The hollow smiled as he walked into the abandoned, condemned building.

If anyone had been there to see him, they would have died. But before they perished, they would have seen a dead white teenager with odd, black and gold eyes. He slipped soundlessly through the darkening shadows, going deep into the building. There were gaping holes in the floor, places where the building had collapsed, but he floated over them without a care. He did not have mortal limitations.

Neither did the person he was going to see. Smirking wickedly, the hollow opened the final door, swinging it open with a creak of long neglected hinges. Stepping confidently into the room, he gazed down at his prize.

The blue haired man was kneeling, arms and legs held in a very uncomfortable position with nothing but silken cords. He could have broken them with hardly any effort, but instead he held that pose, pale skin lightly sheened with sweat and muscles trembling with the strain. The albino smirked. Even a few weeks ago, he'd have needed to put chains on this man to keep him in this state. But now, everything was different.

Ichigo was unaware of the fact that his powers were returning. The Winter War was done, Aizen was imprisoned, and Ichigo's inner hollow had been the first thing to reawaken. He was taking care not to let Ichigo become aware of that fact. It was going to come as such a surprise, when he finally found out what his hollow had been up to.

By carefully husbanding Ichigo's regrowing spiritual energy, the hollow had managed to take a physical form. And as soon as it was powerful enough – which had actually taken almost six months – it had made a trip to Hueco Mundo in search of prey.

Grimmjow had not been the specific target, but when the panther had tried to pounce, it had all become so obvious. Going to Hueco Mundo repeatedly would be a tremendous drain on Ichigo's hollow. Why not just take a toy, to pass the time with? And Grimmjow was an absolutely lovely toy. The hollow smiled as he ran a hand through silky blue strands, looking at the blue collar on the arrancar's neck. It was a lovely little thing he'd made and fused with Grimmjow's own power. The little silver heart on the front was particularly endearing.

"Have you missed me, pet?" He purred into the Espada's ear, no longer worried about a bite. Grimmjow was utterly submissive now, for reasons that would be obvious to any hollow. But when he looked into those blank blue eyes, he still saw a sparkle of hate. Grimmjow was not broken, and he would not have had it any other way.

There was no reply, not that he had expected one. The arrancar refused to speak to him except when it was absolutely necessary, a petty gesture of defiance. The hollow began undoing his bonds, smiling at Grimmjow's soft groan as he was finally allowed to slump to the floor, muscles twitching. He stroked the Espada's hair again for a moment, smiling again as he flinched. Then he began undoing the obi that held up his hakama.

"It's feeding time, Grimmjow." He said with mock sweetness and the arrancar lifted his head, the hatred shining even brighter in those beautiful blue eyes. But he only pushed himself up and crawled over to his master, waiting for the chance to feed.

This little ritual wasn't necessary. The hollow could have allowed Grimmjow to feed on his blood, or even just fed the power to him directly, although the last would have required skill and patience. But instead, he had chosen the most pleasurable method of feeding his pet. The fact that Grimmjow found it so degrading was an added bonus.

"Mmm." The albino hummed softly as a warm, wet mouth clamped down on his erect cock. If he'd been human, the angry pressure would have hurt, but he was far from human. To his hierro enhanced skin, it was a pleasant stimulation. And the Espada was going at him like a bitch in heat, sucking hard and doing all the things he knew the hollow liked best. The albino grinned to himself as his unwilling partner fondled his sac. He knew Grimmjow just wanted the feeding over and done with, but he was not going to make it easy for the man to satisfy him.

He spread his legs a bit more, black and gold eyes half-closed as he watched that blue head bob, moving up and down his cock. It was very pleasant, and he gradually let Grimmjow build him up, feeling the tightening in his balls and the pleasure coiling in his belly. He rested his hands on the arrancar's shoulders, his breaths coming in quick pants before he released. He gave the other man no warning, and Grimmjow choked for a moment before swallowing his… food. The hollow smiled blissfully at the thought.

"Now, pet." He said softly, watching Grimmjow with an amused and sadistic gaze. "I believe you have something to say to me?" The blue haired man froze, fear and more hate chasing across those lovely blue eyes.

"Master?" He ventured, not understand. The hollow sneered, gripping his hair and yanking his head so far back that his neck was straining from the pressure.

"About your… condition, pet." He said softly and watched as Grimmjow stiffened. "Did you think I wouldn't notice the change in you?" From the look on his face, Grimmjow had earnestly hoped he wouldn't. But he hadn't expected it, if the furious glint in his eyes was any indication.

"No master." Grimmjow choked on the words and the hollow grinned. The truth was, he loved those little expressions of defiance and rage. He could have broken Grimmjow utterly, shattered the Espada's pride and likely his sanity as well. But what fun would a broken toy be? No, he appreciated those displays, almost cherished them. It was fun to dominate the arrancar, knowing that the man hated him with every fibre of his being yet could do nothing about it. "Please…" Grimmjow swallowed, and the hollow felt a jolt of sadistic pleasure. He knew how hard pleading came to this prideful creature. "Don't… take my cubs."

