scar on his face and his arm sparks electricity from time to time.

Even Lin knew that but instead of repulsing, she felt fascinated by his ability, much to his dismay.

Piers twisted his body to his side as he pulled the sheets over his head, shielding himself from the streetlights.

It was very ironic for him, he thought. He had always wished to return to the BSAA. He had been offered the chance now, but he was now torn apart.

Will he stay?

A.N: I'll be honest, I never expect how this fic turned out to be.

Initially, I wanted it to be Piers hiding around China waiting to be rescued by the BSAA. I wrote that at first, but I felt like it's a little too repetitive having him to hide in the alley, then to the dumpster, then up the building over and over again. So, I scrapped the whole idea.

Must have because I've just finished The Walking Dead (I've finally got Chapter 5! Now I see why it Telltale got awards raining them all over. No spoilers intended), then came out this Lin and I think that it's a pretty good idea. Having Piers Nivan to care for a child.