Dragons heart but a human soul

Chapter 1

Harry POV.

I remember when I told my dragon that I loved him, as it was not that long ago. From that moment it seems like years have passed but it has only been a mere few months. Many people ask me how I have not forgotten the moment like I should have because… the Saviour in a story never falls for the one that despises him but my story, is different to those of a regular fairytale and when people ask me how I have not forgotten like I should have, I simply reply "one can never forget the breathing of a dragons heart even if they are simply just human underneath it all."

I remember the moment that my dragon and I sat and watched the sunset under the shade of a lone willow tree. I remember his poetic words as they fell from his lips, "a Snake should never fall for a Lion, am I correct?" and to those words I was speechless but my mind had thought different and I had replied through the bond we shared "you are correct but our story isn't normal, is it."

He raised his hand and slowly moved it towards my cheek, as he slowly and gently placed it on my skin I flinched still reliving memories of my time at the Dursley's but then I had remember that my love had gotten rid of them and I would never have to go back there again.

I bet that you are wondering what has happened to me, Saviour of the wizarding world, Poster boy for the Light side, surely I could have not possibly gone Dark. That is until you here my story and it is one filled with manipulations and deceit true it gets better later on, where I learn the true meaning of friendship and loyalty but it is here that I am reminded of some wise words spoken from the man I have since that moment and now forever will see as a father, "there is no good or bad, only power and those too weak to seek it." I didn't understand then but I do now….. This is my story.

A year before…..

My summer at the Dursley's had been normal so far, the constant name calling, the constant chores and the odd beating for random little things. My life couldn't get any worse than I already was could it?

"BOY! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ABOUT BURNING MY BACON!" My uncle, Vernon Dursley screamed at me. It was then I realised that while I was thinking, I had in fact burnt the bacon. My face hardened as I knew what was to come, I was just hoping that it wasn't as serious as the last time, I still had the bruises as proof of that beating.

"Sorry, Uncle Vernon" I muttered underneath my breath, it was times like this I wished I was at the burrow with Ron and Hermione, it was pretty obvious that they were spending the summer together, but because of Dumbledore I couldn't even send a few letters to them let alone spend the summer with them. Some how I felt like he was lying to me, I have been feeling that a lot against Albus - Ihavetoomanymiddlenames - Dumbledore. So I decided that I would do something that I would never normally do, he said I couldn't talk to my friends he never send anything about enemies. I grabbed a roll of parchment and my ink and phoenix feather quill (courtesy of Fawkes) and began to write…


I guess you never thought that you would be hearing from me this summer did you well, I guess I just wanted to say that I'm bored and that I am not allowed to talk to my friends courtesy of Dumbledork - yes I love your nicknames by the way and I'm starting to agree with you, I think he is going crazy and quickly at that, its probably because of his age… how old is he anyway? Like 900 years old. Ha! 'when nine hundred years you reach look as good you will not' (no I'm not crazy that was a star wars quote) … oh yeah, it's a muggle thing.

Personally I think you would like it, its all about magic and space even if it is fake. Anyway getting off topic he said I couldn't talk to my friends but he didn't mention you so I guess you don't count.

Anyway, when you get this please don't kill my bird, she's too pretty to die, joking I actually do need her anyway reply back… your probably thinking I'm crazy. Say hi to Tommy for me.

Potter, the boy who wouldn't die.

I tied the parchment with a red ribbon and handed it to Hedwig, "take this to Malfoy" she cooed cautiously and began to nip at my fingers as if asking if I was joking, "no, I'm not joking girl, please just do it" reluctantly she took the letter from my hand and flew out of the open window, I couldn't wait to see what he replied.

Third person.

The last thing Draco expected of his Wednesday morning was to see a white owl swooping towards the open window in his room, he knew that it couldn't be any of his friends sending him letters because none of them owned an owl like the Majestic white Snowy owl that had landed on his window sill.

Hedwig dropped the letter in front of the blonde and watched him as he began to check for spells cast over the letter, she was slightly offended because she knew her master would do nothing of the sort.

Draco read the letter and then read it over again not believing what he was reading, Harry Potter the poster boy for the light side was sending him a letter, and joking with him and agreeing with him of all things he expected from the ebony haired boy he never expected anything like this, he ran out of his room and straight to the dark lords office.

Hedwig however was rather content on the window sill waiting for the young blonde boy to come back and give her a letter to take to her master… that is until she spotted the other owl in the corner. She was about to leave when she realised the other owl was beautiful, she had seen other owls but never had she seen another owl that rivalled her beauty as much as this one did, she felt a pull to the sleeping ebony owl so she flew over to investigate. As she hit the cabinet top the sleeping owl awoke, she squawked in surprise as she saw the shocking blue eyes of the ebony owl but all she saw inside those eyes was a mixture of curiosity and love. The blue eyed owl gracefully flew down from his perch to in front of the - what he thought - gorgeous white owl and saw love in her eyes as he knew that it was also reflected in his, he embraced her as much as an owl could and slowly, together they fell asleep.

Draco POV

I had ran out of my room as fast as I could after reading the letter the Saviour had sent me, if he was agreeing with me that Dumble-bore is going crazy does that mean he is going dark? With Har- no! Potter (I cursed myself for that slip up) on side that means that the dark side will be victorious, but why didn't he mention the mud blood or the weasel and more importantly the weaselette, the one who loved to cling to the idea of being married to the famous Potter.

Two weeks ago I had became a Animagus and my form is that of a Cobra, but a very rare type of Cobra I am an Albino King Cobra, meaning that my skin matches the colour of my blonde almost white hair and my eyes are a startling silver or so I have been told. Soon I am supposed to be looking for a mate but we are going back to school in two days and I guess I will have to find them through the pull, at the moment the pull is making a dull buzzing sound. I guess I will have to ask my lord about it because he knows more about it than I do seeing as he is an amimagi himself, although mates might be a sore subject considering he lost his… many say that my lord killed James and Lily Potter but he did not; that is the reason he hates Dumbledore. That's the reason he started killing, to get revenge on the people that hurt him the most… I mean how could he kill his niece and his lover?

Yes, Tom Marvolo Riddle and James Potter were lovers and yes, Lily was his niece, she was a pureblood but she was adopted because of the war and she had to keep up pretences for Dumbledore, she and James like Harry were told by the hat that they were true Slytherin's but they had to hide because of what they were to the dark lord, so they like Harry told the hat to put them in Gryffindor. How do I know about Harry well that's a good question and the answer to that question is that the hat told me; I have no idea why…