"Hmmm." The hollow pretended to think about it. The truth was, he'd already decided. He was fascinated to see what the Espada would produce, and also how Kurosaki would deal with this turn of events. His so-called King was technically the father, in a lot of ways. He would be overjoyed to find out about his brand new 'family'. Of course, letting Grimmjow keep his pregnancy would mean giving up his toy and being shut into Ichigo's inner world again. But that was coming anyway. Zangetsu was going to be reviving soon, and when his shinigami powers returned Ichigo would finally realize that his hollow was still there.

Pretending to think about it, though, let him savor the rage and fear in glorious blue eyes. He thought he'd never seen a color quite as vibrant and alive as Grimmjow's eyes. And he was beautiful when he was trembling with tension.

"You actually want them, pet?" The hollow whispered, just to tease the Espada. He knew Grimmjow's feline instincts had kicked in, and the arrancar was absolutely desperate to protect his young. The fact that the danger was their sire made his desires even more frantic. "They tie you to me, forever. I wonder if they'll look like me?" Grimmjow just looked away and the albino's eyes narrowed before he grabbed the arrancar's chin, jerking him so the man was forced to look at him. "Answer me, Grimmjow."

"I want them." Grimmjow said, his voice harsh and hopeless. He was expecting a miscarriage. The hollow could see it from the look in his eyes. He smiled, slowly releasing the Espada's chin.

"Good." He purred, smiling at the surprise and wariness in those lovely blue eyes. "But this means I can't keep you, pet." Even more wariness and a touch of fear, now. His emotions were so easy to read, but the albino had plenty of practice. "This is no place to raise cubs. You need a better environment. I think I'll take you home to my King."

"No!" Grimmjow snarled immediately and the hollow smiled dreamily before hitting him. It was no open handed slap, it was a hard punch to the jaw that laid Grimmjow out with a small, muffled sound of pain.

"What was that, pet?" He asked pleasantly and Grimmjow had the good sense to just lay there, panting softly and trembling. There was already a large bruise forming on pale skin. With the collar in place, Grimmjow had very little Hierro, and soon that bruise would be very ugly and painful. "Any more objections?" He waited a moment and Grimmjow closed his eyes. "I thought not. Come." He gripped the collar with a sadistic smile.

He was looking forward to seeing Ichigo's reaction to his little present.

Grimmjow gripped a pale wrist with one hand, trying to keep the collar from choking him as he was dragged out of the building.

The thought of Kurosaki seeing him like this, beaten, naked, raped, made him want to scream. It made him want to rage and kill, to vent his destruction on this unsuspecting world. And most of all, he wanted to kill the monster in front of him.

He looked like Kurosaki, but he was nothing like the shinigami Grimmjow had fought, the man who had gently lowered him onto the sand. The thing had explained that he was part of Ichigo's power, part of his soul, and Grimmjow wondered how the kid had produced something so sadistic. He had to have some impressive mental scars hidden away.

He stumbled and almost choked for a moment as the pale hand dragged him on. The albino didn't even look back and Grimmjow fixed his gaze on the back of his neck, imagining that white skin covered in blood. Blood he would slowly lick away before sinking his fangs deeper into that flesh, rending and tearing and eating. Devouring his enemy until there was nothing more than shards of flesh in the sands.

Grimmjow stopped as they reached the door to outside. He could fly, but it was weak and halting. The hollow in front of him knew that and he grimaced as white hands gripped him, then tossed him over his shoulder like a bag of rice. Vaguely, Grimmjow wished he wasn't naked. It wasn't that he gave a damn about clothes – it had actually taken some effort for Aizen to convince him to wear them – but he'd feel less vulnerable in front of Kurosaki. Maybe he could even have hidden a bit of what had been done to him. He wouldn't be hiding a damned thing, now.

But he had no choice in the matter at all, not if he wanted to save his cubs. Grimmjow knew it was insane. He was in no condition to bring out new life, and the situation couldn't be worse, with this sadistic creature for a sire. But he had nothing else to live for, now, except perhaps dreams of revenge. And they were more along the lines of fantasies. This budding life in his abdomen was all too real.

With the speed the hollow moved at, it didn't take them long to reach Ichigo's home. The albino pulled open the window easily, then pushed Grimmjow through. He had to fight to keep his balance and avoid falling onto the sleeping teenager under the window. Kurosaki just mumbled something as he accidentally touched the shinigami's leg, turning a bit in his sleep.

"I have a lovely view back here." That got Grimmjow moving instantly and he turned around to watch his master easily slip through the window, grinning that disturbing, insane grin of his. "Kneel, pet. You should greet the King on your knees." The desire to kill rose like a blood red madness behind his eyes, but Grimmjow managed to swallow his pride. The cubs were depending on him, and he had no doubt their 'sire' could and would beat him into a miscarriage. He fell to his knees, tasting bile in the back of his throat.

