It was after school, at around 2:45 or so, Chamametchi was playing with her dolls when Pipospetchi walked up to her. He spoke in his usual cheerful tone, even though it was in a language that wasn't really understandable. But, Chamametchi could understand him anyway.

Chamametchi was considered as Pipospetchi's girlfriend, and it was true. They've known eachother for 3 years-ever since the Spacey Brothers first landed on Tamagotchi Planet. It wasn't long after the "Great Chocolate Scramble" when they became a "thing."
Pipospetchi had thought of Chamametchi as one of his siblings, only she came from a different family-and she considered Pipospetchi as one of her family, too.

"Oh, hey Pipo!" Chamametchi smiled. "I was just playing with my dollies."
Pipospetchi said something again and pointed to Chamametchi's father, Papamametchi's car, which wasn't too far from them.
Chamametchi gasped. "That sounds even better than fun! Let's go!"

So they got in the car, Pipospetchi took the wheel, and they went off.

As they were cruising through TamaTown, more and more Tamagotchis were stopping and staring. The duo thought this was a good thing, that they were becoming famous for being able to drive at the ages of 7 and 8.

"We need some music." Chamametchi said and turned on the radio.
Very loud Rock music played. They didn't know what it was, but they certainly learned some new words.
Pipo said something; possibly asking what the words they were singing meant. Chamametchi didn't know either, so she said. "Iunno...we should look'em up when we get home!"
In the meantime, they rocked out in their seats.

Suddenly, they realized they were lost.

"Pipo...are we lost?"
Pipospetchi looked over at her and probably said that they weren't really lost; they just need to find the map.
"You're right. Where's the map?" She checked the Glove Compartment, where you would usually find a map. "Oh, here it is!"
"Umm...Let's see...Oh, OK! I think I know where we are!"

"So, the car-compass says we're going in the S direction; and there's a compass on the map, too. So...if we're going S, then that means the map says we're going to...Ura-TamaTown?"
Pipospetchi was a little confused. Not about the "S direction" and the compass, but about Ura-TamaTown. He was never aware of that place; he only knew about TamaTown and almost everygotchi that lived there. That was all. He said something in a confused tone.
"Iunno much about it, but Mametchi told me a little about it. He said it was a place with weird citizens who look kinda like the ones back in TamaTown, only with a TOTALLY different personality. He also said something about his look-alike being a weirdo..."
That sounded interesting to both of them. Then Chamametchi added, "I've always wondered what it was like there!"
Pipospetchi smiled. He was starting to wonder too.

The next thing they knew it, they crashed into a tree. They were lucky to be alive.
They both giggled a little. They both thought it was kinda fun, even though the crash was dangerously lethal.
"Hey! watch where you're driving!" they heard someone say. It was probably the tree they crashed into.

Then Pipospetchi pointed at the car and said something. They both knew Mametchi would get them both grounded when-if-he found out where it went.
"You're right...but he didn't see what happened to the car! For all he may know, the car was probably stolen by some burgular!"

Pipo smiled agreed. He always knew that Chamametchi could keep a secret. One of the things he DIDN'T tell Chamametchi, however, was anything about his older brothers' evil intentions to take over Tamagotchi Planet. He didn't know what would happen if his own girlfriend found out, nor would he probably want to find out.

They walked around for a little while, until they saw some bright lights.
"This must be Ura-TamaTown!" Chamametchi said in amazement.
Pipo spoke again. He really wanted to check it out some more, explore it a little.
"Oh, iunno, Pipo. If Mametchi notices we're gone, we might get in even more trouble!"
Pipo then asked where her sense of adventure is, and also asked the classic 'What could possibly go wrong?', only in his own language.
Chamametchi got a determined look on her face and said, "You're so right, Pipo! Let's go!"

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