Disclaimer: I do not own Pretty Woman… If I did I'd be so rich by now. XD

So this is a short little drabble I wrote after I re-watched the movie on Monday. It's pretty short, but I figured 'Why not?' Enjoy!

I had always thought that my prince would be some down-on-his-luck guy that bored someday and decided to rescue me.

I mean… Don't get me wrong, I did hope for a prince, but not a high-class prince- an average guy. Someone that worked as a banker or a… tax accountant came home from work at five. Maybe took me out to dinner once a week… Maybe. Something like that, a romance, or marriage or whatever it turned out to be, that simple and pure yet… Satisfying.

Never in a million years did I dream my prince was going to be an workaholic millionaire.

A man that worked forty-eight hours a day came home with a box of pizza for dinner and a briefcase full of work.

But… I didn't expect a man that would take me out, and show me off every chance he got. Or a guy that bought me flowers and gifts and everything every day when he got home from work.

No… My prince was definitely not what I expected, but I wouldn't give him up for all the money in the world. '

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