SasuNaru Lemon


As always Naruto was the uke,(The girl, The bottom whey they have sex) And Sasuke was the seme. (The boy, The one on top) As Always that really annoyed Naruto, And As Always, Naruto would start an argument.

'Why do you have to be on the top teme?'

'(sigh) Naruto, me and you know that I am better then you on top these two times we had sex, you were always under genjitsu, and once, I just remembered, I let you be on top, but you were so embarrassed, I needed to put you into genjutsu, and carry on half way...its just a wast of time, that all.'

Naruto was boiling with anger. He wished he could go up to sasuke and smack him around his perfect and handsome face. But when he walked up to sasuke, and put his fist up, he somehow couldn't do it. Maybe because Naruto loved him so much...

Sasuke stood up from the couch, and now was facing Naruto, their lips only inches apart. Naruto straight away blushed, as he turned away from Sasuke and wanted to run out of the living room, but Sasuke was quicker as always. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arm, and was now pulled Naruto to their bedroom.

'Sasuke Let go! I'm not in the mood for-'

Sasuke throw Naruto onto their double bed, and climbed on top of Naruto, so Naruto couldn't escape. Sasuke activated his Sharingan, and tried making Naruto look into his sharingan eyes, and make Naruto fall into his Genjitsu. But Naruto, not that stupid, knew Sasuke was going to do that, so he closed his eyes.

'Naruto' Said Sasuke's soft voice, into Naruto's ear. 'Open your beautiful blue eyes, and fall into my Genjutsu' Naruto always loved the Genjutsu, because all their moments from the past come by in his mind, some pervy ones sasuke was thinking back then or now too. But Naruto was curious of what Sasuke always do to him. So he said a silent 'no' and turned his head to face the horny Uchiha. Still with his eyes closed.

Naruto continued 'I want to see what you do to me...Once at least'

Sasuke fell silent. Naruto could hear Sasuke turn off his sharingan off, and felt Sasuke starting to kiss Naruto on his neck. Naruto opened his eyes and felt victory burst inside of him. Naruto then pushed Sasuke away, and stood up, to walk to a drawer, with condoms.

'Naruto what are you doing!? I'm Horny right now so come-' Sasuke was cut off by a squish thing that flew into Sasuke's mouth. Naruto threw a condom that he found straight into sasuke's mouth.


'I can do sexy no jutsu, I can become pregnant.'

Sasuke fell silent. He stood up from the bed, and hugged Naruto. Then took out a kunai out of his pocket and stabbed the clone in the stomach.

'Naruto you piece of crap come out! I noticed when you stood up that you switched with a clone!' Naruto came out of the closet next to the drawer he was standing at. Then came over to Sasuke, and hugged Sasuke around his waist.

'Naruto...say that you love me'

Naruto too embarrassed to say that, threw Sasuke onto the bed, blushing and whispering ''