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Chapter 3

Rin ran towards his eldest brother who he had not seen in years, not since he was young. The demon still looked the same with the outrageous clown like suit and top hat, he wore the usual smirk on his face and his forest green eyes held promises of mischief and destruction.

Rin stood in front of Mephisto, the wide smile still on his face. He closed his eyes and held out his hands expectantly. Mephisto raised a perfectly arched eyebrow at his younger brother but pulled out a apple flavoured lollipop from one of his many hidden pockets anyway, debating on whether he should give the Rin the delicious sweet or not however his mind was made up for him when Rin grew tired and snatched the sweet out of his hand, unwrapped it and popped it into his mouth before the elder demon could say 'Eins, Zwei, Drei'

"So why are ya here?" Rin asked, his Father never mentioned that he would be meeting Samuel. In truth his Father hated the King of Time.

"Why of course to show you around, my dear naïve brother" Mephisto exclaimed, twirling the exceedingly decorated umbrella. "I can't believe that Father would let you just simply wonder Assaiah aimlessly"

"I know where I'm going" Rin huffed; he hated it when his siblings or his Father would treat him like some stupid child. "I'm supposed to go some place called … … True something something."

Mephisto chucked at his brother's flushed face as he couldn't remember the academy's name. "True Cross Academy, I believe is the place you're looking for."

"Yeah, that's the place." Mumbled Rin embarrassed that he forgot the name. "So do you know where it is?"

"Why, yes I do, I am after all headmaster of the academy" Mephisto took of his hat and bowed, standing straight he looked at Rin. "If you were more observant, you would see that you are in True Cross Town and the magnificent structure in the middle of said town is True Cross Academy." Mephisto turned sideways and gestured to a large group of buildings rising high from the middle of a town.

Rin could feel his jaw literally drop at the site before him; it looked like his home back in Gehenna but except for the dark bricked walls and rotting vegetation there was a whole assortment of colours, the trees were large and full it was lit by street lamps making it contrast sharply against the night sky.

"Ahem" Mephisto tried to get the attention of his youngest brother, who still was gapping at the Academy. "As I have mentioned before, I am the headmaster of this fine establishment, and it seems by your attire that are being forced to attend said establishment now close your mouth or you might as the humans say 'catch flies.'"

This seemed to have grabbed the younger one's interest as he gave the demon a quizzical. Rin was never told he would have to attend some school, to be honest Rin wasn't sure what a school even was he had been given lessons on the basic things such as writing and reading, anything else he had to do himself and Rin hated doing anything that didn't involve physical contact.

"What do ya mean Samuel?" Rin wasn't beginning to like the sound of this.

"You will be attending True Cross Academy … oh and by the way it is Mephisto here" The elder replied as if had said many times before. "Now if you would follow me, we must, I believe get this show on the road" Mephisto reached out and grabbed his brother's forearm then proceeded to drag him to the pink limo waiting behind them.

The journey to True Cross Academy was quite but comfortable. Rin spent most of his time staring out of the window, watching as the buildings flew past him. It was late but there were still people about, even though he hated them, he couldn't help but be curious, it was his first time after all seeing them, he remembered when he asked Belphegor what they were like, the demon replied that they all looked the same and tended to let their emotions rule their judgement. Rin was stirred from his thoughts when the limo came to an abrupt halt.

Mephisto gracefully got of the car, swinging his umbrella and whistling some unknown tune as he made his way towards his office looking back to make sure Rin didn't wander off. The elder demon reached the elaborate door on the top floor, opening it he gestured Rin to go in first. Mephisto's office was like his clothing, outrageous for a grown man. The walls were painted purple and pink. Dolls and toys lined the walls on shelves, on the far wall hung a huge television, two soft armchairs in front of it, a small pink console between the to chairs, on the opposite side sat a huge mahogany desk, an antique chair behind it.

"Do have a seat" The elder offered as he sat in one of the armchairs, Rin hesitantly sat in the other armchair, suddenly wary of his brother's large grin.

"Seeing as you are attending this academy, shall we address a few issues?" Mephisto asked. "First off, I am known as Mephisto Pheles, you shall not call me anything else, second, you will need a new identity such as surname, back story and the sort, third as well as attending True Cross, you will also be attending the Cram School which trains Exorcist." Mephisto tried not to laugh as his younger brother visibly pale when he mentioned Exorcist.

"Won't they know I'm a demon" Rin gulped, it wasn't like he was afraid or anything it was the fact that unlike his elder brother, he had no demonic powers. Levi had water, Mammon had Lust, Asmodeus could control the darkness, Amaimon controlled earth, Belphegor manipulated energy even Mephisto had time.

"Now, now" Said demon chuckled. "But I'm sure by now you would have noticed your … a disability" Mephisto ignored Rin's glare. "Even if you do not behave like a normal human, you certainly look like one … you don't even have a tail." At the last statement he burst out laughing.

Rin's glare turned into a scowl at what his brother had said, all of his siblings had teased him about it, even a few demons that were idiotic enough to mock him as well however they always learned a lesson afterwards, usually resulting in them ending up dead.

Mephisto's laughter died down, wiping a tear from his eye, he gazed down at his at the blunette. Feeling as if was about time to wrap things up, he stood from his chair, waved his hand causing a cloud of smoke to appear, when the smoke disappeared it left a key and a piece of paper in his hand. Looking back down at his brother he noticed that the scowl hadn't gone.

"Come Otuoto, your room awaits." Rin slowly got of the armchair not meeting his elder brother's eyes as he stood beside him. Mephisto chuckled again, his brothers were always entertaining. Putting the key in the door he turned it, when he opened the door it didn't reveal the hallway but a dorm room.

"Wha … how'd ya that?" Rin's sullen mood vanished as he stared at this seemingly magical key. "Can I have one?" Rin reached out ready to take the key of his brother.

Mephisto snapped his hand out of the way before Rin could take it.

"This is your dorm room, everything you need is in this room" The demon grabbed Rin's shoulders and led him around the small space. "On this paper is your new identity, classes and anything else you need to know" Mephisto handed Rin the piece of paper.

Walking back to the door he called over his shoulder "Oh, I almost forgot … you also have a roommate"

"Wait … what" But it was too late, the elder demon had already disappeared through the door. Growling the younger one cursed his brother. How was he supposed to survive in this place?

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