Jake was delighted when Neytiri asked him to go for a walk with her that evening. Of course, it wasn't just a walk. They ran giggling hand-in-hand through the trees. They chased and raced each other playfully along the vines and branches, They swam together in the clear turquoise waters of the fresh forest pools. Sometimes they just stopped and gazed into each others eyes, their Na'vi features sparkling in the bright colours of the forest and the dull glow of Polyphemus. They were swept away by the beauty of the forest. Bathed in the beauty of love that only kindred spirits can feel.

She led him into a clearing with a very large tree. The Tree of Voices.

She explained to him that the Tree of Voices held the memories of the Na'vi ancestors. But Jake barely heard a word she said. All he could do was stare into those beautiful eyes. Gaze on her beautiful features.

It occurred to Jake that she looked slightly different. He didn't know why. Perhaps it was because of the glow of the Tree of Souls. Perhaps it was because of this wonderful delicious moment. Perhaps it was because she was smiling so much.

"..and you can choose a woman..."

Jake was suddenly awoken from his inner-thoughts as her melodic exotic voice became more intense; more emotional. Her voice sounded a little higher than usual. Perhaps it was because of the echo in the clearing. Perhaps it was because of the spiritual aura of the Tree of Voices. Perhaps it was because of the intensity of the moment. A unique moment. A defining moment. But none of that really mattered. Because all that Jake knew for sure is that he had never felt so much in love before in his life. He was with the most beautiful woman in the galaxy. The woman he loved most in the Universe.

That is what really mattered...

"We have many fine women. Ninat is the best singer..." She was facing away from him now, delicately caressing a vine.

"I don't want Ninat."

She turned her head slightly towards him. Jake saw the flicker of a smile when she heard his response. He could sense the subtle feeling of hope and anxiety in her beautiful voice.

"And Neytiri is a Good hunter."

"I have already chosen." Replied Jake solemnly. "But that woman must also chose...

At that point, Jake realised there was something amiss. There was something not quite right.

...wait a minute..." Jake hesitated a couple of seconds. "Did you just say Neytiri?"

"Yes, Jake." said the beautiful Na'vi female in front of him."I said that Neytiri is a good hunter. But of course, I am better."

"So you are not...Neytiri then?" Jake was frowning with worry and confusion.

"No, Jake. I am Peyral." Says Peyral. "Didn't you realise?"

"Oh, shit!" Exclaims Jake. "I'm with the wrong girl."

Peyral stares at him disconcerted.

"You didn't realise it was me? Did you think I was someone else? Wait a minute, you thought I was her, didn't you?... You thought I was..."

"...Neytiri. Yes."

"Oh, you Skwawng!" Groaned Peyral. "For Eywa's sake Jake!"

Jake feels his face go red with shame. Apparently, Na'vi can blush.

"I'm sorry. All you blue chicks look the same."

Peyrall placed a hand on her forehead and shook her head in embarrassment and despair.

"Neytiri warned me you couldn't see." She groaned. "But I didn't think she meant it literally."