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A Night to Remember

Ryo got up quickly the next morning, just so he could complete the first phase of his "plan" in secret. Unknown to him, there was someone indeed aware of it.

'That boy is a sentimental fool. He's like a lap-dog trying to accommodate and please his precious little Ruki' Sneered Brother Alias as he watched from his alter.

"Brother Alias, sir." Interrupted a shy voice behind him.

"How Dare you inter---" he boomed, but cut himself off after realizing who he was speaking too.

"I have the gem you ordered." The elfish figure replied as if he was void of emotions.

"Thank you Joseph, I am please. I will call you when I need your help once again." Alias stated in a tone different from his usual self as he opened a dusty old spell book.

'Centrum est obscurus. Tenebrae respiratis. Cu a justoral acestui magic glob de cristal. Etse scris, aceasta putere este dreptul popruil de a conduce. Asa sa fie! Acum!' Alias chanted as the gem glowed a firey red and was now attached to a silver chain.

(Translation: The centre is dark. The darkness breathes. Use this orb as your guide. It is written, this power is my people's right to wield. Let it be so! Now!)

"Joseph, Come here at once." Order Alias.

"Yes, Brother?" he questioned politely.

"Go to Amaretto right now and sell this to the male digital fighter. If you must offer it for free… he must have it." Brother Alias explained quickly.

"Yes Brother Alias. It shall be done." Joseph said and in a snap he was gone!

Meanwhile it was near noon, and Ryo has been out in the marketplace still searching.

"It's Ruki's birthday and I've spent 3 hours searching for a gift. Most of this stuff is either too expensive, girly for her liking or pieces of junk. I could've spent the whole day with Ruki- Chan… but no… I had to be difficult." He said to nobody in particular as he searched through all the goods.

After searching for 35 minutes, something caught his eye. A firey red gem attached by a silver chain.

"Hello sir. How much is this?" Ryo asked pointing to the gem.

"1000 digi-dollars. Take a closer look." Offered the elfish-shopkeeper.

As the gem moved towards his skin, a magical force sent chills down his spine.

"Wow, mysterious, firey and beautiful. Reminds me of Ruki alright! Unfortunately I don't have enough money." He replied sheepishly.

"I can tell you really care about this girl. I'm Joseph." The shopkeeper greeted.

"Yeah, I do. It's her birthday today." Answered Ryo.

"Then what are you doing here? Take the gem and take care of her. I know how you would feel. You see, I love this girl named Alexis and she doesn't even know…" Brother Joseph said mournfully.

"I'm sure she'll feel the same way. You're a great guy! Thanks a lot and good luck!" Ryo yelled as he ran towards Serenity Square.

'So typical. I'm spending my birthday all alone once again. Where'd Ryo go without me. That stupid jerk… thank god he doesn't know it's my birthday. He'll probably make fun of me' Ruki thought as she sat in the sun room.

"Hello Ruki! Happy Birthday!" Ariah said cheerfully as she help up a piece of cake.

"What? How'd you know it was my birthday?" Ruki asked.

"I can read minds dear, remember? Now have some cake and cheer up!" laughed Ariah.

"Shouldn't we wait for Ryo to come back?" She asked.

"Oh, Ryo. I forgot he wrote you a note." Alexis said as she passed a sheet with some scruffy handwriting scrawled over it.

Hiya Wildcat!

I was up before you today! Well I've gone out to run a few errands while you're still asleep. What were you mumbling about at night? Sandblasters and burnt shoes eh?!? O_0. Well I'll see you at Serenity Square in the park/ picnic area at 6-ish? See you there.


"How typical of Ryo to be so complicated! Couldn't he just tell me about leaving and such? Alexis what time is it?" Ruki spouted in one breath.

"Almost 5 why?" Alexis snubbed.

"I have to go meet Ryo in an hour and I smell like incense. "

"The whole store smells like this. Why do you care any ways, it's just Ryo right?" Alexis asked.

"Ruki go take a shower, Alexis and I will find you something nice to wear." Ariah suggested.

"Not anything too girly! "Ruki said as she stepped into the shower.

"How about this one?" Alexis asked holding up a strappy green dress.

"A little too formal, but it could work. How about this?" Ariah suggest pointing to a red spaghetti strap top and a black skirt.

"Ohh.. very nice. Not too girly either. What about accessories." Alexis reminded.

"Probably just a simple hair clip. I don't want to over do it."

"A chrome dragon fly! How's this?" The young girl asked.

"Perfect. Just drop the tank top and black skirt into the laundry chute so Ruki can change.

In ten minutes, Ruki was out and dressed. Alexis and Ariah rushed to get her hair ready.

"Ruki, have you ever put up your hair chop sticks before?" Alexis asked.

"Nope, why?"

"Because that's how your hair will be tonight." She announced and in a single twist, Ruki's hair was done!

Ariah clipped the chrome dragonfly onto her hair and Ruki was ready with only 10 minutes to spare.

"Take a look at yourself." Ariah suggested as a mirror was brought in front.

Her has up with black chopsticks and a few strands of hair accented her facial features. Her attire was simplistic, yet eye catching at the same time.

"Sere Square is just down the road and to the left! Have fun with Ryo!" Ariah teased.
"Very funny… but thanks a lot" Ruki waved as she ran off.

'It's not like Ruki to be late. Maybe she didn't want to come. Wait a minute!' Ryo thought as he saw a girl in red and black running towards him.

"Hey Ruki, Happy Birthday! Sorry about not telling you I left." He apologized.

"What?!?! You knew it was my birthday?" She stammered.

"Yeah, of course I did. I'm psychic you know." Ryo joked.

