They finally went to Unova and flew all the way to the Real Team Plasma Triangle. The Pokemon Bank Movers have arrived packing up Genesect's bags. "Ok Genesect, you are ready to go to Kalos." Said the employee. "Good bye N, I will miss you so much." Said Genesect. All bags were packed up and ready for Genesect to go to the truck. The employees are placing Genesect's bags on the Pokemon Bank movers. Genesect folds into his high speed flight form and pack himself up inside the bag. The employee grabs the last bag that contains Genesect inside. The trucks door closes shut. "Good bye Genesect, I had a good time with you!" Said N in his last good bye.

The Pokemon Bank Mover truck moves out of the Real Team Plasma Triangle. N walks back in his castle and into his throne room.

The end (really)