What will Kurosaki think when he sees me like this? Grimmjow thought bitterly as the hollow vanished, going into Ichigo's inner world. Fucker always looked down on me. Well, now he has something to look down on. I swear I will kill him someday. Grimmjow reached up to tug on the collar, hissing at the small stab of pain that action gave him. It was meshed with his own reiatsu, and he couldn't remove it without killing himself. It was constantly draining his power, too, like the eyepatch that shinigami who'd killed Nnoitra wore. If he was going to kill anything more threatening than a newborn kitten that collar had to go.

Then brown eyes opened and bitter, angry blue eyes met them.

"Grimmjow?" Ichigo ran a hand over his face and Grimmjow dearly wished he dared spit in the teen's face. "No… this is a dream…" He said, curling back up into his blankets. Grimmjow cringed slightly as he heard a titter in the air. "What!" Ichigo suddenly sat bolt upright, looking like he'd seen a ghost. "No…" He sucked in a noisy breath, and Grimmjow could guess what was going on. That sick fuck was telling his 'King' what was going on. "Grimmjow? You're real?" Ichigo sounded confused, brown eyes sliding down his exposed body. "You're… naked."

"No shit!" Grimmjow snapped, then gasped as another bolt of pain went through the collar. It seemed his rapist had left himself with a way to punish his 'pet'. Grimmjow resisted it, too prideful and furious to give in easily. But then he felt the power reach for the spark in his abdomen. "F-Forgive me." He managed to say, kneeling on all fours and lowering his head.

Address him properly, pet. The voice was in his head, probably coming through that fucking collar. The naked threat in that tone made his skin go cold. Grimmjow swallowed hard. He knew what the albino wanted. What he had to give, if he wanted the life inside him to survive.

"…King." He'd never done anything that hard in his life. Saying that word to Kurosaki was more painful than a Getsuga Tenshou to the chest. He stared at the floor, breathing heavily as he held onto the tattered shreds of his pride. Then he lifted his head in surprise as Kurosaki was suddenly kneeling beside him.

"What in hell has he done to you?" Grimmjow blinked, glancing over at the teen carefully. Ichigo sounded furious, and there was a steely glint in those brown eyes. "I am going to gut that son of a bitch! And you shut up." That was clearly directed at his inner hollow. Ichigo was scowling, his usual expression as far as Grimmjow could tell. "Grimmjow, I'm sorry. Here… you take the bed." The teen said softly and Grimmjow hesitated. He wanted nothing more than to sleep, really sleep. He hadn't been able to sleep a bit, with those silk ties and threats holding him in place. All the stress wasn't good for the cubs, but since when did that sadist care about that?

"Uh…" This offer was unexpected, though, and Grimmjow immediately looked for a catch. "I don't need your sympathy, Kurosaki." He said sullenly then tensed, waiting for a bite of pain. It didn't come and he blinked. "I'll sleep on the floor." Just being about to sleep, period, would be a godsend. Then he tensed as he saw Kurosaki staring at his chest.

"Why has your hollow hole moved?" He asked, resting a hand on sculpted pecs. Grimmjow had managed to keep himself in good shape, despite everything. The blue haired man scowled.

"Because I'm carrying cubs, dumbass." He snapped then cringed at another titter in his mind. But there was still no punishment. Did the hollow not care what he said to Kurosaki? He was distracted from that thought as the teen's eyes went wide and his face went pale.

"Wait, what? No, you can't be!" His gaze turned inward and there was a long silence in the room as he communed with his inner hollow. Grimmjow just watched him, warily. "That is sick!" Ichigo said as he finally turned his attention outwards again. "Okay, no more arguments. You're taking the bed. I'm not going to have a pregnant – person sleeping on the floor." Grimmjow hissed in irritation.

"Look, I don't want the damned bed. We didn't have beds in Hueco Mundo, I slept on the floor. Just… a blanket would be nice." Grimmjow said, managing to hold back his hate. It was the albino's fault the cold air bothered him. Hierro had always protected him from the elements, made it so the cold or heat didn't bother him at all. Now, it was almost gone, and the cold air from the open window bit at his bare skin. Kurosaki glanced down, a blush staining those pale cheeks before he glanced up.

"I don't think I have any clothes that would fit you." He muttered and Grimmjow just looked at him. This was his problem. "Okay, fine. You can sleep on the floor." He quickly stripped the comforter off his bed and Grimmjow gripped the fabric, curling into a ball. He was desperate for sleep. It would be good for him and the cubs as well. "We'll talk about this in the morning." He just grunted before closing his eyes. But he waited until he heard Kurosaki's weight on his bed before he allowed himself to drop off into a light doze.

He didn't trust in his safety enough to sleep deeply, but anything would help.