"So you knew it was my birthday, yet you ditched me all day?" The red head questioned carefully.

"Well, since you're dressed up all nicely, let's not start and argument. Look there's food let's go!" Ryo suggested!

"You cooked all of this?" Ruki asked.

"Ugh, yeah. I was out all day preparing this for your birthday dinner & night so I have an excuse." He pouted.

"So where are we eating?

"Right here pumpkin. This is a picnic… where you eat on the floor." As he pulled out a fleece blanket and laid it on the floor and brought out candles.

"What's with all the candles?" Ruki asked with slight confusion.

"It'll get dark soon, so the candles will be our light. I don't think you'll like eating in the dark."

"Well, you thought right! Anyways, what's for dinner?"

"Bread, that's stilll warm, roast chicken spinach salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert." Ryo pointed out.

"Ohh… we could make sandwiches, pass me the knife."

Ryo passed her the knife and Ruki started to slice the bread. Later she combined the chicken and salad placing it onto the bread.

"Wow, that looks good. I bet I can make a better one though." He boasted egotistically as he piled up chicken and salad onto the bread.

"They're both the same because you're using the same ingredients though…"

"Fine then, now it won't be the same." He said as he cute a piece of cake and smushed it into the slices of bread.

"That looks… good." Ruki laughed sarcastically as Ryo took a bite of his strawberry shortcake, chicken and spinach sandwhich.

"Yeah it really was." He replied just as sarcastically, throwing the sandwich to the side

"Do you want a bite of mine? I only poisoned it a little bit." Ruki offered.

"Sure, I think my taste-buds are confused right now, so it won't taste the poison." Ryo chided.

After a bite or two, Ruki made more sandwiches. To their suprise, the two finished them all off in 10 minutes except for 3 sandwiches!

"Wow! I'm stuffed."

"Me too, I think we should go walk off all of the food." Ruki suggested.

"There's more food left, we could go give it too that homeless man over there." Ryo said as he picked up the left overs.

" Hello." Ruki greeted.

"What do you want?" The man replied harshly.

"We have some food left and we were wondering if you were hungry." Ryo offered.

The man got up and picked up a crow bar. "You selfish little jerk! Do you think you're better than me? I might be homeless, but I don't need your cheap charity." He yelled as he swung the bar at Ruki's face.

As if by instinct, Ryo stepped in between the two and caught the crowbar. Ruki counter this and powerfully kicked the man at his mid-section. After, they both sprinted at top-speed away from the homeless man. The two stopped at a fountain to catch their breath.

"Wow, he was really grateful." Ryo said in a half-annoyed voice.

"Stupid jerk, we just thought he need it. That's the last time I help someone."

"You know what?" He asked.

"What is it?"

"We're a good team. I protect and block while you kick their ass!" Ryo laughed.

"True, true… but I can do both all by myself if I wanted to" Ruki added.

"Oh yeah Ruki, here's your birthday present. I hope it's not to girly for you liking." Ryo spoke calmly as he passed a box towards her.

"Wow, Ryo! It's beautiful, but I can't accept it." Ruki replied serenely as she handed him the reddish-gem and silver pendant back.

Ryo's figure slumped a bit and he felt as if his heart was ripped in two.

Finally, he was able to speak two words, "Why not?"

"Ryo I'm sorry but I don't deserve it. I'm always rude to everyone and mean to you, yet for some reason you put up with me. Plus you surprised me with this nice birthday dinner." She explained.

"Now let me explain, I want you to have this necklace. Nobody in the world deserves it more than you. Plus I know that you know how I feel about you and that's not going to change any time soon."

"I have a question. Why me? Out of all the people in the world that you can have. I mean, they're so much nicer, prettier and smarter than me."

"They're not you. They don't have your wild untamed mind and spirit. Personally, most people act like a bunch of sheep, yet you never cease to amaze me. I always felt something towards you, but as all of the time we spent together… I.. I love you, even though you'll never feel the same way, I always will." Ryo explained awkwardly.

"Ryo.." Ruki started, but was interrupted.

"It's alright you don't have to explain." He replied with a smile.

The two digital fighters sat on a bench in an eerie silence for 10 minutes, but to them, it felt like an hour. Each in a different world…

Suddenly Ryo started to sing softly under his breath. " I've given a lot of though to the nights we use to have. The days have come and gone our lives went by so fast."

Ruki heard this and took over, "I faintly remember breathing on your bedroom floor. Where I laid and told you, but you swore you loved me more. Do you care if I don't know what to say? Will you sleep tonight or will you think of me? Will I shake this off pretend it's all okay, that there's someone out there who feels just like me… There is."

Next Ryo, retook the melody once again. "Those notes you wrote me. I've kept them all. I've given a lot of thought of how to write you back this fall. With every single letter, in every single word, there will be a hidden message about a boy that loves a girl."

After that they both sang, their voices in perfect harmony, "Do you care if I don't know what to say? Will you sleep tonight or will you think of me? Will I shake this off pretend it's all okay, that there's someone out there who feels just like me… There is."

"Ruki? I never knew that you liked to sing."

"I don't usually sing in front of people, but it was only the two of us so I didn't really care."

"Did you really mean what you said er… sang?" Ryo asked staring at his sneakers."

"Yes Ryo, I did. I mean I really do care about you a lot, even though I don't show it." She replied.

"…But.." He asked expecting rejection.

"There's no 'buts' about it. I really care about and if you don't believe me." Ruki said as she reached up and kissed him gently on the lips and quickly broke away.

"I errr… think we should be getting back to the shop. They'll be worried." Ruki stammered as she walked quickly away leaving a stunned Ryo behind.