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Part One


"Care, c'mon, it's the only way-"

Caroline kept her furious glare firmly fixed on the vase in front of her, because if she even considered turning to face the pair, she could not control her natural instincts. The ones that were telling her to rip out his pulsing, irritating, jabbering, hypocritical jugular, "It's funny that you're still talking Tyler, because I'm pretty sure I just said no-"

"If you just think about it-" Tyler carried on regardless, that eager, infuriating sparkle lighting his eyes. He always looked that way when he explained a haphazard plan, the flow of excitement carrying him off. Granted, it usually involved evening plans at the Grill and a "Who Can Eat The Most Chicken Wings?" competition, but that look.

It used to make her heart skip.

She whipped round suddenly, her golden curls flying, "What is there to think about Tyler? How could you even ask?"

The smile slowly dissolved from his face as her annoyance finally dawned upon him. He paused, as though steeling himself to deliver the killer blow,"You never had a problem before"

Caroline nodded, fully expecting that particular dig. Drop her in as bait and then use it against her, "And d'you not think that's part of the problem? And now you're asking me to just waltz in and play mind games with him? What happens when he finds out?"

"You and I both know he wouldn't put you in danger"

"You sure?" Caroline questioned, folding her arms, "Cause I'm not" It was true. The way that Klaus had looked at her, that night in the cellar. There was venom in his golden irises. She had thought that there was something about her that would offer her protection, that something about her could infiltrate that rotten heart. Apparently not.

"Really?" Tyler remarked, his eyebrows rising in an insulting disbelief. As though he knew something she didn't.

"What exactly are you trying to say?" Caroline glanced over to the other side of the room, where the other thorn in her side slumped against a priceless antique. Really. What would Mayor Lockwood say if she could see it? Trashy couldn't even begin to describe that "Besides, I don't think we should pretend to break up when we don't really know what's going on between us"

Tyler ran a reassuring hand along her upper arm, as though he was comforting her, "I think we do Care"

"And I wonder who helped you come to that decision" Caroline remarked pointedly, her azure eyes fixed upon the lidded pair opposite.

Hayley rolled her eyes, ignoring Caroline's clicking tongue as she pushed off the ornate desk, "Look, I've told you, I don't do teen drama"

"News flash, you're in Mystic Falls" Caroline snapped, her hands flying in the air, "You do teen drama"

"Look, we're not asking that much -" Tyler interrupted fruitlessly.

"That is the point, you shouldn't be asking me!"

"Care, all I need is for us to act like we've broken up" Tyler quickly added before he was stopped again, "That you're pissed at me, and that I slept with Hayley"

"You've definitely achieved one of the three. Although, I'm unsure about the third" Once again a famous, withering Caroline Forbes stare was directed at Miss Non-Drama, who had taken up residence on the couch, both legs slung across the arm. Seriously, this was what took Tyler's attention from her for months?

"I never cheated"

"Neither did I" Caroline frowned, her mind refusing to think about that moment in the corridor. She hadn't cheated. She hadn't. It had just been a moment of - not weakness, but... a moment where nothing seemed to matter. She just wasn't being tortured and she was happy. That was all. He was there, for all his terrible, awful faults. He was there. He had actually come to save her...

A thick silence fell across the room as Tyler doubted and Caroline regretted. Hayley brought both her palms down on her thighs with a loud crack, "Well congratulations on no cheating, guys, but shouldn't we figure out the Klaus issue?"

"Shouldn't we just enjoy being young?" Caroline countered gently, easing her palms up to his shoulders in the way he used to find adorable. Now he looked mildly nervous, "It was only a week ago that deranged super hunter was running about. He almost killed you" Caroline reasoned gently, reaching down to take Tyler's hands, her eyes gently pleading. Leave this alone.

"And then Klaus came back into my life." Tyler pulled away from her desperate grasp, bringing his warm palm to rest either side of her face, " I need to help the other Hybrids"

How could she argue with that? Deep down, she knew that was what governed him - the need to save the last of his species. How the hell could she compete with that? He was misguided, but at least he was noble. She was misguided, confused, treacherous...

