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Life is a mystery,

everyone must stand alone

I hear you call my name and it feels like


Chapter 1

Looking down Shiro noticed two low – level demons guarding the entrance to the cave. He took a slow long drag out of his cigarette finishing it off. He had a mission, a very important one at that, inside that small cave was a high level demon – even if was just a newborn – a spawn of Satan. It was his job to exorcise it, but this spawn was also his ex-partner's child.

"Having doubts are we Shiro?" A voice said behind him, glancing over his shoulder he saw his partner. Mephisto Pheles as he was known stood calmly a few feet away, dressed as extravagantly as ever, he strangely represented a 'clown' with his jester styled pants, white suit with a pink and polka dot tie, a white cloak with a navy lining hung from his shoulder and to top it all off a large top hat sat on his purple shoulder length hair. Aside from his unusual clothing there was his physical features as well, his ears were long and pointed resembling elf like ears, from his wide grin you could see sharp canine teeth. Shiro had been so deep in thought that it took him a while to realise Mephisto's purple gloved hand waving in his face.

"Spacing out now Shiro … and on such an important mission, surely a serious and high ranking exorcist like yourself would keep alert …" Mephisto's eyes twinkled "after all danger could be around any corner."

Shiro let out a soft growl as he glared at the demon's forest green eyes. How he ever managed to charm the Vatican into letting him become an exorcist was beyond him. Sighing slightly Shiro made his way his way down the steep slope towards the opening of the ice cave, dispatching the demons quickly he entered the cave. Ahead he could see a silhouette of a woman laying in what seemed like a giant flower, upon closer inspection he could tell that an infant rested on her chest.

"His name is Yukio" mumbled the woman, her eyes drooped.

"Yuri …" whispered Shiro, he could see that her breathing was slowing down. "Yuri stay with me …" but it was too late, her breathing ceased, her eyes closed completely, however a small smile graced her lips. The infant suddenly let out a small wail, startling him out of his trance. Looking at the infant, he saw that it had pale skin, teal eyes, a small turf of brown hair stuck out from the blanket it was wrapped in. It looked human.

"The child seems rather human, considering the fact that it's half demon" Mephisto voiced, also looking down at the child.

"Even so, he is the spawn of Satan and must be dealt with" Shiro lifted the Kurikara as he said this. The infant gurgled, stopping Shiro.

"Having doubts again …" Mephisto repeated what he said early. "The Vatican gave orders to kill Yuri and her offspring but it she has done that by herself -"

"I won't do it" Shiro whispered, interrupting the elder demon. "We will tell the Vatican that order was carried out."

"Oh and what will become of the child then?" Mephisto inquired, amusement shone in his eyes.

"I will raise him" Was Shiro's reply, sending the demon into a fit of laughter. Shiro growled at the demon not taking him seriously. When Mephisto calmed down and wiped the tear from his eyes he grabbed the Kurikara out of the exorcist's hands.

"If we are to make this a fair bet, then we must give fair odds mustn't we" The demon mused. "Eins Zwei Drei" He exclaimed cheerfully, nothing happened, Shiro blinked in confusion.

"To make this bet fair I have sealed his demonic powers in this sword, if his powers are released then I win and get to do whatever I please to the child " Mephisto threw the sword at Shiro and turned around "You are welcome, I believe" he called back disappearing into the blizzard outside.

Shiro looked back at the child then at Yuri's body, sighing he took out a cigarette and lit it up, taking a heavy drag, 'God' he thought ´what had he gotten himself into'


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY JUST DISAPPEARED?" The figure yelled the anger was clear in his deep voice as it was in his eyes. His claws dug into the armrest of the throne he sat upon.

The small demon trembled in fear. "Th … the nurse was ch ... checking t … t… to make sure that th … the young p … prince was in prefect he … health" the demon stuttered. "And then ... then his flames, they … umm disappeared." The demon servant held his breath as knelt before his Master.

The throne room went unnaturally quite, the blue flames that lit the room sent off eerie feel to the room casting shadows on everything in the room. The lowly demon waited but nearly jumped out of his skin when his Master let off an insane laugh.

"NHAHAHAHAHA IF THAT'S HOW THE LITTLE FUCK WANTS TO PLAY THEN I WILL PLAY HIS GAME." He stopped laughing suddenly. "Leave" he said with a wave of his hand.

"Yes Lord Satan." The servant scrambled to his feet and walked as fast his feet would carry him. Satan smiled to himself, his sons certainly knew how to test his patience, he would play his eldest son's games and he would make those damn exorcist pay for what they did to his Yuri at the same time.


Mephisto Pheles laughed quietly to himself, this truly was going to be one fun game.

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