"I'm N, the king of Team Plasma." Said N.

He has his crown and his white robe and the crown said Team Plasma rocks, Team Rocket sucks,

Wii sucks, Wii u rocks.

"If you touch my crown, I will take you to the dungeon for 6 months!"

Demanded N.

"Your majesty, I've gotten something."

Said the servant.

"It better be good."

"It might be a ds game petz hamsterz life 2 again!"

Said N.

"Incorrect N."

"Whew, that was close, squire, on with the present."

Demanded N.

"A DVD, What for, the petz hamsterz life 2 movie."


Replied the servant.

"Bah, I do not want that DVD again."

"Too bad."

Said the servant.

"You are gonna have to watch it N."

"I need a royal lunch, squire, bring me some food."

Told N.

"I need to do my petit computer."

His royal lunch is from buffalo wild wings.

"Your chicken wings tossed in ketchup and potato wedges sire."

His servant placed the food at the table.

N began to gobble up and munch it in no time.

After his lunch, he decided to play with his Wii u.

"Do you mind, I need some time alone."

And then, his hamster begins to bite N, N forces the hamster to get a vaccine to make it cry and leave his castle.

He only used the stylus to use the touch screen.

"Hey Genesect, fetch me some prepaid cards so I can buy stuff on the eshop or the wii shop channel in the wii mode in the wii u system."

Said N.

"I will give you one wii u eshop prepaid card and the wii shop channel prepaid card and bring it to you."

Replied Genesect.

A shiny Genesect poped out of nowhere and he said.

"What am I doing here with N and Genesect?"

Said the shiny Genesect.

"Hey you too."

Said N

"Anything else N."

Said Genesect and shiny Genesect.

"Just the eshop prepaid card and the wii shop prepaid card."

Said N.

The two Genesects droped by the gamestop and purchased the wii shop channel card and the eshop card.

"Your cards sir."

Said the two Genesects.

"There we go, I am ready to buy the virtual console in the wii shop channel.

Then I am going to buy the virtual console in the eshop."

Said N.

"Ugh, My tummy from my lunch is having a persuasive argument, That means I have to go to the bathroom."

One bathroom later.

"Ahh, my tummy is feeling better."

Said N.

N begins to download youtube application in the wii u.

When he gets out of his castle he saw the trainer going through the champions room.

N looked at his watch and he ran to the champion's room and talked to alder.

"It's over! Never again will Pokemon be made to suffer or be held captive by humans. It's all thanks to my friend, Kyurem, just right! You may have the title of Champion… But you can't stop me with just a title. Your soft heart has left you weak. Years ago, you lost your Pokemon, your partner, to sickness. In order to forget the pain in your heart, you wandered Unova… Who knows how long it's been since you've had to fight with your full strength? I actually kind of like that about you, though. As a Trainer outmatches the Champion, I shall issue an order across Unova: Trainers of the world, you work with me!"

Said N in a longest paragraph.

"Please N I beg you! Do anything but that!"

Begged Alder.

"You and I'm N the king of Team Plasma both put our beliefs on the line and fought all our strength. And I won. Do not say another word."

Demanded N.

"Oh hello Hilbert, Do you want to come over to my castle? Good now lets go to my castle right now."

He dragged Hilbert to N's castle.

"My castle has a lot of castles and have the maximum population in my castle."

"So, do you want to play with my wii u?"

Asked N.

"Ok N, But why are you the new champion."

Replied Hilbert.

"All I did was talked to the fake alder toy at the champions room."

Said N.

N begins to use the wii u game pad and Hilbert begins to use the wii remote.

"Why do I always pick the remote?"

Asked the Trainer.

"Because the gamepad is mine and I owned the wii u Mr. Hilbert."

Replied N.

"Come on Mr. Hilbert, lets go out to eat."

"That's a great idea."

Re-Replied Hilbert.