Chapter 15: The Twin Terrors

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There stood the Weasley Twins…


Instantly Draco was on Protective mode, as he stood in front of Leonis, a low rumble resounded in Draco's chest as he growled lowly at the new visitors and Leonis Mewled softly behind him before laying a calm hand on Draco's shoulder and Draco visibly. "What do you want Weasley's?" Draco commanded.

"We're coming …" Fred started.

"To the…" George chuckled.

"DARK SIDE" They both ended with a small bit of loud laughter to brighten the mood.

Everyone, including Leonis, looked shocked at that statement as they had not expected it. The Weasley's were an all light family and they followed Dumbledore blindly so what were they to do if the twins were serious. The twins saw their surprise and instantly began to explain their reason for doing what they were.

"We've seen how our brother has treated you, and… well we've been wanting to do this for a while but have had no real reason to and after seeing the way our family acted…" Fred began, whilst George was nodding along but seeing Leonis' confused face George butted in and said, "Ron has been sending letters to our parents" and with a nod from Leonis Fred continued. "Well, you're the only real family we've had since Charlie left so we want to join you."

Leonis suddenly broke out into rather large grin and waved them in, and then he stuttered slightly "wait? What do you mean how your family has treated me?"

"Well, they haven't done it to your face but our mum and Ginny have been acting crazy since Ron has told them of you and Draco being together although they don't believe it they think he is using you so the Dark can win" The Weasley twins said sadly, looking down at their shoes.

Leonis smiled sadly at the twins, he had known that something like this would happen but had never expected it to come from the person he had looked up to as a mother, but he guessed now he knew the truth that he had been waiting for.

"Welcome to the Dark side, my friends" Leonis smiled at the twins as they beamed back at him.

The twins suddenly blurted out "Well, actually Leo old friend, we are not the only ones that wanted to come and see you about joining your side… well actually not so much as joining your side more following you…" Leonis looked at them confused as he was not sure what to think of this development "actually," the twins continued "she has already been marked by your father and she knew just how much we missed you so she convinced as to come to you."

Leonis raised an eyebrow at the twins, but gasped when the dreamy voice echoed from the door, as everyone turned towards the door. "Well, well, well." The person in the doorway was covered from head to toe in a black fitted robe with a hood that shadowed her whole face except the long white blonde hair that flowed out from under it. "The moon is full tonight" she said, with her dreamy voice as a large arched window appeared within the room; slowly the young woman pulled her hood down whilst facing the window, releasing her blonde hair to the world. Slowly she turned around and with a slight bow and her blue eyes glinting in the moon light, no one could utter a word because in that moment she looked enchanting.

It was the woman of the moon.

Mind, Soul, Body and Magic.

It was….

"Luna" Leonis gasped.

"My lord" Luna giggled with her dreamy voice.

"Luna, I've seen your arms you have no mark how are you a marked Death Eater" Leonis questioned as each and every member in the room nodded except the Weasley twins, they smirked.

"Your father wanted it so that I could be here and not be caught" Luna pulled down the collar of her robes and just above her breast was the Dark Mark but it was smaller and in-trapped within the snake's coils was a blood red rose, "The rose is there because he told me that this kind of mark meant that I was to serve him but you are my Leader, my Lord."

"Oh, well next time I see him I'll tell him Thanks" Leonis shrugged nervously but he had a feeling that there was more to this than what he was being told "but what else is there?" Leonis questioned with a curious smirk on his face. Everyone was shocked when the Weasley twins walked over to Luna and both put an arm around her waist and kissed the sides of her neck.

"I KNEW IT!" Brisa smirked and everyone laughed.


Meanwhile, in Dumbledore's office the Weasley's were raging, "How could you let that vile monster take Harry from us! From our side! Now we are sure to lose." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled but the twinkle dimmed when Remus Lupin and Severus Snape walked into his office with identical smirks on their faces.

"What are you smirking at we have basically lost this war because of that traitor!" Ron Weasley screamed. At that Remus growled and Severus hissed, Ron gulped.

"You really want to know why we're smirking" Remus chuckled. The Weasley's and Dumbledore being the stupid Light people that they are nodded, "The Dark Lord know that you want your saviour back…"

Severus continued from where Remus had left off "… He told us to tell you that, what his son does is nothing to do with you and that he will always be loyal to his beloved and his family"

With that the two adults walked out of the office leaving the Leader of the Light and his most Loyal almost crying and in shock. Severus and Remus walked down the corridor smiling to themselves, both of them lifted up their left sleeves and showed their Dark mark with a rose.

Then Remus shoved Severus up against the wall, "MINE!" Remus growled, "yes, yours" Severus smirked that was when Remus kissed him HARD… "I just wish Sirius was here" Severus said sadly, "I do too Sev, I do too" then they kissed again.