In this fic, the tamers are 13 and Ryo is 16. This fic is Ryoruki (Ryo x Ruki). This part is mainly about Ruki and why she acts the way she does. I didn't want to put her ooc for no reason:) So enjoy!

Ruki sat in front of her computer and logged onto her account and began to type.

I can't believe Renamons's gone, it's been a bit over a month... and I still miss her. To think I used to think of her as "just data". she immediately cringed at that name. How could I have called my best friend that, she was... still is my partner, friend and my confidante. I'm such an idiot! I didn't even say thank you, or told her how much I appreciated her. She probably thinks I'm so ungrateful, but it's too late now; I'll probably never see her again. I'm such a moron, how come I can never tell people how I feel. Is that why all the tamers isolate me, leave me here all by myself. Jenrya and Juri are the only ones I still keep in touch with, but still they only call or e-mail me once or twice a week. Gogglehead, dumb and dumber I hardly ever see them, but I do get the occasional "Hello! What's up?" Oh about Mr. Perfect, Legendary Tamer, he just disappeared. Nobody's seen him after our digimon returned.

"Ruki! Time for bed" Her mother called sternly.
She glanced towards the clock which flashed 12:24.
"Was I really thinking that long?" she asked herself mentally.
"Sorry mom, I just lost track of time."
"It's alright, just go to bed. My photo shoot is tomorrow, so get up early."
"Alright goodnight"

A tall man with reddish-orange hair stood in the garden arguing with a younger version of her mother.
"I'm sorry, I can't handle being in a family with you anymore."
"You're leaving?! Why? What about Ruki?" she questioned frantically.
"I'm sorry I just don't love you, like I thought I did." her father replied as he walked towards the gate.
All of a sudden a 5 year old version of Ruki peered through the window.
"Daddy? Where you going?" said a cheerful little Ruki
"Daddy has to leave now, take care of mommy." her dad said fighting back his tears.
"Why? Don't go!"
Her father bent over and gave her a hug and whispered something in her ear. With that he left.

Ruki awoke the next morning in a cold sweat and brought herself to the same question she asked last night 'Why does everyone I care about leave me? First my dad, then Renamon and shortly after most of my friends. Is it something about me? The way I act? The telephone rang suddenly, causing Ruki to jump. 'I'm becoming so weak. I, Ruki the digimon queen afraid of the phone. Who would've thought'

"Hello?" she asked in a quiet voice.
"Hey there, is your mom home?" said the voice on the other line.
"Uh yeah, one second please. she responded quickly. MOM! Phone!"
Ten minutes later her mom ran into her room full of joy.
"Ruki! Great news! Guess what?"
"What?" Ruki replied with no emotion what-so-ever.
"There's space today during the photo-shoot and they want you to be part of it"
"What? I don't want to be a model! I told you that before"
"Well, if you take some photos, I'll buy you that pack of cards you wanted" coaxed her mother
*sigh* "Alright, fine"

- A/N: I know there isn't much Ryoruki, but I'm "setting the mood" Also the title comes from each of their song titles Moon Fighter and Digital Survivor-