The pouty mystery wrapped in a lupine enigma tutted softly from the corner. Caroline frowned, her frustrations and annoyance sweeping in. Yes, she couldn't fault Tyler, but Little Miss Mystery? Caroline attempted a growl, but her voice small and weak instead of accusatory. "What's your excuse?"

Clearly having had enough of Caroline's thinly veiled hostility, Hayley stood sharply to reply, her jaw cracking. Tyler literally jumped into her path, hastily intervening, "Don't"

Caroline didn't know if it was just because Tyler had asked, or if it was (oh dear God) some sort of alpha/beta shit, but Hayley literally backed off, a defiant swagger in her hips all the same. Yes, she was definitely irritating, and the sooner she flitted off to the whatever backwater town coughed her out, the better.

However, her prescence was allowing Caroline to seriously consider the question that had - against her better judgement - been at the back of her mind from the moment her first undead birthday had presented a new life. Ignoring the burn in her throat, the prickling in her eyes and the sheer humiliation of getting emotional in front of Hayley, "Are we over?"

He smiled. He actually smiled at the question. Not the jackass-Tyler smile that graced his lips for sixteen years. Not even that sweet smile that developed as he accepted his werewolf nature. It wasn't the creepy shit stirring smile at the result of his initial Hybrid transition. It was a new smile that she'd never seen before, a smile just for her. It was mainly sympathetic, a little lopsided, with just the hint of love about his features.

He confirmed what he just could not say, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead, "Just do this for me, okay?"


It had only been one day since the plan was hatched, and here she was. Game time. She toyed with the box in her hands for about the millionth time, coaching herself to just breathe. Seeing Tyler again was going to hurt. Seeing Hayley again was going to be irritating. Seeing Klaus again was going to be difficult.

Yes, it was going to be difficult. Difficult, but hopefully not impossible.

She knocked on the door, forehead creasing at Tyler's confused expression. Right, game on.

She pushed past him, reeling off her pre prepared speech, "I brought your stuff. Old laptop, your jersey, the charm bracelet." With a final flourish she pushed the box into his arms with a bit more supernatural strength than strictly necessary. She had to be convincing about it, and given Tyler's small step backwards she had succeeded. Good.

"Care, this isn't a good time" Tyler murmured slowly, his eyes ghosting to the far corner of the room.

She kept her eyes fixed on the ground, the low tread along the floorboards signalling more members of the party coming to examine their evident breakup, "Just take it"

"Caroline" No, no, no. She couldn't look up, couldn't look at him when just the sound of his voice turned her into a nervous wreck. His lilting accent continued solemnly, "By the break up drama unfolding in front of me, I assume you've met Hayley. Alright, come on, let's go. Lets leave them alone. Your talents are needed elsewhere"

Tyler frowned as the other hybrid's began to slowly drift towards the door, "For what?"

"I think you've got more important things to deal with, mate" Klaus said, more than a little disgust evident in his voice. Trying to ignore the twist of guilt that hit her because the immoral, villanous Klaus was apparently annoyed at Tyler for her. And here she was, just stringing him along, playing him like a finely tuned instrument. Caroline's eyes were fixed on the ground, coaching her breathing to remain steady as he sidled past her, his shoulder barely brushings hers. She felt herself jolt. He shouldn't have that power over her, he should not.

The three remained silent, each frozen in their places as they listened to the crunch of boots on the gravel, the hum of the engines starting and the roar as the cars sped off. Waiting for longer than necessary, as she was not really sure how powerful an Original's hearing was, plus some Hybrid whapped on top, "Do you think he bought it?"

Hayley placed her hands on her hips, an impressed smile warming her features, "Hell, I bought it"

"Thanks for the heads up" Caroline nodded with a stiff smile in her direction, turning to Tyler who was looking adorably confused. She paused, waiting for the fact that she and Hayley conspired together, to sink in.

His eyes widened and Caroline nodded, "Okay? If that's everything I'm gonna get back"





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