Previously on Chamametchi and Pipospetchi's Magic Adventure...

Suddenly, there was a growl coming from behind them.
They should've just ran for their lives...but knowing their curiosity, they couldn't help but turn around to see what it was.

It was...

And now for the exciting next part!

It was a BEAR. Out in the middle of nowhere, there was a BEAR.
Chamametchi looked at Pipospetchi and said, "Wow. Who would've thought you could find a bear out here..."
Then the bear roared, and the two suddenly realized the situation here. They looked at eachother and screamed.

Meanwhile, Back in TamaTown, Spaceytchi and Mametchi faintly heard their screams. They looked at eachother.
"Well," Spaceytchi sighed. "Let's go see what they're up to this time..."
And they went off back to Mametchi's house.

Chamametchi and Pipospetchi were running as fast as they could. The bear, however, was close behind them.
"Pipo, if we die right here, right now," Chama panted, looking at the young apple, "I just want you to know that you're the best boyfriend anygotchi could ever have, and...I love you!"
Pipo told her that he loved her too.

Suddenly, out sprang a slightly familiar figure.

It was Pipotchi, who swooped down on the two and flew them off.
"What in the name of Kuribo Tenshi are you kids doing out here?!" She said, with a stern tone, "You could've gotten mauled alive out here!"
Chamametchi looked down. "We're sorry, Miss Pipotchi, we just got a little lost, that's all."
Pipotchi smiled. "S'alright. I probably would've done the same. Now, let's get you kids home."

They passed through The old Morino Forest, over the Umino Sea where the legendary Ningyotchi sings her song, and back to TamaTown.
They landed right back at Mametchi's house, on the front lawn.
Pipotchi saw that the car was gone.
"Yikes. Mametchi's not gonna be happy when he finds out you took their car..."
Pipospetchi spoke again. He couldn't prove anything, so it wasn't really their fault.
Chamametchi smiled. "Yeah, if anything, it's HIS fault for not paying attention to us in the first place!"

Pipotchi chuckled. "Alright, whatever works. Now, I have to go. Kabutchi's gonna wonder where I am soon!"
So she flew off and the two waved.

Suddenly, Spaceytchi and Mametchi walked up to them.
"There you two are," Mametchi said, angrily, "We were worried sick about you guys!"
"Yeah, you two could've gotten lost!" Spaceytchi said, "Who KNOWS what could've happened then?!"

Chamametchi looked at Pipospetchi and winked. "Oh, you have no idea!"
They giggled a little.

Mametchi ran over to the driveway.
"Hey, has anyone seen the car?"


Wasn't that great?! And yeah, it was a little anticlimatic, but what'd you expect?!